Operation: Over the Wall.

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by anony428, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. k8jde6 Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    Good source for artwork inspiration:

  2. Bulle Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    Question: Would it be possible to send a bunch of cards and postage money to someone in the US to save money?
  3. anonymoose Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    Already happening Bulle- check out the threads in current ops.
  4. Kookaburra Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    Absolutely! There are several people willing to remail. Get all you can at the protest, let me know how many and I'll arrange it.
  5. Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    So, can anyone post some addresses on hear?
  6. Obi-Wan-anon Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    So let's get this right: If we put a known scientologist name and address as a return address, the file is made up against them?

    What if they all appeared to come from Clearwater, i.e., the known Sci owned businesses? All those people would wind up in a file?

    Mail your postcards to a CW anon, they can re-mail from there (proper postmark and all).
  7. tokanon Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    1) get the best pic you can of your local protest including the scientology building in the background.

    2) print it onto big postcards

    3) mail it to orgs in other countries and cities with a message on the back saying "Look what happened here in LA/Sydney/London/Amsterdam/where ever - there's HUGE CROWDS of people here every month - why do all these people around the world care so much and feel so strongly about the scientology organisation? Find out for yourself"

    Plus sign it with the web address for: Ex Scientologist Message Board or ex sea org /other contact info.
  8. Enron Hubbard Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    I want to join in on this activity. Can somebody post or send me some names of people who are currently located within UK orgs. I intend to send some news from the outside world... nothing nasty.
  9. Honk_Honk111 Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    I doubt they'd be using effort like that on ordinary anons, they'd be saving that for our "leader" that they're so sure we have.
  10. Enron Hubbard Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    Best of luck with that, $cilons. Our leader has >9000 fingers.
  11. XenuonaZebra Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    Right. Not to mention - what good are fingerprints if they have nothing to compare them to?

    If you've never had your fingerprints taken for any reason, then you're in the (pardon the pun) clear! :text:

    If you're still feeling :tinfoil:, then buy some cheap latex gloves and slip 'em on before handling.
  12. Lorelei Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    If you or a friend colours / bleaches hair at home, some product has two pairs of gloves when you only really need one. L'Oreal color + highlighting kits comes to mind.

    Standard yellow rubber dish washing gloves or gardening mitts or winter gloves will also work. No need to hunt for and spend money on a new pair of special "print and mail postcards" gloves. :)

    If you do in for a school-related checkup, or with a parent or child, ask the doctor if you can have a pair of gloves. They usually have a huge box of throwaways sitting right on the counter next to the cotton ear bud things box and cotton balls box. :)

    You CAN get a large box of latex and latex-free gloves at beauty supply stores for cheap, though.
  13. XenuonaZebra Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    Right! So there are tons of options for the more paranoid and/or fingerprinted (fingerfagged? lol) Anons out there :)

    Another thing - DO NOT LICK YOUR STAMPS!!! Use a very lightly damp sponge or washcloth/flannel in order to moisten the glue so you can stick the things on. It's kinda obvious and might seem a tad tin-hatty, but the less of yourself that comes in contact with these cards that can be traced back to you, the better off you are, I feel.

    Even better - if you know somebody who has access to a postage printing machine (office that does lots of bulk mailings, for example - your contcat being someone you can trust and/or slip a $20 for their troubles), use that instead -- just offer to pay 'em cash for the postage you run up, if you live in a big city and don't have to worry about getting townfagged.

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