Operation Grinstead - IAS 27th Anniversary Raid, St.Hill. Post Game

Discussion in 'Europe' started by Sponge, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. London Raid or Manchester Raid?
  2. Bonebreaker Member

    I like his eyes
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  3. I like yours...

  4. LocalSP Member

    passive aggressive much?
  5. I'll show you passive aggressive.
  6. Chipshotz Member

    Be careful. This cult reeks of desperation.
  7. FIFY.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Wow, crazy reports but well done to those who attended.


  9. Axiom142 Member

    Here is a short write-up of the IAS protest on the 14th of October from my perspective.

    When I arrived, there were a number of the Old Guard in attendance by the main entrance of St Hill. Although there was still 3 hours until the event kicked off, there was already a lot of activity with vehicles going in and out of the gates and also Scientologists arriving on foot.

    The weather was terrific which made things a bit more enjoyable, but in any case we had a pretty good time. The police were in attendance (4 officers + 2 vehicles including a CCV camera van) and were very relaxed. They could see that we not going to cause any trouble so didn’t need to lay down the law. I got to speak to one of the officers at length about why I was protesting, some of the abuses that I had seen and the true nature of the ‘church’. I could see from his reaction that I really got through to him.

    Apart from my camera grab and a couple of exchanges with the odd staff member (clearly all staff and public had been told to try and ignore us), not a lot happened. Well, apart from one amusing incident.

    As we were leaving, I noticed a shadowy figure hiding behind a tree. So, I jumped out of my motor and ran after them. He was moving pretty quickly, but hadn’t noticed me, so I was able to catch him up. The guy, who I hereby christen ‘Covert Camera Guy’ was dressed in dark clothing and carryied a video camera. Evidently he had been following us as we left in order to take some covert footage. Rather strange behaviour as we are all well known to the cult and had been standing in full view of the assembled masses for several hours. What does secret video taping achieve?

    Anyway, when I announced my presence to a now startled CCG, he pulled his hood over his face and attempted to hide behind a tree at the side of the road. After a few seconds he realised that there was no hiding and headed for the sanctuary of the cult’s car park, while attempting to train his camera on me.

    Due to the worsening light and the speed that I was running at whilst trying to film, the quality isn’t very good, so I’ve posted some stills instead of the whole thing.

    Without counting all the vehicles, it seemed to me that there were fewer people arriving than when I last went to the actual event in 2007, so I wonder if they had to hire more extras to pad the audience out?

    I’ll post more video as I get round to editing them, but in the meantime here are some new photos.

    I’ve posted some screenshots of the video where my camera was grabbed and if anyone could ID the guy in the sunglasses that would be great. I’m guessing that he is American (from his accent) and it is quite possible that he has already been sent away in order to avoid any awkward questions from the police.

    The complete set of photos can be viewed here:

    A selection:

    Camera Grab Guy





    Covert Camera Guy







    Selected other photos








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  10. Sterling work, folks.

    Be careful out there. Violent cult is violent.

    ^ He's my favourite. Not very good at hiding, is he?
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  11. When eventually the cult goes down a great deal of pretty nice real estate is going to come back on the market.

    Well done on the raid OG. Creepy cult is creepy...and funny.

    Ax: ya did good with Mr. Grabby.
  12. Random guy Member

    Man, I wish I were a Britfag and could raid with you guys!
  13. Anonymous Member

    join a cult.. hide in a bush

    great work you guise
    the camera grab guy looks very well dressed?
    any close ups of what his "id" around his neck said?
  14. He's using OT Concealment Tech. It always works (except when there are Suppressives around, restimulating an engram of being discovered)
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  15. Axiom142 Member

    Very well dressed for someone with no sense of style perhaps, like someone trapped in a cult that is stuck in the 1950s.

    Unfortunately the badge isn’t shown very clearly on the video. But, I did get a good look at it at the time and it was something along the lines of ‘IAS Security 2011’. Clearly he wasn’t being employed by a ‘proper’ security firm (although there were a lot of those around) and is almost certainly Scilon staff.

