operation: no moar victums?

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by an_hero, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. an_hero Member

    operation: no moar victums?

    operation: no moar victums is a 2 part action. $cientologists are notorious for setting up a row of tables on a busy public street and offering "free personality/stress tests". They take this time to describe the teachings of LRH, as well as showing off the various books that they have on display. Ideally they setup an appointment with the new victim (or "raw meat" as they refer to them) to come back to the center for a longer test and a series of movies explaining the church. We must stop this. By greatly halting the number of uninformed people sitting down, we will hinder their new membership numbers.

    Step 1) Call your local city clerks/permits office to ask if you need a permit to setup this sort of display. Ask them something like this:

    If there is a permit required for this, ask them what the name of the permit is, and if it is public record. If they say there no is such permit and that it is not allowed, ask them why you see $cientologists doing it all the time.

    Step 2) Organize mini-raids whenever a $cilon display is seen in action. Get a few anons together, mask up, and head down. Stand near the tables and hand out flyers explaining to people what the Church is really about. Hand pamphlets to people as they sit down, and calmly mention the real facts about the Church to them. I did this in Hollywood with great results. The $cilons are taken back at first, but they can be surprisingly friendly as long as you are remaining calm and being polite. Normal rules apply here.

    That is the basic premise, but here is where it gets interesting. I called and spoke to the Los Angeles Clerks office, who transferred me to a Supervisor (Bradley) for the LA street investigation/enforcement dept. Bradley had this to say:

    This is a beautiful thing. Wrapping them up in red-tape will be a fun win for us, and somewhat poetic justice. I happen to know of 2 areas in the greater Los Angeles area that often get this approach by Co$:

    Hollywood blvd / Highland Ave (Hollywood, CA) - Last seen on Tues March 11th
    Ventura blvd / Cedros Ave (Sherman Oaks, CA) - Last seen in late Feb

    I will be going out of my way to drive past these locations as often as possible so I can file as many reports as possible. Here is what I ask of you:

    Please reply with any known areas in your State. I will compile a list as best I can for this. I cannot do all of the calling around to city officials outside of my area, so please do your due dilligence in finding out the legality in your city. I suspect that this is a pretty common issue that is not permitted.

    Again, if you are in the los angeles area and see the $cientologists with their tables setup, call 311 and report them.

  2. anonymous3347 Member

    This sounds like an outstanding way to be a pain in the ass, and I mean that in a good way. It is legal (Excessively so!), peaceful, and doesn't cost anything. It will help cut down on the flow of raw meat, even though I don't see how ANYONE who has been alive over the past two months could be unaware of at least a little of what the CoS is about.

    Me likey.
  3. an_hero Member

    Ok we just got our first spotting. A call was made in, but an hour later they "still haven't gotten around to it". We need more calls. We do not want them peddling their CULT on our sidewalks! This is illegal, and we demand action. (but please, be polite, but firm, with dispatch).

    here is how my convo went, so you know what to say:

    call 213 972 2971
    Press 0 for the operator, ask to be connected to dispatch
    press 1 for english
    press 1 for non emergency

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