Operation GTFO

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by anon5754, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. anon5754 Member

    Operation GTFO

    During previous raids, and at the start of this one, it has been /i/nsurgency policy to get people off the planning sites and IRC and going and doing something for the cause. It makes no sense to have soldiers sat in the base doing nothing.

    Not every moment, but a lot of time is wasted here reading threads and partaking in drama which does not directly help the cause. I think we need to promote this, people can surf all day here when they could be out doing some legwork. They (including me) just need direction.

    This policy shouldn't be underestimated, it was responsible for the original Digg and media blitz, and the huge recruitment drives across the imageboards and elsewhere.

    So ITT I propose we collect a list of activities for people to do, get them off their arses and out doing things. When we've got an active list of things to do, it should be put up as an announcement or something so everyone sees it.
  2. iamxenu123 Member

    Re: Operation GTFO

    good idea. I spend entirely too much time here instead of doing IRL stuff.. we need to move more recruitment into IRL.. organize events in your local communities and use them to raise awareness, go on flyer raids, etc..
  3. saerat Member

    Re: Operation GTFO

    Yeah... what ever happened to operation online rescue or the big list of things to do aswell?
  4. Re: Operation GTFO

    I took part in a form of Online Rescue (the Myspace version). I messaged slightly over 100 Scientologists on Myspace, and plan to message hundreds more. I am also posting the responses of those that have responded (very few).

    Here's the link to mine:

    And here's the link to the original:
  5. SamuelAdams Member

    Re: Operation GTFO

    There used to be a stickied thread on what people can do (mini projects). It was great for new people & those looking for something to jump in on.

    It probably got unstickied after the forum conversion due to dead links. We should find it & recreate a new one with good links.

    (No luck for me finding it so far).
  6. UnknownEntity Member

    Re: Operation GTFO

    Yeah, we really need that operations-list back. Or what about a subforum for operations perhaps?
  7. Re: Operation GTFO

    A crazy idea I had was to use a bug list to record jobs. Like they use in the open source software movement. Those guys know their decentralization of tasks. How it works:

    1) User thinks of a task. Could be to recruit at X. Put youfoundthecards in library Y. Email news organization Z with protest info. Research W and present findings.

    2) User creates a ticket.

    3) Person with time accepts ticket. Does job.

    Have a look at track:

    Of course, one person one job works for software. We'd have to divide tickets into single person jobs and jobs that require many users, like digging things. You even get a free wiki (though it's inferior to media-wiki).

    In any case, your point is valid. "Get out there and do something" may well be a missing meam. Lets add it to the set we have, such as: "adapt", "be anonymous", "protest peacefully" etc.

    Now if you excuse me, there's some pro-operation reconnect pictures I've been meaning to make...
  8. BanjoAnon Member

    Re: Operation GTFO

    operations like this could very well secure the longevity of anonymous not only on the intertubes but on the streets.
  9. ptsAnnon Member

    Re: Operation GTFO

    I like it, worth giving a trial any way?
  10. anon5754 Member

    Re: Operation GTFO

    Definitely, the open source movement have got task management and delegation working efficiently in an almost anonymous environment (as in, people are recognised only by an alias and respected purely by the quality of their work).
    I remember reporting a couple of bugs back in Firefox 1, and got emails over the next year or so while different random people kicked them around, tested, supplied patches, and eventually closed them off. It's wonderful seeing people work together towards a shared goal without knowing or otherwise communicating with each other.

    Another job for the task list: we need lists of email addresses for psychology professors, so that they can be contacted and hopefully recruit their expertise for debunking Scientology propaganda and spreading the word-

    This is the perfect distributed task for anons- useful work that can be done by lazy anons without leaving the comfort of their chairs.
  11. Re: Operation GTFO

    I've created a little proof of concept sandbox for anonymous to play with with a few initial tickets and milestones as examples:

    And you sign up for an account here:

    Anonymous who own tin foil hats should bare in mind that I know nothing of assembla and cannot vouch for them. I've done all my interaction though tor and throwaway emails. Probably overkill, but best to be safe.

    There is no way that I have time to set this up for real, and this situation will not change for the next few months, so if another anon likes this idea, they should not hesitate to steal it.
  12. twelve Member

    Re: Operation GTFO

    I miss this badly, myself.

