Operation: Happy Shopper & Email Campaign

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by ScudMuffin, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. ScudMuffin Member

    Operation: Happy Shopper & Email Campaign

    The Citizens Commision On Human Rights, a front for the Church of Scientology, is planning a series of "exhibitions" around the UK. It has been noticed by anon members in Birmingham UK that the next one is due in Queen's Square Shopping Centre, West Bromwich Monday 31st March until Thursday 17th April 2008, with more to follow.

    There are two planned pickets for this event, the first being Monday 31st March and the second being Saturday the 5th of April, both 11:30am - 3pm.

    We also have an e/snail mail campaign going with the following template:

    Contacts are:

    Management Suite
    Queens Square Shopping Centre
    West Bromwich
    West Midlands
    B70 7NJ
    0121 553 4694


    Future Exhibitions are planned for the following:

    May: Edinburgh, Scotland
    June and July: Sunderland, England
    August: London, England
    September: 4 Brighton, England, at the 40th Anniversary Conference of the British Sociology Group
    October and November: Plymouth, England

    Check the following to find the venues so you can mail and picket:

    Also remember to contact your local/regional papers, the more coverage the louder the voice.

    We Are Anonymous. We Are Legion. Expect Us.
  2. ScudMuffin Member


    31/Micro Raid Success!

    Flyers handed out: 160 approx.
    Signs: 3

    EPIC Moments:

    Muslim lady: You look like me.
    Me: *Grins, hands over leaflet*

    Mastermind flanking tactic.

    High fives after tactic.

    Bombing out the leaflets during the end of the day traffic.

    Scientist man, mine of information.

    PC: Fair, just, wanted to know what we had to say and let us get on.

    Our photo shoot for Amature Terrorist Hunks, thanks sci's biggrin.gif

    Grinning at the camera.

    Camera Man Grinning.

    2IC Sci smiling.

    Chief Sci looking rather annoyed.

    Walking to the meet.

    Double sided signs.



    Express and Star.

    People taking note and saying hi.


  3. anonyme Member

    Re: Operation: Happy Shopper & Email Campaign

    CCHR were planning to visit the Sociology conference at Sussex University-
    the organisers will be contacting them to let them know that they are not welcome.

    "Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention. I have had no correspondence from CCHR and recent emails from yourself and another concerned member have been the first communications I have received regarding their aparent desire to attend the MedSoc Conference.
    Since hearing about this, I have contacted the co-convenors of the group to get their thoughts and opinions. We do not wish the CCHR and Scientology to be associated with the BSA Medical Sociology Group and I will be contacting the CCHR requesting that they remove the BSA MedSoc conference from their website immediately.
    Once again thank you for bringing this to my attention, and I assure you that the BSA Medical Sociology Group have not allowed the CCHR to exhibit at the conference and do not wish to be associated with the CCHR or Scientology. "

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  4. Ten Tigers Member

    Re: Operation: Happy Shopper & Email Campaign


    Much delicious :cake: to you!!! :cheers:
  5. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: Operation: Happy Shopper & Email Campaign

    Well done Sussex!

    Edinburgh is their next stop, they're still in West Brom till the 17th.

    Hopefully we've informed enough people to keep them away from the Hotel California.

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