Operation: Fair Game

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by anonecrosis666, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. Operation: Cool Whip!

    Cool Whip goes with everything. Discuss.
  2. Incognitoast Member

    Re: Operation: Fair Game

    EDIT: I suck.

    But apart from that had time to re-read. Was busy with work and skipped so appologise.

    As long as this is all done legally and not done to harress anyone specifically then I have no problems and even encourage it. This is a war of attriction and knowalge. The more we know the better it will be.
  3. anonypuffs Member

    Re: Operation: Fair Game

  4. anonopotamous Member

    Re: Operation: Fair Game

    I say we keep getting the PI's namefagged by the police instead. More PI's namefagged = more authorities get pissed at the cult = more people catch on.
  5. Delta Member

    Re: Operation: Fair Game

    Operation: Fair Game sounds like a good protest name, but otherwise

    goes in all fields. I'd rather not have people comparing Anonymous' tactics to those of the cult.
  6. Re: Operation: Fair Game

    No. I refuse to act the same way as a cult.
  7. ptsAnnon Member

    Re: Operation: Fair Game

    If "Operation: Fair Game" == "Operation: Expose Fair Game" then I'm all for it, otherwise I'm with Hubbard-Telescope
  8. Legione Member

    Re: Operation: Fair Game

    Remember, we dont hate the scientologists, we want to help them.

    Were never going to give them up, were never going to let them down. Well never run around and desert them. Never going to make them cry never going to say goodbye.

    Lets keep things nice. One thing i said to a friend who is a lower level scientologist was rather simple:

    "I love you, and dont want you to get hurt. I understand if you dont believe me now, but if you keep up in scientology, you will hear about Xenu, the volcanoes, everything. On that day, i want you to call me"

    If we keep up our kind words and peaceful protests, the scientologists who start to doubt or want to leave will come to us. We got Magoo with kind words, lets keep it up.
  9. Manumission Member

    Re: Operation: Fair Game

    I concur.
  10. Anon32167 Member

    Re: Operation: Fair Game

    heh, NICE. Just hope that they don't run that in their auditing session and "release" it from their reactive mind.
  11. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Operation: Fair Game

    - Expose their corporation offices
    - Expose their front organisations
    - Expose their funding from government
    - Expose their crimes.
    - Identify the PIlons

    We're not here to expose their people, that's way, way too creepy.
  12. MollyBloom Member

    Re: Operation: Fair Game


    wise Anon is wise.

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