Operation Cable Art

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by Anonymous, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    All pro-wikileaks protesters should seriously consider printing up & distributing leaflets containing cables classified as secret/noforn, especially if your protest occurs by an American embassy.

    If you're lucky, embassy staff holding security clearances will be needed to pick up all the leaflets! Epic lulz!

    If you're artistically inclined, you might try painting a secret/noforn cable onto the side of a building, but obviously that's much harder than simply printing leaflets.

    Feel free to repost this idea into any threads for events in front of American embassies or consulates.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Yes.. yes.. I sense epic lulz in this one

    Question: Imagine you own a building near a U.S. embassy. Banksy stencils a secret/noforn cable on the wall. You consider Banksy's stencil a valuable work of art, but the embassy removes it without your permission. Can you sue the embassy?
  3. 9376 Member

    If they manipulate/damage YOUR property without express written consent? Damn'd right you can sue.
  4. veravendetter Member

    Risk/reward ratio. Think about it. Years ago I was a prolific stencil/sticker 'vandal', with no more goal than my graf-peen. I think when the image itself is not the main reward for you, there are many other less risky tactics which are just as effective. Jus' sayin.

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