    Trac sandbox looks promising, though.
  13. Re: Operation GTFO

    I have an idea. If people need something to do, how about a podcast or Skypecast? You could do them daily/weekly/whatever. It could help get the word out to anybody who finds them interesting and could potentially help us communicate better with Scientologists, in, out, or trying to get out, or even people trying to get in touch with disconnected relatives/etc.
  14. Re: Operation GTFO

    This idea is awesome. It wouldn't work for everything, but it's got real potential. It's essential IMO opinion that we make structural changes to our online environment (sorry for the wanky phrase :-( ). If we fail to, we won't necessarily become just a talking shop, but our centre of gravity will be different because of the natural constraints of bulletin boards. They are designed for talking, therefore we...

    The main difficulty that I keep coming up against in my mind, is that because Co$ is such a pro-active opponent, they're involvement has to be factored in to everything. This removes quite a few possibilities that would otherwise complement our aims perfectly,
  15. gregg Member

    Re: Operation GTFO

    Flyering. Go out and educate the public. Boston Anons hit Anime Boston last weekend. We gave out just over 3500 flyers and we ran out of business cards (we brought a box of 3000.)

    Thats 6500+ items and MANY conversations. This coming weekend we are going to go back to a bunch of colleges.
    Thats our page for it so far. 15 people signed up. We all bring flyers, we make stops at staples or kinkos to get copies when we start running low everyone helps each other and we have a great time.
  16. Re: Operation GTFO

    We have a wiki? Is that stickered somewhere? because if it isn't it should be. And it's probably worth linking to from the main site as well. Wiki's can also contain task lists.

    I'm afraid flyering isn't an option for me, as my free time is coming in units of hours at a time due to final exams happening soon. But the odd hour here and there isn't going to hurt.

    Anyway, I'll look for missing things and add them...
  17. Re: Operation GTFO

    Figure out what needs to be done. From my experience with our own and from gathering information at others, here's some things every group should probably have:

    1) Police liason. Someone who will speak for the group to the police. Older and well-spoken is probably best. Remember, especially when up against a criminal organization the police are our friends. This person should be in contact with police at least a week beforehand, and should make sure to clear up ahead of time where protesters can and cannot be, what things are and aren't allowed (make sure to check legality of masks, music, giveaways, fliers, etc.) If your police liason can get in touch with local businesses in the area of the protest, too, so much the better. Let them know what you're doing and WORK WITH THEM to assure you're not scaring people or blocking doors. Find out policies on entering the store with a mask or not, etc.

    2) Sign volunteer. People should make their own signs but not everyone will. At least one, and probably more people if your group is 40+ people, should volunteer to make signs for anons who show up not "armed" with information. These volunteers need to make signs that stay on message, are clearly printed, are large, and MAKE SENSE to people unfamiliar with the lingo of anons and Scilons. (If you want memes, I'm a fan of putting them on the back so protesters can decide on their own which one they want to represent: srs bsns or lulz)

    3) Flier printer/handout compiler: Someone with access to a copy machine (provided their work has very liberal policies about using it) is useful here to copy lots of fliers. Or just someone willing to make the trip to the local copy shop. College students often get discounts. Copy more than you need because you'll be giving stacks to other anons to hand out.

    4) Pre-game flier runs. Some people need to volunteer to flier an area and put youfoundthecards in important areas. Areas around the site of the protest are important, but also cover college campuses if they're nearby and other places where potential members might be.

    5) Carpool duty. Fewer cars means fewer people they can tail, more chances to get out unnoticed, and it's good for the environment and our wallets.

    There are other opportunities for volunteers, but these ones are very important. In your individual community threads, bring up these and others. Make sure they're covered! This oughtta give you something to do before game-day.
  18. Re: Operation GTFO

    NOTE: CONTACT YOUR USED BOOKSTORES. Ask them to accept dianetics/L.Ron stuff from BRIDGE PUBLICATIONS. (especially if in print) as tradeins.. (they usually wont) and that you will buy them cheap/at cost if they are willing to do so. (One store is giving them to me for free.)

    RESELL/LIST them ONLINE for resale as used books at cost of 0.01 cents (just shipping) ----put anti-scientology literature with each book shipped. Stamp some pages with XenuTV website.

    (Note: For special treat... when obvious orgs/missions try to rebuy books, ship them COD, NEXT DAY AIR.)

    (Note: This is a LONG term project with a big tail on it... overall it should help reduce their income level from publishing house if we can keep everything for sale on the net at for one penny.. who is gonna buy a book on amazon for 20 bucks if they can get it for one cent elsewhere. (but be sure to put the literature in them for any that DO buy..) This needs to be done with a cut-out btw.. to protect identity... make a site as a bookstore..-w- associated g-mail etc. and be careful with shipping so as to release as little info as possible... you may end up losing on the shipping end from time to time... ) But even having the books available for 0.01 cent reduces sales, even if product is not sent... (this can lose you your site status though if using ebay or something)

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