Operation: Over the Wall.

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by anony428, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. anony428 Member

    Operation: Over the Wall.

    At Anonycon Lerma suggested that we send postcards to the missions to force the guy whose job it is to read the mail to see our message. The buildings have a guy who opens all the mail and sorts it. If we send post cards with some truthaganda someone on the inside will be forced to read it.
    What we will need.:
    1) Targeted to the point postcard messages to send.
    2) A list of missions to send them to.
    3) A few people willing to spend $50 on a roll of postcard stamps and the kinkos runoffs.

    I'll write some copypasta when I'm soberer, but I have the roll of stamps already. Go a town over to drop in a mailbox and don't forget to wear gloves.
  2. Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    This could possibly work, unless they hire off-duty cops now to read trough their mail, or kids from other countries who don't know English.. or the natural language of that Co$.

    I see needing gloves to buy the postcards, write on them, or printing them, any handling must be like if you were dealing with a toxic substance that could eat the flesh from bones.. Not to mention watching out for hair, and deciding where to mail them from.. Anyone watch any good spy movies lately? That's about where we'd need to set our sights on mailing/giving anything to the Co$.
  3. AnonymousTV Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    Unless your fingerprints are on file somewhere, the chances of them using fingerprints as an ID method are incredibly unlikely.
  4. Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    Too true, but you don't want fingerprints on anything in case they feel up to another Operation Freakout, and attempt to lift your fingerprints and move them to something else. Lots of spy movies out there, and it is highly possibly with the front shiny side of postcards..
  5. anony428 Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    You can probably get post cards printed up at kinkos or something. A mom and pop print shop should be able to do it too. Buy and wear the thick latex gloves when handling the paper. It's probably best to handle all documents at a public table (library, coffee shop, ect) That way random hairs or other crap can't hitch a ride. I dropped 50 cards in the mail today. I used 3" x 5" plain index cards. My wife used the printer at her work to print "" on one side and the addresses on the other. It's quick, easy, relatively cheap, and gets directly into the shop.
  6. AnonUhnon Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    well if the Co$ decides to waste money combating this I can't say it's a bad thing.
  7. anotherexscn Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    That's a good idea. I, myself, have been sending their own propaganda back to them in their postage paid envelopes... with everything I can stuff in it to make it heavy. Or I write "refused" on the mail and put it back in the box to be returned. Damn, they send a lot of mail!!

    Too bad we can't get ahold of a bunch of those postage paid envelopes and start sending our fliers and messages to them at THEIR expense. That would be a fun kick in the pants. :rofl:
  8. Gunslinger Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    I agree with this idea wholeheartedly.

    Postcards are 9000 times better than envelopes. It's kind of hard to claim that a Postcard contains some lethal chemical or is an explosive device.

    And the fact that a clear, concise, heart-felt message can be easily read, but not as easily forgotten will have a lot more effect than a long-winded paragraph or two on how "wrong" Scientology is.

    I think the messages should be kept to the subject of Re-Connection vs. Disconnection and about how much there is to be missed in the "outside world." I remember what Tory Magoo said finally got to her was someone asking her, "If you're so free, why can't you read a book?"

    Something that will plant a seed of doubt. Something that might be the last straw for that camel's back and gets them questioning or maybe even picking up the phone to call for help.

    And I would suggest NOT mentioning "Anonymous" anywhere on the postcard. We're not trying to advertise our own coolness here. We're trying to get people to open their own eyes and seek the truth.
  9. Bexx Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    "On your road to freedom your mail is censored."

    "If you are helping to free people, why are you having to read other's mail?"

    stuff like that?
  10. Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    This is probably something everyone is aware of, but you can make your own stamps too. I was planning on making a few of the green anon flag but never really had a reason to until this.

    This site seems to have pretty good deals, if anyone is interested in this.
  11. Gunslinger Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    I like the idea of making the custom stamps, but remember - the more unique you make the stamp the more likely they'll be able to trace the stamp back to its creator. The generic stamps sold through the Post Office will help blend in and be just as good.

