Operation Blackball

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by anonymousemia, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. anonymousemia Member

    Operation Blackball

    I posted this in the celeb thread, but thought it might be worth dropping here for a kick-around;

    The best thing Sci has going for it is the celebs. The celebs provide legitimacy, cash flow, publicity, and desirability. We need to turn this against them.

    Why not do what we do best to combat the celeb factor? Any Cruise movies coming out, set up boycott websites. Any Travolta movies coming out? Set up boycott websites. Spread the word on every movie/pop culture site we can that we are boycotting any and every movie anchored by a Sci member. Bombard E! with faxes and phone calls. LA Anons can picket red carpet premieres. Every hit on every site draws more people to us.

    Hit them where it hurts people, the bank.

    We cause a movie or 2 to bomb on opening weekend, what happens next? Scistars stop becoming bankable, work gets harder to find, donations to the church come fewer and farther between.

    Other Hollywood types notice a trend- their peers that get into Sci suffer epic fail. They avoid Sci like the plague. Other weak minded citizens no longer see Sci as having any cache since the stars aren't pimping it anymore.
  2. John Nonymous Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    I suggest small local pickets or flier handouts in front of theaters for upcoming Tomcantfly Cruise movies / other scilon actor movies.
  3. Gisman Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    I agree with everything you're saying, but I just don't think we have enough leverage right now to fight effectively in such a manner.

    We might draw a few ticket sales away, but making a movie bomb? It's doubtful to say the least.

    Though once we get more of that coveted media attention we so crave, I support this completely.
  4. Hostile Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    if we try this, it would be the ultimate test for a group of 10 000 to effectively influence millions.

    I would suggest, a bad review.

    (but be honest about the good parts too, there's other actors in the movie.)
  5. IamaShark Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    I think this idea has been around since the beginning of PC but no one has really satrted it.

    I sugest we try it out now by boycotting the return of, "My Name Is Earl."
    They have two major scilon stars (Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee)and one or two scilon recurring characters (Giovanni Ribisi and I think there is at least one other)

    If Operation Blackball wants to be a reality later when Valkirie (or howeve its spelled) or POSSIBLY Hancock (if will has been proven to have been assimilated by the Scilonian fleet) wee need to try it on a tv show.

    So, the big question is, where do we start?
  6. John Nonymous Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    I agree that we won't be very successful in the bombing of their movies, but it would be a great way to hand out LOTS of informational fliers, pamphlets, etc on opening movie days. I mean the people would literally be coming to you, and would probably gladly want something to read while they wait in line. I mean one Anon could spread the message to couple hundred people in one day depending on the size of the local theater.

    That Valkyrie movie is supposed to be out in October or something so won't be hard to organize a local movement for that (especially since it only takes one Anon), and we'd be hitting every city in stead of main cities that have the Scientology Orgs.

    So basically what I'm saying is...

    1) Go to theater on opening day of Scilon movies (Valkyrie)
    2) Hand out Flyers Pamphlets etc.
    3) Answer questions / talk to people
    4) ?????
    5) PROFIT!!
  7. anonymousemia Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    I think we've proven quite effectively we can dominate the conversation on the internet. Boycott sites and 1000 bad reviews on 1000 different sites will keep people away. Maybe not everyone everywhere, but enough for the studios to take note.

    Remember- MI3 bombed in large part b/c of proximity to the whole couch jumping incident.

    Disagree on the TV show, it's too tough to quantify an effect. We can hit ticket sales and that shows up in the news immediately. A shite opening weekend coupled with copious shite reviews from 'viewers' around the net will keep the movie from succeeding. Besides, we're not exactly the type that sign up for Nielsen boxes, being anonymous and all.
  8. Gisman Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    Meehhh. I'm still sort of with my original opinion but I see where you're coming from. I'll shut up until some others have posted their views.

    I'm in agreement with this. It would be fantastic if we could get a group of Anon with the fans to the red carpet at the premiere. Especially if Tom Cruise decides to give us an earful.
  9. anonymousemia Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    Perhaps the optimal approach;

    1. Battle pre-release on the interwebs. Create as much ill-will towards the film as possible

    2. Rally LA anon to show up in full force to the red carpet

    3. Local rallies at opening night

    4. ???????

    5. Profit!

    Target acquired;

    Of note- on a quick google for Tom Cruise Valkyrie, no official movie site comes up. Hmmmmmm
  10. PimpXenu Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    Does anyone else notice that all the scifag celebs are washed up anyways? Kirsty Alley...? Travolta definitely. Tomcat is getting there, his last movie is considered to be a bomb by most people, it did ok at the box office, but the industry expects much more from a cruise movie, and the talk circuit reamed his cornhole about it. I think there was a pretty big negative sway from the public with all the whacky stuff he was doing with the media at the time, hopefully people will still think he's a weirdo when the "I R Kill Hitler" movie comes out and not go.

    Personally, i stopped watching his movies a LONG time ago, just like travolta's because they suck...
  11. Re: Operation Blackball

    Sadly, like I said in the main thread, it's not the big name, PR Scilons whose movies really need to be boycotted. What we need to do is out any and all movies with Scientologists in a role and boycot them.

