Operation: Interview Anonymous

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by WMAnon, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. WMAnon Member

    Operation: Interview Anonymous

    Here for your amusement and/or flaming:
    Organize a day between now and April 12th for Anonymous to simultaneously be interviewed by every local media outlet. Yes, this means hundreds of different Anons on camera. For maximum digestibility, arrange YouTube auditions to identify the best public speakers to put forward and have several talking points prepared for everyone. For super bonus points, schedule for a Wednesday evening or Thursday morning for maximum downstat.

    Potential problems: not everyone is a great speaker, we can't guarantee that no one messes up on air, the media may not bite, people may not get it even after we explain ourselves.

    Potential profit: massive public exposure to our message, better understanding of Anonymous v. Scientology in the media leading to better coverage of future protests, MASSIVE DOWNSTATING for Scientology.
  2. anonym0us Member

    Re: Operation: Interview Anonymous

    I like the idea, but can't help but see problems letting this all come together.
  3. Re: Operation: Interview Anonymous

    What makes you think the media will jump at the opportunity to speak to a bunch of anonymous people protesting a cult that not many people have heard of?
  4. Evil Zoe Member

    Re: Operation: Interview Anonymous

    The most interesting aspect of interviews with Anonymous people is that you get entirely different answers depending upon the questions you ask. People have joined the cause for so many different reasons. Fascinating, really.

    I've actually already got a few videos of the Anonymous interviews by the Phoenix New Times on my YouTube channel. I have one more to put up (been too distracted lately), but they'll get there. It's my own personal footage of the questions asked, etc. Most of it didn't make it into print.

    I found it especially important to upload them since the person who wrote the bit on us(Stephen Lemons aka The Bird) demonstrated that he's an irresponsible journalist and cares not at all about doing real research into our situation.

    In fact, he's leaving a black mark on the reputation of the whole Village Voice/New Times conglomerate, in my opinion. Tony Ortega, he most certainly is NOT.
  5. Mitsu Too Member

    Re: Operation: Interview Anonymous

    Dawn from Gloss Lip is trying to reach the admins here or anons involved in Project Reconnect. She has a radio blog on Sunday night and is looking for guests. Pass it on. Her email is on her site. This message may already have been received as Dawn can't seem to access her account here and she asked me to pass the word down the line. Tks. >^..^< Mits
  6. WMAnon Member

    Re: Operation: Interview Anonymous

    The reason I specified local media is because they love being able to trot out a member of the local community involved in a national scale story. It's a tiny little victory over CNN and the other big names. That said, I don't believe that everyone who pitches an interview will get one, but no one will get on air if we don't try. The best times to volunteer are the early morning shows, which are always hurting for content.
  7. googoomuck Member

    Re: Operation: Interview Anonymous

    Email your local TV stations youtubes of your local protest and ask them to cover the next one.
  8. Re: Operation: Interview Anonymous

    I can possibly get a line for coverage in LA on April 12. Once the LAers decide what we are doing... Pretty easy for me to *try* and request that news truck come out and cover us...

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