    Also, if you put anything relating to Anonymous on the Post Card - the stamp, a signature, the image on the reverse side - it increases the likelihood that it will just be throw away, unread. Most, if not all, Scientologists have been warned off of us as "terrorists", or enturbulators or even evil aliens. (Sheesh)

    Keep it "human." We're not trying to get them to join Anonymous. We're trying to get them to re-join the Human Race.
  12. Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    There are other websites there catered more for Scilons who want to leave: < a really good one with resources

    There's always the ex-Scn toll free hotline: 1-866-XSEAORG

    Hey, if each org's mailroom Scilon blows multiply that with the number of orgs in the U.S, that's at least a few dozen people saved! :)
  13. Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    And remember children, smart kids DON't lick stamps.

    I do not know about unsolicited mail laws.. please look into these.
    I am sure they would attempt to use any DNA/fingerprint evidence they could get their hands on in an attempt to frame you.

    I would suggest documenting anything you are going to send by having the content and images uploaded somewhere secure, off site, so you have a record of intent or something.
  14. kimask2 Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    I thought about this a little in "all your orgs are belong to us". Do they have the same commons positions in every org that we can address the postcards to? Of course even better if we have names. We can send open letters and cards with different shapes and sizes to different people in the org, to avoid being throw away at first glance.

    We can do this internationally or a local guy or team can adopt a particular org and keep at it.
  15. Gunslinger Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.


    Most Post Offices offer stamps with adhesive backing now so there's no need to either lick a stamp or use those little moist sponges. (that sounded vaguely naughty, didn't it?)

    This is a good point. What I was wondering is if there were some way of actually getting mailing lists of either known employees of the Orgs, or key people in the Orgs to whom we could address the Post Cards. If it is designated to a specific person as opposed to just the Organization, it helps to subtly maintain that feeling of a Human reaching out to a Human and not a Group reaching out to a Group.

    Other than that, junkmail is a common thing in the U.S., at least, and since we aren't trying to sell anything or coerce anyone into doing anything illegal - there should be no problem. Think of these Post Cards along the same lines as "Letters to Santa" - the Post Office gets millions of them every year, but they don't try and stop kids from sending "unnecessary mail". (Hell, they're making money off the postage, right?)

    Considering the number of ungloved hands and fingers that will be touching the Post Card on its way, it would be virtually impossible to detect, confirm and trace a single set of prints. No worries.

    BUT - make sure you do not post any images or bodies of text showing what you are going to send. Don't reveal to the OSA lurking on the 'Net what you're going to say or what they should keep their eyes out for. They would be able to match the Post Cards you send to your Online presence, as well as circulate "warnings" about what to spot AND try to replicate your Post Cards with more threatening messages.

    I'm really liking this idea.
  16. Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    This is a good plan. I like the postcard plan.

    Refinement: This plan is good. So good I think we should refine it to include not just orgs and missions, but any and all scientology related enterprises we can find. I think it would also be good to get postcards out to all people on SENIOR HONOR ROLL OF THE IAS. has a good list of frontgroups. Research will reveal sources of addresses.

    Any suggestions for postcard image content? It would be interesting to see if we can get some RLH or Scientology images send through.... perhaps if we are careful of the wording of some messages we can slip some through the hands of anyone who may initially intercept them. I am thinking of looking at
    "When you See it"
    images that have COS pictures with hidden pics/scenes that are not initally obvious would be HILARIOUS to get posted up on the wall at an Org someplace. Especially if someone THERE is sorta on the edge about commitment to COS and decides they could slip it up somewhere. I know I read a posting about a faked up add for ExScientologist Kids ad was up on the hallway wall in the Org. So some subversives DO exist in the cos.
    Trying to find the one that had the Sea-Org all lined up but Richard Mongler was in the backline of the group if you looked closely... need more like that.

    (Obviously not just THAT, but a message also.. Just the funny images would not really achieve much...)
  17. Samuel Hughes Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    Different tack folks: FOR EPIC WIN

    Consider how the CoS handles mail.

