Operation GRINstead: IAS 27th Anniversary Raid (UK)

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Anonymous, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. HOORAY!! The More the Merrier
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Oh the joy.
  3. Axiom142 Member

    Dennis Clarke had a psychotic break and is no longer welcome at cult events (allegedly) and Ann Roberts died in April 2007.

    Apart from that it sounds very plausible.

    Do you know Nicole and Ginger personally? I got very adept at avoiding them at t’Hill.

  4. Anonymous Member

    true, Ax, I'm aware of their sad stories - horrendous exploitation.
    Nicole and Ginger were/are the bain of any scio's life. What about the wee french guy that used to help them - Johanne, or something? I remember first meeting Nicole in the late 90's when she was working more with Suzanne than Ginger. Nicole laughed a lot and always seemed very dynamic. She certainly wasn't like that around the time I was falling off lines.

    Mike Knott actually helped me dodge right by them one time - of course he was looking after his own stats. But Mike kept a look out so I could leave the reception area at the Hill once their backs were turned.
  5. I enjoy your hypotheses.
  6. jensting Member

    See you there (whoever you are) :)

    Best Regards

  7. Anyone bringing a trollcube for saturday?
  8. Anonymous Member

    Or a troll from the OSA trying to do the same thing.
  9. like.
  10. If there are bagpipes I expect AB101 and EC to be chained to something and left to endure untill their brain pan becomes a deliciously aromatic fondu.
  11. I'll have a megaphone for anyone who needs it. Also flyers, lots and lots of flyers. Oh, and a hat. Not to mention a mask. And a shirt. And a jumper. And trousers. And underwear. And socks (technically underwear). And shoes (trainers). And a camera. And an Ipod. And a phone. And a bag. And a drink. Maybe an apple. And a wallet. And directions. And your mother/much-loved-pet (whoever reads this first). And a faggot (meh). See y'all tomorrow! I know you love me x.
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  12. What if I like bagpipes? (Obviously I don't because I'm normal not a freak not Scottish) If my brain pan does turn to fondu, then I would at least hope you'll enjoy me as nom noms. (nom nom nom noms)
  13. All my protest gear packed, See you all tommorow!!
  14. Expect us?
  15. Yep.
  16. Terril Member

    Ax has some video and photo's to download. One of some asshole stealing his new camera. Another told the asshole to give it back which was done.

    Tony did a magnificent job of almost continual megaphone comments. Not quite the same message as mine but for sheer stamina is to be applauded. Notably a continuous commentry on how people must take in bags of cash, checkbooks and all credit cards, for li'l ole Davy who only has a 9 hole private golf course!
    I think that will ring some bells!

    I had my two picket signs:-
    " google
    TECH outside COS"
    and :-
    " google

    As they had made it difficult to have a place to stand opposite the main entrance I placed one sign with its sturdy post in the chips and soil directly
    opposite the main car park entrance.

    A little while afterwards I decided to go to a further entrance to see if coaches had arrived that we didn't know about. So I was there mostly alone with one of my picket signs. The " traffic controller" refused to talk.

    All traffic both ways saw my picket sign as I turned it to face traffic from whatever direction.
    I like to study and refine better ways to do things. So after a while I smiled and waved at all vehicles arriving. In almost all cases at least one person smiled and waved back. And note they were usually stationary for a few moments as they
    were turning off the main road. So they read my sign. :)

    I expect many will later look up " Freezone Tech". :) If they don't find it in the tech Dict. where will they look?

    With regard to numbers, up to 6.15 approx 1000 had arrived, including 3 coaches from Italy.
    The event starts at 7pm I gather. Best I can tell numbers will be way down this year.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Troll those clams hard, faggots. It works.
  18. QFT!!! <3 IT!!!
  19. I'll be leaving for EG in the next half an hour, see y'all at the war memorial
  20. See ya there
  21. See you guys at 12! Megaphone- Check, Placard-Check, Flag-Check, V mask-check, Sunglasses-Check, Another Mask-Check. LETS DO IT!
  22. What would Eric Cartman do?
  23. Anonymous Member

    So is that little dwarf freak Miscavige expected to attend??

    Citizen's arrest time??

    It would be lulzy to have the pint sized prick actually having the balls to confront folk that are destroying his organization.

    But of course the diminutive coward will never be that brave. Hiding behind lawyers is more his style.
  24. Apart from go on a spamming spree of "Like", you mean
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  25. How is everyone? Is Jens ok? Sorry to go so soon.
  26. Jens is fine, cheers.

    I know we give you a lot of shit for your overenthusiatic spamfaggotry, but you get credit for coming along today.
  27. no problem, any chance of setting up a london raid for november?
  28. Anonymous Member

  29. Anonymous Member

    Raids are monthly, you don't need to ask...
  30. yo sorry for not coming down i was at Occupy the London Stock Exchange and it was shit il come down to the next one tho, when isit?
  31. Anonymous Member

  32. novu Member

    please stop shouting
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