    The first guy had his badge turned away. Does anyone know what the regulations (if any) are wrt security guards and badges?

  16. Anonymous Member

    Cult of cowards. Business as usual for Hubbard's "hide!!" heroes.
  17. afternon Member

    AFAIK- badges have to be on display- showing name and registered security number- pro security have the badges attached to their arms and on display.
  18. afternon Member

    Also- you may want to carry this!

    The camera grab was a clear assault and you were fully entitled to use reasonable force to defend yourself- especially as there were two of the nasty clams behaving in an aggressive manor (and illegally for licensed security)- I also suggest sending photo and video to the SIA licence authority to check if these bozos are registered. If they are- their licence could be revoked, if they are not- they were illegal security.
  19. East Grinstead will never be our own little Clearwater. We aint takin dat shiht!
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  20. They'll never clear the planet if they can't clear a small Sussex town...
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  21. Anonymous Member

    They can't even clear a car park.
  22. This seems somehow relevant:
  23. Oh yeah and not forgetting the OSA envelope drive by failure. lol "Successful" OSA is not successful OSA.
  24. KFKFK.png?1318907241.png
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Parking lot, not car park.
  26. I'm just working with the information I got. Please choose a particularly hurtful and personal insult as I cannot come up with one myself.
  27. Anonymous Member

    LOL, I'm kidding... look, it's the new IAS poster!!

  28. This could be a trap, and not the sexy kind.
  29. Anonymous Member

    say what now?
  30. Horus Member

    Are you sure that he's allowed to use that? I don't know about UK law, but I'm pretty sure that in the rest of Europe that's illegal. Spraying him in the face with (what essentially is) paint also seems like excessive use of force...
  31. Sounds legal enough, so long as you don't misuse it (implied mwa ha ha!) and preferably only use it on assaulting scilons if someone got it on video.
  32. Horus Member

    Ah, well if it's misuse we're talking about I think I'll use this one to protect myself: ;) power-786243.jpg

    Hmmm, on a more serious note. If they are sec officers they could still claim that you were the one assaulting them (and that's why they have paint in their face... or something)... especially if you're alone... :S
  33. grebe Member

    ^Nice. Could use a little more space between the letters.

    The Freezone fags should lrn2bold if they want to be read from more than a few feet. However I hope they ignore my advice as I can't stand their anti-medicine anti-science delusion-reinforcing "tech."
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  34. Better than the "official" anti-medicine anti-science delusion-reinforcing tech.

    Think of it this way:

  35. grebe Member

    I agree that the New Age pro-magic powers subculture outside the CoS is the lesser of two evils. Baby steps.

    If David Love wins his case against Narconon in Canada, I will feel less anxious about the rise of Scientology related quackery within our hospitals and medical schools. Right now that anxiety causes me to turn an evil eye upon the Scientologists both in and out of the church.
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  36. Malory Member

    That's like saying a turd from a man is preferable to a turd from a woman. Shit's still shit.
  37. I DISAGREE (GNAAAAAH)! It's like saying a turd that takes some of your money is preferable to a turd that steals all your money, owns child-labourors (or slaves as they're known to most), lies to everyone and kills people. I know which turd I'd prefer to have sitting down the road. Like grebe said:
    Oh, and also...

    Mod Edit: Come on, now, don't make me nuke the hot girl on girl action. Keep it in the dome, please.
  38. afternon Member

    It's legal and in other parts of Europe- pepper spray is legal to carry.
    Using it in self defence is OK- in other words- you feared for your safety and the person you sprayed was clearly about to attack you or already had and is about to again. Sure, this would then be investigated by the police- which is why you always, always have at least one camera on the clams when raiding.

    It would mean that the camera grab man could be easily identified for a week- making leaving the country to avoid an assault charge very difficult...the fact that his coat got all dyed red, boo hoo!
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  39. Awww... raeped :(
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