Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by captainslug, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. captainslug Member

    Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    Many people don't like the name. So air your grievances.

    Mine specifically are that "Psych out" is defined as
    While we are indirectly doing this to the CCHR and other front groups by squashing their plans to do it to others, we are trying not to do it to those they are attacking.
    Secondly "Operation: Psychout" is too close in definition and feeling to "Operation: Freakout", which is one of the reasons we are fighting Scientology. "Psychout" is warring language, which Scientology loves to use itself, but conveys violent intent. Semantics are powerful.

    It probably would have been wiser to pick something silly, meaningless, or clever.

    So agree, disagree, abstain, or a do a barrel roll.
  2. UnknownEntity Member

    Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    Operation Psychout sounds like the name of a Scientology Operation
  3. Spot Member

    Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    I gotta agree here, but good luck changing the direction of the herd of cats.
  4. Phoenix Blue Member

    Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    I actually thought Psychout was a good play on "Freakout" when I first heard it. That and I remember "psyche!" was thrown around a lot in the '80s.

    And isn't psyching out exactly what we're doing? We want them to be nervous. Hells, they are nervous ... because how they've handled critics in the past isn't working now, and they don't know what to do about it.

    So I say keep "Psychout."
  5. aerochocolate Member

    Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    I don't like it either. Yes, it's more concise than "Operation Freudian Slip and Slide," which was also proposed on the DC forums, but it's not as funny, and it's a little intimidating.

    Nothing will ever quite compare to "Operation Enduring Annoyance" in my heart, though.
  6. Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    Lol @ Fruedian Slip and Slide!
  7. Dama Member

    Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    hmm. Now all I can come up with is something useless like "junebug"... umm..
    "Operation Flag" is doofy.. "Operation Psych" would be fine, it doesn't really have the 'psychout' connotations, unless you consider it a slightly derogatory nickname.
    Dunno, that's my two cents.
  8. anonamato Member

    Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    May's Operation is focusing on the fair game aspect, right? I misinformed? :S Why not Operation Game Over?
  9. anonspitfire Member

    Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    BEAUTIFUL! "Operation Game Over" i love it
  10. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    I've heard Fair Game Over stated for May. Longer, but with an added bonus meaning we liiiike.
  11. Manumission Member

    Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    I thought Operation Psychout was just a working title. As an actual name to use on flyers and so forth, it's horrible. It makes me think of a devious plan to make people lose their minds. :evil: I don't think it works for this purpose. I was taught to always offer a positive alternative when I offer a criticism but I can't think of anything right now.

    If you look at the synonyms for Fair Game it gives you a pretty clear idea what L.Ron thought of the rest of us mere mortals. It's insulting to put it mildly.
  12. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    Yup. Sucks. Out. Plays into fear, could create neg impression in press/public. Confusing message: implies getting RID of psychs, which is what Co$ wants. Also in general, the concept, picketing ati-psych ideology, is narrow. And again, could be peceived as a bunch of nutters protesting a bunch of nutters who want to take away our drugs and shrinks. YES, in reality it's about a lot more than that but step outside and look at how JQPublic could see it"Cult wants to take away the meds that keep me sane." IRS, disconnection are far reaching easy to grasp ideas. And minus the baggage of "psych out"
  13. Paresthesia Member

    Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    Ick. Agreed with most of the people above. Operation: Psychout sounds like a CoS operation. That is not the image we're trying to get.

    We need to focus on a single important issue on every protest such as Operation: Reconnect focusing on the practice of 'disconnect'.

    Maybe if we wanted to focus on the practice of harassing its critics, we could say like Operation: Free Speech or Operation: 10,000 Voices. Something that's strong but not creepy sounding if you know what I mean.

    Ooh, one of my friends (DisconnectedSon) suggested Operation: Unfair Game.
  14. captainslug Member

    Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    We could add to their German conspiracy fears and start using only German or German origin words for out Operation names.

    Operation: Zeitgeist ?

    Operation: Ausfart ?

    Operation: LangeKatze ?

    Operation: Wurstfest <- Male only protest
  15. winanon Member

    Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    I really do not like the name, and I'm not wild about the concept either.

    It's too complicated an issue for this early in the game. Full of pitfalls.

    My advice: focus an operation on the RPF.

    "Operation RPF"
  16. anonypuffs Member

    Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    Operation: Schadenfreude LULZ@FOOTBULLETS
  17. Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    Im not partial to Operation : Psychout

    I hear many people bringing back PSYCH! which was only funny the first 100 times in 1991, and in terms of public perception of PR, it really sounds like some murderous spree, and will be seen as something bad by the media.

    Im proposing, and suggesting the use in May or June, or even July, the name....

    Operation : UNFair Game -

    Which is all about their supposed legal Fair Game practices, a focus on those who have been intimidated, harassed, and stalked.
    Those who speak out, and how we want to protect the innocent and stop persecution of people without a PROPER and FAIR TRIAL IN AMERICAN COURTS NOT SCIENTOLOGY COURTS.
    Most importantly, EVERYONE is entitled to Free Speech provided it does not harm the livelyhood of an individual, or is slanderous.

