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Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by savehk, Sep 26, 2014.

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  1. savehk Member

    Secondary School and University Students striked out today for universal sufferage in HK.
    They are now being blocked in the gov't headquarters.
    Live broadcasting:

    Pictures will be posted below. For photo updates, please refer to
    The word "下一頁" means next page.

    A student trying to climb through the fence of the gov't headquarters.

    Police displaying the banner showing "Stop Charging Or We Use Force"

    The situation outside gov't headquarters. The Chinese words means "Surrounded the gov't headquarters. Regain Civil Square"

    Please refer to the link above for more updates. More photos will be posted soon.
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  2. savehk Member

    Status Updates, Times are in GMT+8

    0109:Police insist not to release the students in the square.
    0100:Clear the square again. A few citizens were brought left from the square by police.
    0053:Lots of police officers entered the square with shields in hand.再有大量警察手持防暴盾牌進場。
    0043:Police officers in the square got explosion-proff shields in hand.
    0040:Started clearing square.
    0033:Reinforcement again.
    0014:Police blocked the route of MTR(subway) station exits to the square.
    0010:Citizens blocked the route of police. Police officers tried to enter the square from CITIC Tower and Tim Mei Road, but stopped by citizens and left.
    0006:HKFS called Citizens to join their operation.
    2354:HKFS called Citizens to block route of police to prevent reinforcement.
    2337:Lots of police officers went in to Civil Square from the CITIC Tower.
    2336:6 more police cars entered for reinforcement.
    2333:A few citizens were surrounded by 40 police officers outside the legislative council.
    2333:Citizens stopped police to enter the civil square with hand-held telescopic batons.
    2330:Citizens stopped the police's reinforcements to clean the square.
    2318:The caught protesters were brought to the police stations.
    2316:one more ambulance has went in to the civil square.
    2307:Students and citizens gave a way for the ambulance to go in to civil square.
    2305:About 80 people who have entered the civil square being surrounded by police, other protesters were refused to go in to the square.
    2254:More than 50 people have been sprayed with pepper spray.
    2250:Joshua Wong, the convenor of the Hong Kong student activist group Scholarism, being caught in the name of assaulting a police officer.
    2245:Someone in the civil square(a place in the gov't headquarters),Police refuce to let ambulance to go into the square.
  3. savehk Member

    Please ignore the Chinese words above.
    We want press help. Please send private msg to me.
  4. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  5. savehk Member

    The students are still protesting outside and inside the civil square.
    Hopefully it wont dismiss tomorrow.
    It's now 3:03 am here in Hong Kong.
  6. savehk Member

    Riot police is entering civil square. Preparing to clear the place.
  7. savehk Member

  8. savehk Member

    [IMG]Riot police Entering.
  9. savehk Member

    Police tried to bring the spokesman of HKFS.
    e77294a9fa0c587456b780097ec0ee2a.jpg .
  10. savehk Member

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  14. savehk Member

    police started attacking students.
    most of them are aged under 18.
  15. savehk Member

  16. savehk Member

    Riots is clearing the square and nearby places.
    Remember this is a protest mainly students have participated.
  17. savehk Member

    Student protesters are shouting "Police! Leave here!"
  18. Anonymous Member

    What are they protesting for? When did it begin? How many are the protesters?
  19. savehk Member

    Protesting for universal suffrage. We Hongkongers would like to have the right to nominate and choose our own Chief Executive.
    The Student Strike started on Monday, and yesterday(Friday), secondary school students joined the protest. As the gov't refuse to answer citizens' request for discussion, the organizer (The Hong Kong Federation of Students and Scholarism) called protesters to go in to civic square.
    The organizer have not yet announced the number of protestors. However, as we can see in the broadcasts, there's a few thousand of citizens. And more will join the protest in the morning.

    Please watch live broadcast for most-updated info.
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  20. savehk Member

    Riots started clearing.
    Some protesters got hurt, calling for doctor's help.
  21. savehk Member

  22. savehk Member

    The protest is still in progress.
    Public transports will start operate after 5am.
    It's now 4:33am here.
    Hopefully many citizens will go n support them.
  23. savehk Member

  24. savehk Member

    The progress is still in progress.
    Lots of citizens went to support the students.
    The police attempted to clear the place for many times but failed.
  25. savehk Member

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  31. savehk Member

    Student protesters are tired and exhausted. HKFS is urging more citizens to come.
  32. savehk Member

    Someone's providing immediate English translate of the speeches.
    Please keep an eye on this issue.
  33. savehk Member

    Police is planning to clear the area again @ 8 pm(GMT+8)
    All Entrances/Exits have been blocked now.
  34. rof Member

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  37. savehk Member

    Leaders of the local Occupy movement are shit. They're helping China indeed.
  38. praline Member

    I was just watching this on CNN.

    For those younger folks who might not remember 1989 this was tried once with devastating results. My heart goes out to these students and may they be kept safe.

    I remember watching Tiananmen square in 1989 and crying in front of my television. These kids bring new meaning to the word Courageous

    from 1989:
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  39. praline Member

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