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Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by Etain, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Etain Member

    I have created a separate gmail account and am ready and poised to create an account devoted exclusively to projects such as the 'Chanology' manga. Mainly I just need permission to post it there once the page is set up and ready to go. Plus I need to know if people would be willing to contribute any written or visual art to the page once it's up and running.

    I know there are those among you who think of deviantArt as 'faggotry'. But let me point out;

    HUGE art community.

    Lots and LOTS of genuinely talented artists.

    Great way to inform people.

    Plus... think of all the awesome fanart for the manga that could be generated! To say nothing of setting the record strait on how Scientology 'works' for those who are still clueless and introducing new people to it.

    Show of hands! Opinions and suggestions would be good.

    Here's the new account!

    I've uploaded the first six pages of the Chanology manga. I'll post the rest up a few pages at a time. Right now, I'm looking for submissions; art, poetry, humor... whatever those magnificent brains of your can come up with. Just post them here and I'll put them up on the page.

    Let's spread greater awareness through art!

    Has the print option for the first two pages. Do not want, yet can't seem to get rid of.
  2. Anonymous Member

    is this in the wrong place?
  3. Etain Member

    Well, it's an 'Active Project', so I would assume so.
  4. Etain Member

    Could I get some critique on this message to Ex-Scientologists, please? And if it's all right, can anyone with an ESMB account post this message there? Same with and other sites where ex's gather?

    'To all ex-Scientologists:

    In the entire three+ years I've been a follower of your stories and accounts of cruel treatment at the hands of Scientology, I naturally felt an overwhelming desire to help in any way I could. The only question for me was, how to do that. Protesting is not feasible, nor were many of the other usual options as I was short on many of the things it required (funds, resources, etc)

    As I was reading over the Chanology-made manga 'Disconnect', a collaborative work executed by some of our own very talented Anons, the answer came to me in the idea of an art page.

    And so I give you, 'The Chanology Papers' a deviantArt page devoted to spreading the word about Scientology through art.


    Art is a universal medium. It's something everybody likes, understand and can relate to. It makes us think and feel. And it is an ideal method of spreading the word about Scientology's fraud and abuse.

    I can understand how painful this is for each of you. I can't begin to imagine how much each and every one of you has suffered at the hands of so vicious an organization. And I'm honestly shocked at how few people actually know about this and how even fewer understand just how painful it was and how it remains with you, even after you've been 'out' for decades.

    I figured the next-best thing, aside from telling people to Google Scientology, is to put the subject before in a way where they are encouraged to look. Hence this art page.

    I hope there are those of you who are willing to contribute to the page. To spread the word and both show and tell people about Scientology. Be it with a picture, a photo, a poem, prose, haiku... however you want to express yourself. Those who submit are encouraged to provide a link to their story (if they have it posted) so it can be posted with their piece of art. Per request, you may remain anonymous.

    Thank you for your time.'

    Good? Needs work?

    Now, to you Anons:

    In the spirit of the following vid by the fabulous LRonHu88ard,

    'Defiant, lyrical, comic and profane'. That is the kind of art I would love to see from all of you. The kind of art I have come to expect from all you glorious bastards! And I know you can provide it. Same terms apply to you guys; you can remain anonymous (lol) or you can use another name at request.

    Make it about anything you want in the fight against Scientology. About what it's like to protest and the rush you get knowing that each and every one of us is having an effect. A picture or piece of writing... anything you want. As long as the message gets across. I want us to fill this page with artwork that tells the story of Scientology, what it does and what every one of us can do in the fight against it's abuse and fraud.

    Let's make this page a success! Let's get over 9,000 views before the year is out!

    Request to mods: can this thread be moved back to 'Active Projects'? I'm concerned not enough people will see it.

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