    And since evidence overwhelmingly points to Will Smith being involved with them, he counts until he actually fully and publicly denounces any involvement. In clear, unambiguous language. He may not be a full-on Rondroid yet, but he's giving them money, which is the fuel that powers their Evil Machine.
  12. anon131 Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    What city will Valkyrie premier in? LA seems like the most likely place, but you never know. Wherever it is, people should show up in force. Not only would it ruin Tom Cruises day, but it might get us the media attention we need. XenuTV did it to John Travolta once.

    If you don't live near the premier, passing out fliers at your local theatre sounds like a great idea.
  13. avatar2008 Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    Use the force.

    George Lucas and Steven Spielberg both are recognised leaders in movie-making and command *great* respect among pioneers and have inspired millions to become, actors, special effects specialists, makeup artists, etc

    They and the people they employ should learn what the Church of Scientology has done and CoS is the sterotypical "bad guy" they portray in their movies.

    Incidentally their many companies are very vocal on the Internets. Game forums, movie forums, etc. Start a little thread on the "Off-Topic" forum perhaps? ;)

    Also, handing out flyers at "I r keel Hitler" movie will bring great publicity to the crimes of the CoS. Many movie-goers will definately be intruiged in searching the URLs on a flyer handed out by mysterious guys in Guy Falkes Masks. ;-)
  14. anon0004 Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    I think Valkyrie would be a valuable source of lulz since Tom Cruise fights as Stauffenberg in a Wehrmacht Conspiracy aganist Hitler, trying to assasinate him, and later beeing executed by firing squad.

    Think about this: a $cilon in a role where he fights the facist regime, lol wut?
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    Boycotts usually bring more attention to the film in question. How 'bout a reverse of the Snakes on a Plane hype? Go viral with a "this movie sucks the metal off man-hole covers" message in a way that leads internet users to believe the rest of the internet thinks so.
  16. anon0004 Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    viral Marketing is always an option, we should seriously consider that!
    but we need a good one;-)

    I think showin up when the film premieres with some extra theme action or hitting the red carpet would also get lots of attention

    this is mor effective than boycott, because, who sees and hears thos who do not show up to say something?
  17. ENSLAVER Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    cats with laser eyes that shoot anon logos onto the movie screen!... or just normal lasers with anon logo on movie screen (preferably tom's fat head)
  18. Arturon Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    I can just see Tom Cruise scrambling through the crowd in an attempt to use his OT powers on any Anons who are there.
  19. Masanon Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    I didn't read most of this thread, so I don't know if it's been mentioned, but:

    Bootlegs and movie leaks are likely essential to this working. If it's available to see online, that'll cut down on people going to pay for it.
  20. anon0004 Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    so we meet at last....

    I really think we should be there when he comes to the premieres alll over the world.....

    we could call it Operation Valkyrie Fail --> VF-1

    it does remind me of topgun though ...
    thats why I like the name ;-)
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    This would be my take:

    Pick a film.
    Register a plausible (but not actionable) related domain, or movie review sounding domain.
    Use Internetz Magic to make it come up when people google for the movie.
    Don't make it totally an anti-$ci site- best to pick a really crappy movie, write an honest review of it and include in it plenty of facts about $cientology.
  22. alolnymous Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    Would need a name change though. "Blackballing" was the term used during the 1950's when an actor was accused of being a Communist. I think we should steer clear of that subject.
  23. MarcabEmpress Member

  24. anon2487 Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    Bad idea is bad.

    People have been suggesting these kind of counterproductive tactics since day 1. Usually with one post I might add (not an accusation of you OP), but it shows that even the Sci's know how retarded an idea this is, much as they'd love for us to do it.

    (1) Sends the wrong message about what we take issue with.

    (2) Irritates people who're otherwise probably pretty receptive to our message.

    (3) etc.

    (5) etc.

    (6) etbloodycetera...
  25. anon2487 Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    One thing I can see us doing in this area that would be of use. Would be when any of us are browsing shleb fan sites, mag comment pages and so on, to make passing comments about how "I wonder if [Insert shleb's name here] really doesn't know about all the criminal stuff Co$ keeps getting caught for." "You know attempting to kill it's critics, burgling gov't buildings...that stuff!"

    These kind of whispering campaigns, as long as they inform people of the facts, are far far more damaging in the long run, and are one of the areas where WE CAN DIRECTLY AFFECT the employability and public perception of shlebs who choose to associate themselves with Co$. Do it in a gossipy but honest way and you will inform, educate and spread the info. Juicy gossip spreads fast...
  26. Pixelman5000 Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    I think we should rename the operation as Operation Downtraught, or downtrend as one could say... use it as a protest/picket/boycott of movie premieres, theater movie openings, and other dealings linked to those movies in which any of the actors were in scito. (scientology in short hand lol).

    Just an idea I thought I would put out there ^_^
  27. anonymous1244 Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    I agree that this is not a good use of our time for the reasons stated.
  28. anony428 Member

    Re: Operation Blackball

    this is an example of the wrong additude.

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