Operation Leakspin

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by cryok, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: Operation Leakspin

    done. but I think we need more videos, and operationleakspin has leaks.
  2. Re: Operation Leakspin

    lol I can see one peer (leech) in my bitspirit now

    HALP, anonymous is omnomming my puter
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    Re: Operation Leakspin

    Downloading now. Will seed forever
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    Re: Operation Leakspin

    I work at NASA. Really, just a facilities contractor at Langley but I know what they are into. Mars is all they talk about, the moon is old news to them and they are the most forward thinking bunch I have ever known. To them it's all about that little Mars plane: the ARES project.
    Also something redacted, redacted but I don't know jack about that because they change their own lightbulbs in those buildings. Prolly DoD related.

    All the moon means to NASA these days is 2nd choice for a jumping off point (1st choice is space stations).
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Operation Leakspin

    I changed my own lightbulb once! I couldn't get the light fitting thingy to open up so sprayed WD40 on the fucker!! Blew up like a sonofabitch and nearly took my eye out! I don't mess with lightbulbs now!! No sir!
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    Re: Operation Leakspin

  8. Rockyj Member

    Re: Operation Leakspin

    SORRY I know haven't read entire thread but couldn't help it...I literally pissed in my pretends!
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  10. genoramix Member

    I was trying to download it, but no seeds???? I'll seed forever too, but rite nao i'm uploading shit and utorrent is massively affecting my upload speed. will try again in a short while
  11. Paggers Anon Member

    I want to support Operation Leakspin, but I don't agree with the stuff on the website about Litvenenko. It seems most likely that Russia killed him.

    Can the suggestion that he was smuggling nuclear material be edited to be more balanced?
  12. agf Member

    the article doesn't actually say who did it, it merely conveys what was in the cables. the site isn't an editorial, it's just publishing the information that was in the cables. if you would like to discuss how the articles are edited, please feel free to join #crowdleak. Thanks.

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