Operation Turntablism

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by DrAdlaiAtkins, Apr 9, 2008.

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    Operation Turntablism

    So I've seen occasional posts about Dianetics/stress test tables, and we all grumble about them and sometimes we holler at them a little bit. I even raided one 3/15, but it was only 20 minutes and they quickly resumed the brainwashing machine when I left.
    So Op TT is all about tracking these Dianetics operations as they move around their various cities, and organizing mini-raids frequently for fun and footage and spectacle and justice.

    1. Where are they setting up shop, and when? Is there a regular pattern we can determine? If not, can we quickly organize on intel gained by anons in a city to respond within a matter of hours?
    If you see something, say something. Keep your fellow anons updated on where they set up, with as much info as possible. Don't need to disrupt your daily routine, just let us know when you encounter them.

    2. How can we most effectively disrupt their recruiting? What is involved? Why should we even bother? Will it be funny?
    Just like any other mini-raid, except this seems more focused to me. I've seen some great successes come from the smaller raids each week, but I think for maximum effect we have to hit them close to home. Getting info to random passersby is great, but getting info to random targets for the ¢o$ is even better.

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