    1. Every person who sends a letter perceived as containing criticism of any kind gets a special folder - the beginning of a dossier.

    2. They get on a list, so that any future correspondence, regardless of attitude or other content, is filed in the folder, not even read. These are simply kept on file until needed by the OSA for various reasons I'm sure you can guess.

    So what have we learned?

    A. "Anonymous" letters and faxes probably end up in a single repository, requiring almost no effort on their part.

    B. Letters that appear to be from individuals EACH require the protocols of establishing and maintaining a file.


    Letters from people (whose names can be random or purportedly from random people in the community) will inundate their filing system so they will never know which ones are real people and which ones are anonymous.

    This will also overload their efforts at doing background checks on individuals, creating a PI backlog they could never maintain financially or otherwise.

    Anonymous Mailings? Meh.
    Pseudo-nonomous Mailings? For Great Justice.
  18. anony428 Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    Here's the thing, a scilon has to read every letter that gets delivered to a building. If we send post cards to every building someone who is thinking of leaving will be tipped over the edge. If all 9000 send 50 cards to 50 buildings Then some percentage will be convinced to leave.
  19. Gunslinger Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    Personally, I think regular, store-bought postcards with non-threatening, non-sexually suggestive images would suffice (No corny beefcake shot with "Wish You Were Him" splashed across it). The less "significant" the better. Remember, we're trying to "sneak" these Post Cards in through the "filtering system" to actually try and make contact with potentially disgruntled Scientologists. In-jokes, obvious references to activism or even fabricated "pro-Hubbard" images (which would be spotted for fakes - after all, they "own" the rights to his image and all other "Scientology" images) all would be looked on with suspicion and possibly stopped before they had a chance to be read.

    Think bunnies, landscapes, Mickey Mouse and the Empire State Building - things typically thought of as "post cardy".
  20. Gunslinger Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    I think this could easily be a "two-fisted idea."

    Some, but not all, of the Post Cards can be subtly critical of Scientology, causing some bricks to be shat and tons of erronous files to be created, stretching their already stretched OSA dollars and nerves.

    At the same time - Some, but not all, of the Post Cards can be simply encouraging about the joys and freedoms of the world beyond Scientology. Simple tempations about the possibilty of happiness without control and freedom without the high price tag.
  21. Gunslinger Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    Imagine even if only one person were reached and encouraged to "blow". To re-connect with their family and to get away from that dangerous cult.

    Even just one would be worth it. After all, how much would you be willing to spend, in time and/or resources, to save even just one life?

    If this Operation grows to an International scale, the Win would just grow exponentially.
  22. anony428 Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    The IRS kindly provided me with the $50 it took to send out those first 50 cards. Now my means are far too limited to drop another 50 or 150. But I'd drop >9000 if I could afford it. Even if I never hear about the one person who blew because they got my letter, it's still worth all the money in the world.
  23. i'mglib Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    THIS IS GENIUS! I LOVE YOU GUYS! (Yes, I'm shouting.)
  24. Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    This idea is brilliant, plain and simple.
  25. AnonymIceland Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    I think the best postcards would be the ones with the "wish you were here" themes...

    And some nice messages about life outside Scientology....
  26. Unlisted Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    DM is short, and squirrels the tech
    And you know that too

    An Anonymous Admirer <3
  27. anony428 Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    The Church only wants your money,
    And is willing to kill you if you try to leave.
  28. Gunslinger Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

  29. Gunslinger Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    These are cute. But....

    I don't think things like this will ever get past the Censor checking the mail. Although, enough of these and the Censor/Handler themselves might actually start doubting - and that would worth it, too!

    Actually, both of these would make excellent signs. (I love the second one!)
  30. Captain-chan Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    i'm nutty for this idea. anyone wanna start a big address list of orgs so anons can begin to mail? I'm personally going to go for some heartwarming family postcard themes to remind the censors of life on the outside.
  31. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    I've been mailing postcards to them for years, I use their &quot;Organization Locator&quot; on their website to provide my addresses... or a recent book or magazine, often has a list of addresses of &quot;orgs&quot; I'd also use their own WISE's a pdf file with all their scientologist companies... in an effort to make the WISE business list appear top expand' indviduals have been pressured to list as more targets for postcards! and copies of their scientology business rags - free advertising mags that you can find in bins in clearwater florida, and Glendale california I forgot their names...

