Operation Paparazzi / All your orgs are belong to us

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by kimask2, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. kimask2 Member

    Operation Paparazzi / All your orgs are belong to us

    After seeing a brief discussion with LE, I have this idea. LE mentioned that scilons chasing after people with cameras is only 1% that celebrity suffers, and he can't do anything about it.

    First is to identify scilons, where they live, where they eat and where they work. It is easy if the license plate lookup websites are actually working. Anyone on the know?

    It's reverse fair-game but we shouldn't be threatening. Unless for those who actually followed you or put a camera into your face. Someone can paparazzi them if desired.

    Then it's like a concentrated or flyering. The standard area for CoS is 3 blocks where you live. We can do the same, sending out abstracts from Time's Magazine etc, and website links, and for aggressive scilons, their pictures and their crimes. This also covers the orgs where they work and where they lunch.

    Neighbors know what a criminal org the church is. Scilons will also have information to convince them to blow and what help they can get blowing.

    Flyering at freeway entrance/exits and traffic signals will ensure any public going near the church will notice. BTW, what's the law on flyering ?

    Anti-fair game includes hired PI's too. It's certainly easier to identify if their cars are commercially registered. And we can spam their complain sites on .gov, and shame them on the internet.

    All these are easy to do especially we outnumbered them all over the world. One guy can make and send junk mails to the several streets where scilons live. For some $25? you can lookup license plates in all states? for a year?
  2. anonymous3347 Member

    Gut instinct says bad idea. Yes, it is frustrating that the scientologists don't care about our rights to privacy and free speech. After all, we aren't even really human to them, just wogs. It would give me a bitter satisfaction to turn their methods around on them.

    And that's what gives me the warning signal. What happens if something happens to one of them, not by the hand of any Anon, but by crappy circumstance? They will already have complained about you, and then when the authorities start investigating, they discover that you have been compiling dossiers on the victim and his co-religionists? Oh, that looks good.

    I wouldn't put it past the hard-shell scis to decide that someone needs to take one for the team, setting up one of their own, just to draw blame onto Anonymous. These people will stop at nothing.

    WBM could probably say this so much better than I. It's one part "Don't stoop to their level" and 20 parts "hell no, it will backfire!" If we imitate the scilons, then we are the scilons, just in better clothes.
  3. This.
    Bad idea is bad.
  4. tiggernew Member




    I didn't join this to become what I'm protesting, thanks.
    This isn't a Mad Magazine Spy vs. Spy comic.
  5. kimask2 Member

    Hi anonXXXX's and others, I can't answer to you individually. But let me say that all OSA read Sun Tzu by LHR's orders, and may be all clams are told to read it too. The modern alternative is Robert Greene, which is a director at Oprah's SA super school. Then you know what you are up against, not comic book heroes.

    First of all, you are not helping moral by sounding like broken CD's, repeating the same track over and over again. Look at the thread about outing PI names pictures in other session.

    I changed the subject because it doesn't matter what I said, as long as I mention license plate, pictures, names, address, I sort of getting the same response.
  6. downstat Member

    Your other thread on your Fair Gaming ideas ended up in WoS. Why isn't this one there?

    No one is interested in stalking or compiling names of Scientology members. What is your damage? Did you miss the point of the protests? Why don't you call up the local Org and send them your address and then come back and tell us how good your idea is.
  7. Unlisted Member

    This is a really bad idea.
    Lurk moar.
  8. kimask2 Member

    I turned up to dilute the threat to your exercise of free speech. What's your point of your protest? I'm also in the Thunderdome too and I like free speech wherever I can.

    Broken CD's disappoint me. Don't obviously put words into my mouth. Also, I'm open to suggestion and the wordings could benefit by some modifications. But I don't bother because some of the important ideas are found or carried out in other threads.

    The bottom line is that you can't stop stupid people from doing stupid things if they are stupid enough.

    New info concerning names, license plates, face photos, addresses:
    (well, if you found the weakest button you have to push it again)

    The operation Turnaround is namefagging PI's who work for CoS to harass protesters. They say it's a fair game meaning it's only fair. Names and Business address are collected if known and the latter will be exposed for repeat offenders.

    Some of the old guards have been doing it for decades. There are a few links for PI's in the popular old guard sites. Currently a zip is distributed with a lot more PI's face and license plates.

    It's not just PI's, it's also OSA, etc. I would say it seems that anybody who take your picture and or follow you is a "PI" and their face and license plates are exposed when caught. That would include any clams too, who are programmed to do exactly that.

    If you look around on the last protest or the next protest threads, people are already posting faces and license plates of PI's and clams who took their pictures and followed them. I'm surprised that in a smaller org, the number of PI's and clams working outside to harass people is more than those inside, and comparable to the number of protesters, and the number of cops on all shifts.

    On the popular anti-fair game thread, the idea is to call for relatives to send open letters to disconnected clams, for Anon to deliver it. If successful, Anon have to have personal data, which is more targeted than what I needed in my suggestion. I'm not suggesting to post personal details in public, but to setup some sort of mailing list operation.

    There are many public records. The high level clam who is a well known dentist. He has his picture, practice address, and list of staff published. I bet he is a WISE man and all his staff are clams, who may not really want to work there if they can. We can send info pack and videos to them, including other Dentist who cry foul on interviews.

    And there is the university lecturer who openly push Applied Scholastic (??) methods. Colleagues, students and parents should all know about this.

    Until next time

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