Operation DarkNet - war on pedophilia

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Wrong Guy, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

  2. who then?

    Where I am, the police are independent of politicians - which I assume is who you mean?

    I know that's not the case all round the world, but as I say, let's not create a conspiracy out of thin air.

    Unless you have dox? for this supposed cover-up?
  3. xenubarb Member

    It doesn't matter if you produce it, star in it, or consume it. Somewhere down that trail, a child is hurt for your amusement and entertainment. So I don't give a rats ass what you're doing, if you are perpetuating this abomination on any level, you are guilty and should have your testicles fed to you flambe.
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  4. xenubarb Member

    I've read enough about scurvy politics locally to know how it go.
    Name comes up on list
    Gets recognized and passed up to the police chief, who probably talks to the mayor, on up the food chain until they reach the level at which coverups are achieved.
    Seen it many times.
    Not saying it'd be the case here, but likely so. Best to put it out there so we can pick over it with our greedy eyes.
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  5. bluebirds Member

    DarkNet is awesome, Keep up the good work
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  6. AnonCoke Member

    Why? By being a user, you support what they're doing to the children. And if this is a "Pay-to-watch" site, you support it even more, since you give money to the people that's doing this stuff.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Why should a user of cp receive a lesser punishment that a producer or distributor? Same reason that a user of crack cocaine receives a lesser punishment than a producer or distributor. The punishment must be proportional to the crime.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Well, if we get them arrested, convicted and into prison...

    While I'm normally against the death penalty, I have to confess to giving remarkably few fucks in this case.
  9. PresidentShaw Member

    Anonymous is not a court of law

    And I believe there's something about not forgiving in there as well
  10. Anonymous Member

    Likewise, I think it's far better that he died a slow and violent death than released from prison to rape more kids.
  11. Anonymous Member

    There is no alternative to punishing criminals other than police and courts. That everyone is equal under the law is a founding principle of a civilized society, and should never be undermined. I do not want anyone deciding that they are smarter than the law whenever it suits them, and acting to punish without due process.

    What if by some accident someone accuses *you* of looking at cp, say because your neighbor hacked into your wireless network? You wouldn't want your life to be ruined. Due process is the best way to make sure that innocent people do not get punished. It's not a perfect system, there is no perfect system, but I'd rather have a jury system than having vigilantes make snap judgements on who is innocent and who is guilty. And I'd rather see 100 guilty people go free than put an innocent in jail, or put to death.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    No, I totally agree with you there.

  13. Anonymous Member

    This guy was convicted and admitted four counts of rape and 12 other sexual assaults against a schoolgirl. He was not innocent.

    And I'd rather see 100 convicted pedophiles killed violently than one child sexually assaulted.
  14. The Wrong Guy Member

    anonymouSabu The Real Sabu
    #opDarkNet will be releasing logs of actual pedophiles utilizing Lolita City's services. 190 IPs from actual users of the site. And IP map.
    5 minutes ago
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  15. The Wrong Guy Member

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  16. Anonymous Member

  17. xenubarb Member

  18. Anonymous Member

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  20. Anonymous Member

    It was a brilliant plan that took much effort and I approve of all of it but the public release of the IPs. These should have been quietly and anonymously handed to law enforcement, at least in the US, Canada, and Western Europe. Aren't there also special international police task forces to prosecute CP crimes?
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  21. Anonymous Member

    Law enforcement too slow. This was done for great justice.
  22. Matukun Member

    Lets take a sniper rifle and then make party :D Or not?
  23. James Spader Member

    Not. WWP does not allow the advocacy or planning of illegal activities.
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  24. A question:

    If an ISP is informed that CP has been downloaded at a particular IP address, does it have to take action? If so, what action?
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  25. I'm also interested in the answer. Is it nation dependent? If so, any Canadians knowledgeable on the matter?
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  26. I have only a vague recollection, but something went by several weeks ago on the News Front. It was connected to the bundles of new legislation that the Federal Government is moving forward with.

    Within those bundles, if memory serves, is something about law enforcement becoming freed from the traditional practices of obtaining warrants in order to conduct search and seizure of materials suspected of being involved with crime. This includes computers and Internet Service Providers, again, if memory serves.

    Best to search for this on Michael Geist's Blog which has very good search functions:
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  27. Thanks JBN. The other issue would be the ISP Terms of Service separate and apart from legal action or lack thereof.
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  28. James Spader Member

    I've moved dox to the Mod Forum for discussion as to whether it's appropriate to have them posted here. It's my understanding that these are easily found elsewhere on the internet.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    The legal system is not perfect, especially when it is a member of that system that commits a crime. That is not a reason for anyone to take the law into their own hands. The correct response when the legal system fails is to bring pressure to bear to correct the system.
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  30. Dragononymous Member

    In the words of the spokesman of the Dutch Public Prosecutor;
    Someone get me out of this mad-house country.
    The dutch police did basicly the same thing the past few months with 12 other onion sites, and now we get this shit.
  31. Absolutely. :)
    And one way to do so is to pass along pertinent information to other interested parties who may also wish to bring pressure to bear on the system.
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  32. Hmm.

    I guess we have two potential situations here:


    - the IP address is a consumer internet connection belonging to an individual (and of course the billed individual might not be the one using the connection for CP),


    - the IP address is part of a corporate, governmental or other IP block owned or used by an organisation or company.

    In both cases the law of the country concerned is obviously relevant; and also:

    - in the first case (an individual) the ISP's AUP is also relevant (as is that of its upstream provider).

    - In the second case (an organisation) the upstream provider's AUP is relevant, but so are the organisation's own policies - e.g. policies on illegal activity and internet usage. I wonder whether a corporate or organisational entity might also face legal liability for allowing its network to be used in this way, even if the individual person doing the CP downloading can't be identified. There would certainly be some PR implications.

    tl;dr: Do any of the IP addresses on the list belong to organisations of any kind, as opposed to household internet connections?
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  33. The Wrong Guy Member

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  34. Anonymous Member

    Operation DarkNet is that pressure.

    The governments of the world have had ten years to sort this shit out. They have achieved almost nothing.

    Therefore those internet users with the tools to seek and destroy the pedo websites have done so, and have exposed some of its users IP details.

    In cases of severe child abuses & rape being carried out for the gratification of a tiny minority of sick bastards, there is no time to wait for incompetent government agencies.

    Any attempts to condemn Operation DarkNet by the governments of the world should be treated with the contempt and indeed the suspicion that they deserve.

    This is justice. And the pedophiles were repeatedly ordered by Anonymous to remove all child porn from the networks involved.

    They refused. So they knew to Expect Us.
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  35. xenubarb Member

    I'm sorry, turnitovertoauthorities wat?

    Ever hear of the DC Madam, Heidi Fleiss? Yeah...she was in Washington DC. She got busted. Of course they got her client list, but nobody ever heard how many congress critters and other politicians were on it. Total cover up to save the careers of those who know they'd lose 'em if it came out they were consorting with hookers.

    This is better. No hiding, no cover up. Just a lot of noise and finger pointing, hopefully resulting in a suicide or six.
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  36. Sehom Member

    Well done other anons who are the geniuses behind this a lot of people are backing us
    Thanks for restoring the honour of us
  37. AnonCoke Member

    So they ended the #Op? Hm... Kinda sad, really. I hoped they would give the IP's to the law or something. It feels so unfair that these creeps get away with what they are doing. But I guess WE can always give the IP's to the law inforcement, cant we?
  38. Anonymous Member

    I'm sorry - ended the op? What did I miss?

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