    They tried to get postal inspectors spun up alleging my cards were hate mail, I responded with a complaint to the postal inspectors of my own, complaining about scientology' wasting Postal Inspector's time...

    In one I said

    &quot;How long would I have to run a subliminal electric current though your body (The e-meter) while telling you things that you wanted to hear, before you were convinced that I held the secrets of the universe???&quot;

    The postcard effort even got some media, a column mention in the NY Post..


    Thank you for doing this, it WILL have a HUGE effect, and the diversity of ideas will help immensely.

    Arnie Lerma
  32. Gunslinger Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    You could always make your avatar the cover of a post card - that is too freakin' cute.

    I think a list of addresses, posted here in this Thread, would be phenomenally helpful. At least for me.
  33. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    Dear Scientologist - an open letter to all members of Scientology

    The above was crafted by exs FOR current members and to be gentle..
    the bottom links to 4 other versions of this...

    Dear Scientology Staff member letter #1 by Michael Tilse

    Dear Scientology Staff member letter #2

    Dear Scientology Staff member letter #3

    A 3 page flyer in Miscrosoft WORD format by Volney Mathison is here: DOWNLOAD 1.28 Meg

    Dear Scientology Staff member letter #5 Imagine a Letter from L Ron Hubbard

    Posters and other handouts are in this directory HERE

    Demons of Freedom an Essay

    Introduction the The Exit Pages
  34. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    And.... There is some assorted colored cardstock you can buy at staples, 4 postcards fit on each page
    The assorted colors draw the eyes attention to it in the pile of incoming mail.

    It will go through my laser printer on manual feed... but only if I open the tailgate so it doesnt have to go around the last rollers..

    You can send half sheets for 41 cents postage, or the quarter sheets for postcard rates...

    You can also address them to various "posts" in the org To the ED, The Dir Comm, The Letter Reg, even "Director of I&R" or "PES" any post on their "Org board", I always tried to have no pattern...

    And yes you will receive ask-off replies... and you are bound to honor those or risk civil prosecution in court for "harassment'..

    DO NOT SPAM (Thousands of emails) their email addresses... one man did this, and they got a local police officer spun up about his SPAM.. and it cost him some money, for my lawyer to make the problem go away...
  35. lermanet_com Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    Well, I kept going on credit cards when I could not afford it, as I knew that the only thing scientology understood was when you bring the battle TO THEM... but times they are a changin...

    did not that effort warm your heart and make you feel good inside?
    keep it up, you will from time to time get letters from scientologists thanking you
    if you'd like some more motivation, stop by, and you can read the ones I have gotten..
  36. 3_D Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    I'll be doing some of this. An idea I had was just your average post card (or an unassuming one in a bright colour) with a short and simple message on it.

    "Is this what they promised you?"

    Possibly also that ExSeaOrg toll free # or a URL.

    Good thinking this idea. I liek it.
  37. CathyLong Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    I'll have to do this. Living in NY there are a million shops with 25/$1 postcards (generic I <3 NY stuffs). Plus you can drop em in any mail box on the sidewalks all over Manhattan. I'll just hand write them something nice like:

    Hello ________,

    I just wanted to let you know that we miss you out here. We'll always be here, whenever you need us. <1800#>

    ~Catherine Long
  38. Gunslinger Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    THIS - Beautiful
  39. Gunslinger Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    Just curious as to how this project is going? Has anyone else had a chance to send out their postcards yet?

    Remember - don't post the image of your card or what you wrote (if it has anything too identifiable in it), but please feel free to share your stories - if you have them.

    This is still one of the neatest things I've been able to since getting involved, aside from the Protests, of course.
  40. anonymoose Member

    Re: Operation: Over the Wall.

    NO! No no no! How's that going to encourage people to leave?!

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