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Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by Anonymous, Mar 31, 2011.

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    Calling all anonymous, the Syrian revolution needs your help.

    After our president's cold blooded disrespectful speech yesterday, the revolution crossed the point of turning back. On Friday, April's fool's day, a country-wide protest in honor of our revolution's martyrs is planned, I repeat, with one finger snap, the government can cut down our telecommunication and internet. We need expertise from those who have already been there... Egyptians? Tunisians? Smart Chinese network experts? Don't leave us hanging, anon, again, it's an official miracle that we've come this far against the most oppressive state in the Arab world, don't let this end here, don't let us be forgotten and laughed at by a filthy rich, bloody handed president.

    Time span:
    Project begins: NOW
    Project needs to make some progress by FRIDAY 01 April 2011
    Project end: indefinite (until the dictatorship is down)

    How you can take part:
    - Technical Advice: Reply to this thread with your best advice on anonymous communication online, both in the presence of an internet connection and in the grim case of having the internet cut out by the intelligence.

    - Spread the word, let your friends and family know this is a serious revolution, with real martyrs and people in real danger. Let them know there is no turning back at this point, this has come too far from both sides to end now.

    - Show the truth, Link everyone you know youtube videos about the situation in Syria, here are a few: (GRAPHIC) (Protestors in Lattakia, the president's home town, demonstrating after the president's speech yesterday, they protestors are calling "Selmiyeh, Selmiyeh" (peaceful, peaceful) referring to their protests, then start calling "the people and the army, all one hand" but that doesn't stop the army from killing, WARNING: GRAPHIC, YESTERDAY'S MARTYRS IN LATTAKIA)

    - Bring others in, Link the people you know might be able to help out to this post, only people in safe countries, no-one from inside Syria without great anonymity protection gear!!!!!!!

    - Get the message through to Anonymous: Post this image on imageboards where you think anonymous might help, and link this video along with it.

    - Get creative, if you like, and we will never forget your heroism

    This is an emergency call, anonymous, Syrianon needs you, if you're gonna help us like you've helped Tunis and Egypt then now is the time and we will never forget your stand and helping hand, we are not the president's personal army.
    Thank you
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    I really want to help you guys and stand by your side.
    Peacefull protesting does not include lighting other people's property on fire.
    Even if they are the enemy.
  3. Anonymous Member

    You're right, but btw no other properties were injured that night other than the picture of the president, jus sayin'
  4. Anonymous Member

    That's a pretty bad excuse mate.

    You cannot win "our" hearts and minds by being shown on the media as violent assholes.
  5. To play devil's advocate here for a second, let's remember that peaceful protesting is something we can do because we live in the comfort of western 'democracy' where our governments and their armed forces are not using excessive force against us, and our point of view being taken seriously depends on us demonstrating in a restrained and civilised manner. And that's exactly how it should be. But there are places in the world where the citizens are forced into having no recourse except to arm themselves against tyrannical regimes to fight in defence of their lives and freedoms.

    - I AM NOT ADVOCATING VIOLENCE IN ANY FORM - But I am saying that we should try to understand the situation that some of the peoples of the world are finding themselves in, and that the options available to them to preserve their very lives may be extremely limited.
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    so basically.... burning a poster and trying to bring down a statue of a tyrant is violent "assholeness", even after having had friends and family kidnapped, imprisoned without trial, tortured, killed and go missing for half a century whilst remaining perfectly peaceful... I'm afraid you're missing the point here, having a few people burn a picture of the president is far from being enough to call a whole revolution and millions of yes, peaceful protesters, violent assholes. If you knew our regime any better you'd know they can make any of their secret agents do the violence, at gunpoint, so that they can frame the public, and i'm not talking about burning a silly poster here, i'm talking about life-threateningly dangerous violence. Also, those pro-regime marches were forced, haven't you seen the scans of the official ordinance to all municipalities of all syria's cities, towns and villages ordering all state employees to march? Do you know what awaits someone who gets caught escaping those marches? Not just losing a job, or getting imprisoned, because once you're in jail in syria there is no telling what happens next to you because we live under emergency laws. Ask about the underaged blogger who's been missing since 2009, in fact... ask about Syria.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    What I'm trying to say here, is that some people have burnt pictures of the president, and tried to bring down statues of the former president. So yeah, that's the violence of the Syrian revolution. Let's call those bunch violent assholes, whom I'm personally very proud of, but let's not forget a whole huge revolution of peaceful protesters out there... I don't think those have earnt the "violent asshole" title. The intelligence can frame them later though so no worries.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Wait, did you think the armed ones are the protesters? Those are the Syrian secret service alongside armed forces shooting at the unarmed protesters. Syrian civilians can't really arm themselves, not without the secret service's permission. The Syrian protesters are unarmed, peaceful & non-violent protesters.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    lol I still can't believe you thought the revolutionists are armed and violent, does everyone you know think it's that way too?
  10. Chill the fuck out, take a deep breath and re-read my post. Have a dictionary handy in case there's any words you don't understand. Mull it over in your mind, read it again if you need to; then and only then, post.

