Operation GRINstead: IAS 27th Anniversary Raid (UK)

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Anonymous, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. I'm confused?
    Now I'm also worried?
  2. afternon Member

    I wont elaborate...just avoid trap if she approaches you with tweezers!
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  3. oo. Does this mean bagpipes? Sorry, to keep me away you'd have to play


    or even

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  4. I just found out that I may not be able to attend. Apparently buying £5 Vodafone credit with my card (like I do every fucking month!) is unusual activity. The only logical step was for my bank to freeze all the money I had in my bank account. I rang them up but as I can't remember what my security question was they have to keep it frozen for 1-2 weeks! So if it's not unfrozen by the raid you'll have to go without me. I know how sad you'll all be if I don't show up, but just remember that I love you anywayz.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Hmmm, bearing in mind the police will be in force and this could be seen as derogatory/ offensive ( as opposed to ironic) I'm guess it's lack of subtlety would get you a warning (at best)!

    I like to say stuff like "Xenu loves you", and "save the body thetans"- not hate speech, nor offensive to the public!
    Informing the IAS that OT4, 5, 6, 7 and some of 8 is just more body thetans could be effective.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Probably more loud recorded bagpipe music- it really impressed the police who had to stand near the speakers last time!
    Can anyone play Hubbard singing "thankyou for listening"..or will this be a copyright (and bad taste) issue?!
  7. Thankyou, lol. Tracks im downloading to play: Rick Astley- Never Gonna Give you up, LRHs OT3 speech, possibly trolololol?
  8. jensting Member

    I had this crazy idea of having big signs saying "New this year! No regging!!" and instead of the usual "prepare to have your wallets emptied" shouting go with "This year! No donations needed!!" "They will not ask you for your money!!"

    Like I said, crazy.

    Best regards

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  9. Just download the lulz corruption of lol albums and be done with it
    Also, trolololol is gayer than Gentlemen in a rainbow mankini
  10. I have nothing left to say.
  11. GOOD.
  12. I was lying >:]
  13. Anybody, know what time saturday raid ends??
  14. greebly Member

    Incase you get lost here is a nice video showing 1 route there.
  15. jensting Member

    T H A N K Y O U ! ! !

    Best Regards

  16. Anonymous Member

  17. Are you sure??
  18. Are you sure??
  19. Yeah, I'm pretty sure i won't be able to make it, my banks being a dick. So I'll see you all on November (5th?), expect me.
  20. How many people are going? and WHen the hell does it end??
  21. Never, it never ends.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Dear Scientologist,
    In a few days we will be celebrating the 27th Anniversary of the IAS and as a reminder it is also the 10th Anniversary of the Wake-Up Call from September 11th, 2001. I wanted to brief you personally on the importance to our futures, yours and all of your dynamics that this IAS event represents. The IAS is here to guarantee the future of Scientology for all time to come. All dynamics are interdependent and as we know, no one goes free alone.
    As Chairman of the Board said last year:
    "So yes, it’s time to step back and take an Oh My God look at what we possess and what we can do. Because, yes, we are engaged in an epic drama wherein, sooner or later, everyone is asked to step on stage and play a heroic part . . . . . Until, who knows if somewhere, ages and ages hence, people won’t look back on these days and say what was said about heroes of old – namely: They must have been giants!"
    We live in a society where many thousands have been adversely harmed and with loved ones in the worst cases made into pliable zombies incapable of independent thought, incapable of creating, incapable of living and only capable of destroying the lives of people around them, and it’s often done with terrible violence. They are the product of a psychiatric culture that has been carefully put into place for decades.
    Because of the IAS, we have exposed their charade, their criminality and their evil. This year we will release our most potent weapon yet, the card that will be pulled to bring down the entire house of cards and get rid of psychiatric abuses once and for all. This is our most lethal weapon yet - which makes this event truly epic on all of our tracks.
    This is an event you will want to ensure all of your loved ones attend, anyone you care about whether they are a Scientologist or not. I look forward to hearing from you, don’t hold back on bringing people with you and if there is any help you need in making your arrangements please let me know. Having all of our freedom fighters with us here allows us to work miracles that in the final analysis will be the actions that made the difference.
    To remind you the event times are:
    Main event Friday 14 October at 6:30pm
    Seminar Saturday 15 October 10:00 am – 1:00pm
    Patron Ball Saturday 15 October 6:30pm
    Charity Concert Sunday 16 October 6:00pm
    Look forward to hearing from and seeing you at the event.
    Kindest regards,
    Graeme Wilson
    Public Affairs Director UK
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Dear Graham

    Thanks for the invite. Expect us.

    Kindest regards
  24. grebe Member

    Wait, what?

    Can this text be confirmed somehow? Scan of a print source? Email headers?
  25. Anonymous Member

    Good to hear Annie
    There are still some tickets left. Discounts are in place if you book a table. We are especially considerate of our parishioners this year and have reduced the tickets to £350 per plate.

    I believe Nicole and Ginger have all your credit card details and, to save you time, have gone ahead and booked you in for a table so you can be with friends, and be surrounded by OTs and freedom medal winners, such as Dennis Clarke and Ann Roberts.

    You lucky bastard
    Grrraeme Wilson
  26. Anonymous Member

    Hi Grebe - I could screen grab an image of the email but it wouldn't be any more reliable than me just assuring you I cut and pasted this without alteration. I'm sure others will confirm.

    It was regular email distribution - not by an ezine app whereby I could give you a link to go check out online (like Mail Chimp etc do).

    I'm sure the deadly weapon is going to be a series of magazine 'psych' exposes that will need £10m raised to produce and distribute.
  27. Anonymous Member

    we are not we
  29. Anonymous Member

    To the best of my knowledge, yes. That derail was confusing but has been moved out of TT.
  30. NCSP Member

    So someone named "mjm" posted this at Ortega's blog today:

    Is there any basis to this rumor? Has anyone else heard this? I can't find any corroboration at all. If it's a seekrit, then don't say anything or delete this or whatever. But should we be preparing popcorn?
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  31. Apparently im baaned from interaction with London Anons.
  32. So It is still on.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Yes you are. You have caused enough trouble for us all with your mad ideas. Now STFU & GTFO.
  34. Yes, of course this is still on. Only a pathological retard would have suggested otherwise.

    Sounds like missed some pretty epic faggotry ITT though

    I very much doubt that OLSE will make the trip down; Anyone from them who wants to join us in protesting the cult is welcome to do so, but there's no point pushing the Occupy message around there, and IRL derails will be met with advice to GTFO.
  35. Mel Gibson has become a Scientologist and will be narrating the new "Shatter Psychs" course (cheap at $5,000).
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  36. Anonymous Member

    You can enjoy your enjoy your circlejerk with Hartley, batman. I'm off to London.
  37. My banks finally stopped being retarded just in time! See you all Caturday!

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