    Those who are critics are "gamed" over and over for following UNALIENABLE RIGHTS that have been protected over 220 years by the FIRST AMENDMENT!
    Since when did Scientology rewrite the Constitution - Just cause GW Bush does, doesnt mean David Miscavige can too.

    I REALLY wanna focus on that, and the effects of that.

    OPERATION : UNFair Game
  18. Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    Operation: psych ward or just Op Psych for short or Operation: Mayday
  19. Kluu Member

    Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    I'm all for Operation: Game Over... whilst being understandable, it still has the highest lulz-rate.:mrgreen:
  20. TheKhala Member

    Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

  21. Iforgot Member

    Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    Operation: Worst Operation Ever

    Operation: Same as the old Operation

    Operation: Where's My Cow?

    Am I doing this rite? :)

    (ooh, Op MayDay sounds good)
  22. Edges Member

    Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    I don't like Operation Game Over ... it gives the impression that it's going to be the big win to end all wins, after which everyone can forget about it. Makes it sound like Anon is ceasing operations after that, etc.

    Operation May Day is kinda confusing if May 1st isn't the date, because that's May Day. It also has alot of signifigance in the history of the socialist and labour movements, which might make people draw parallels between Anon and the political left.
  23. Gunslinger Member

    Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    Operation What's Your Point?

    What are you talking about here? Were we planning on "introducing" the protests on 4/12? Were we going to make huge banners with "Operation Whatever" on them and hang them somewhere? Did anyone do this on 2/10 or 3/15? I don't remember seeing "Operation Reconnect" banners anywhere.

    The term "Operation" is an ironic one, I think we all know that. We use it because of the Scientology Organization's retarded use of the word to make themselves feel all important and "official". Let's not act like we need the term "Operation" Anything to have success in our protests. "Operation" is a joke for us, a dig at the CoS and potentially just confusing for the general public.

    That being said, what does it matter what we call anything here on the boards when it's the campaign itself that matters?
  24. Kluu Member

    Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    When choosing a name for an "Operation", we usually somehow connect the name with the goal of this "Operation". So the first two didn't focus on anything specific, but nex thing we're looking at is "Operation" Reconnect - with the main goal of educating people about the CoS's disconnection policy and maybe even try to bring families back together.
    For the bystander or the general public this makes perfect sense and is easy to understand.
    I don't see how attacking their view on psychiatry is going to help us here, as it is a very complex subject and people passing by the demonstrations will have no idea, what it's all about (or understand it, if we try to tell them! Most of them will be on their way to lunch or want to go shopping, so I doubt they'll be willing to listen to us while we try to explain what it's all about!). This is why we should focus on a more basic one, such as their Fair Game policy or so. I live in Germany, and people here are afraid of the CoS because of their totalitarian views and Stasi/SS methods! This is something they understand and can relate to - sometimes even from their own experience! For this reason, I think we should also change the name of the "Operation" to something that we can associate with "Fair Game".

  25. Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    I thought the protests in themselves would be better to aim at the public, to draw them in, to bring awareness to all in awhole. Not aim to scare the CoS with a nerve wrecking tagline that also upsetting the public.

    The greater our numbers get, the public and scientologists leaving the church hearing the message, the more nervous we make the cult; so why not make a title that isn't going to be likely to be misintrepreted?

    I do like this theme, however it on topics that branch into areas society ignores and feel touchy about so we risk losing some of the target audience. So I think we should save this theme for a later date.

    It's a bad title though its a "working" title and my understanding IS NOT official unlike some are saying. I rather Operation Game Over for May anyhow.
  26. Tony Whent Member

    Operation Evidence

    How about 'Operation Evidence'?

    This has the following BIG advantages over operation Psychout.

    1) It invites constructive questions, rather than confusion.

    2) It re frames the debate. We are in favour of 'evidence based' medicine that actually helps people rather than ignorant made up stuff that just sounds good. All of the alternatives to Dianetics base themselves on experimental evidence. Dianetics simply makes unfounded promises.
  27. flimbos Member

  28. Tony Whent Member

    Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    Operation Fair Play would be a very good name if the theme were Fair Game.

    The general feeling seems to be that it should not be.

    Personally, I thing Fair Game is a better theme anyway.
  29. cannedonymous Member

    Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    I like the theme of Operation Psychout, but like most people, I disagree with the name. I know that I have little chance of turning this around now (and so be it, it won't stop me from protesting) but what do you think about keeping the theme and re-naming it "Operation: Sanity" or "Operation: Return to Sanity"??.... Gives a bit more of a positive spin on the whole thing, and fits nicely with the theme....
  30. Project1105 Member

    Re: Operation Psychout = Worst name evar

    Operation Fair Game>Operation Psychout

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