    If that still isn't enough for you, let me spell it out as simply as I can; I'm pointing out how, as much as we'd love all protests to go peacefully, some people in the world have no choice but to participate in physical defence of themselves. I was trying to help you out here. I haven't watched your videos, and with the attitude you're displaying here, I don't feel particularly inclined to. Way to miss my point spectacularly.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Alright then got it, sorry mate, thanks for helping :)
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  12. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ Since we've had our share of butthurt in this thread that anon might actually be right. We do all support the iranian people. The use of more mainstream images might get us the larger support from all corners of the interwebz
  13. Anonymous Member

    I suck cawks, I meant syria
  14. Anonymous Member

    lolololololmao no u don't btw, i guess it's normal to make such a mistake with the Syrian regime being Iran's pushover.
  15. Anonymous Member

    ok... mainstream images, let me see... thx
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  18. Anonymous Member

    here's a video where the protesters are yelling "What a shame, what a shame, peaceful (protests) shot at with fire"

    photos of protests:

    This video might not be of good quality, but the reason it's very interesting to Syrians is that this is an old, central street in Lattakia, the president's hometown. Brothers, uncles and cousins of the president used to walk into coffee shops here and open fire on people for no reason, the former president's brother stabbed a child in public and let him bleed till death for absolutely no reason, these are only examples... This city has lived under the mercy of the regime's psycho brats for half a century now, this is what makes this so phenomenal, this is why it's hard for me to even believe what happened in Tunis in Egypt, and why I don't know how to describe what's going on.
  19. Anonymous Member

    so anyone in?
  20. Anonymous Member

  21. lulzgasm Member

    The face of a child protesting is perfect. Use it. Also women protesting.

    Taking some vids and edit them together while including music that tugs on the heartstrings. Here's an example from the Egypt revolution (and btw was the vid that got me involved after I watched it):

    A Bahraini even used the same song for his vid:

    And this vid, using the exact same song ironically, showed me (who's normaly a noninterventionists) the need to support an NFZ in Libya:

    There's other videos with other songs, but for some reason that particular song keeps getting used.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    alright thanks a million @lulzgasm & Anon, i'll do my best
  24. Anonymous Member

    This is going to be a bloodbath, the likes of which even Gaddafi would not even contemplate. Assad is not going to let this end well.
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    Remember if they do cut the internet.
    Dial up is your friend.
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    What about those anarchist hacktivists that did stuff for the Tunisians and Egyptians? What do y'all think of that?
  27. Anonymous Member

    To express support for illegal activities is verboten on this board, so you're not going to get a candid discussion of that here... but the internet is a big place.
    Drill down, Anonymous is diverse and uses many different types of platforms for communication on the webz most of which are findable by searching. DON'T assume that wwp is the only place you can go for advice/assistance.
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    alright thanks anon
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    Spread the news of the Syrian revolution in Iran. Word is Iran has been broadcasting news of every other revolution but the Syrian one.
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    Wow, interesting but not surprising
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    Waitwut, how? that would be great, so how is it done? thx
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    what do you think can be done from the outside, online or offline, to "help" as effectively as possible (if that can have any meaning in such a context)? any suggestions appreciated.
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    This is a YouTube channel trying to collect all the videos from Syrian demonstrations. The media is still blocked heavily and International TV channels are relying solely on amateur YouTube clips filmed by the demonstrators themselves, mostly from mobile phone cameras. This is all that Syria has to show the world what is happening.
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    Can anyone link me somewhere to go and spread the info on what's going on in Syria? I need some active websites, and I need to find where the rest of the people who care lurk. I get a feeling I haven't been able to look in the right places yet, and I don't know what to google any more...

    Thanks a lot
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    I think I might go on an unplanned one-person demo here tomorrow. I figure I'll go and make a little demonstration banner, and maybe ask the police for permission to demonstrate. Though to be quite honest what I really want to have a real demonstration here on Sunday, but I don't know how to organize it. I looked that up, and got people saying it's too much of a responsibility to organize it alone... What can one do?

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  38. Anonymous Member > IRC
    try one of the #channels
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