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Discussion in 'Projects' started by LegolasII, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. LegolasII Member

    I propose that Anonymous start Operation 1983 (Op83 for short).

    NAME: 1983 is a year prior to 1984. Nineteen Eighty-Four is a dystopian novel by George Orwell, in which people live in a totalitarian state under the rule and surveillance of Big Brother and the Party.

    So, 1983 is a allegory for the present time, when we still have democracy, but if we are not careful we could soon end up in a situation like it is in the novel 1984.

    PURPOSE OF Op83:

    To establish and promote annual International Surveillance Awareness Day (ISAD)* and International Whistleblowers’ Day (IWD)*; both are to be observed on the same day of the year (current proposal: July 30)

    (*currently proposed names)

    For discussion on naming and selecting the day of the year for ISAD and IWD, and on ways to observe them, go to the thread in Think Tank section: Anti-Surveillance Awareness Day

    Public discourse on the subject of privacy and whistleblowers DOES matter! People need to be aware that it is a requirement for democracy that people be able to communicate in private, and whistleblowers be able to contact journalists without being caught and punished for exposing government misconduct.


    Op83 volunteers would:

    - establish connections with other privacy advocacy and whistleblower support groups and coordinate activities with them in order to fulfill the purpose of Op83

    - create ISAD and IWD promotion accounts on social media and post relevant content and links there (facebook, twitter, youtube/google+, …), and/or utilize already existing accounts on these networks that belong to the members of Anonymous

    Again, this thread is to be used for operational stuff only. For discussion on naming and selecting the day of the year for ISAD and IWD, and on ways to observe them, go to the thread in Think Tank section: Anti-Surveillance Awareness Day
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Impressive. very organized and clear. I'm sure some trolls will dismiss this, don't take it to heart.
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  3. laughingsock Member

    Have you established any Facebook, twitter,or any other social media pages yet? If not may I suggest that you do. They should look TMZish at first glance,Beiber, miley, Lil Wayne. Kind of feel to ensure the most views. If only ten% of the sleeping minds click on it and say "this isn't Lil Wayne, but what the fuck! That can't be right, I'm going to look that up" That would be very helpful in spreading the message. If those ten% tell their friends what they have discovered and they tell family, well I think you get it.
  4. this operation seems very interesting and helpful... maybe try contacting the anonops twitter page to get the word out?
  5. LegolasII Member

    Thank you.

    Very good troll impersonation :)

    You mean these guys:

    I’ll try. But, if some of you know these folks or have their contact info, it would be awesome if you could send them the link to this thread. Thanks.
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  6. laughingsock Member

    That wasn't a trolling, but thats fine. I have been guilty of trolling so take it or don't.
  7. Anonymous Member

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  8. Anonymous Member

    Very interesting! Thanks! The site may be useful to the OP.

    @OP - interesting project, with a very refreshing presentation. Bravo!
  9. LegolasII Member

  10. laughingsock Member

  11. LegolasII Member

    Op1983’s twitter account (@AnonymousOp1983) is currently suspended. I don’t know why. I appealed account suspension and asked for explanation, but I’ll have to wait a few days for a reply, probably.

    Here are current screenshots of this account:


    Followers/following counters are set to zero because of suspension. Last time I checked there were 4 followers, and I was following around 15-20 people. Certainly not an aggressive following behavior.

    I have posted 11 tweets and retweeted 2, for a total of 13 tweets.

    Here are 11 tweets of my own. Try to find any violation of twitter rules.



  12. Anonymous Member
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  13. laughingsock Member

    Remeber when i said it should look TMZish? Yeah,, that wouldn't have gotten suspended But hey I'm just a troll. Good luck op. Really.
  14. LegolasII Member

    Twitter un-suspended @AnonymousOp1983 account, with no explanation of why it was suspended. Probably the account was flagged by trolls.
  15. LegolasII Member

    I wrote an email to Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF); a copy is below the line.

    I think that it would be really helpful if they adopted this operation as their own, because they are a respected organization in this field and have access to more resources.

    Of course, we the Anonymous could continue with our activities for this cause (in partnership with EFF, or on our own).

    Please send a copy of this email to EFF yourself (or send them a fax). If more people do the same, there is a greater chance that they will act on it.

    Here is their contact info:


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We’re writing to you in the hope that EFF will embrace the initiative that originated on WhyWeProtest forum ( ) which seeks to establish and promote annual

    - International Surveillance Awareness Day, and

    - International Whistleblowers’ Day

    that would be observed on the same day of the year. These are the currently proposed names and could be changed in the future. The exact day of the year is yet to be determined, too.

    This initiative was branded as “Operation 1983” and its tagline is “The year prior to 1984 (George Orwell’s style) is NOW!”. We hope that EFF will adopt this operation as its own, not necessarily in name, but in essence. Anonymous seek no credit by anyone who wants to pursue this cause, but would be glad to help as much as we are capable of.


    Anonymous from WhyWeProtest
  16. Anonymous Member

  17. LegolasII Member

    I had nothing to do with the proposal of 2011, so my proposal for having a Whistleblowers’ Day was fresh from the start. I don’t insist that it has to be July 30. This is only current proposal based on the fact that U.S. Senate designated July 30, 2013, as National Whistleblower Appreciation Day.

    If you think that this is too USA-centric you are welcome to propose a different date.
  18. Anonymous Member

    If you read the PDF you know that's also the exact reason the 2011 proposal picked that date, so your proposal was in fact stale from the start.
  19. LegolasII Member

    What I meant is that I came to an idea to have a Whistleblowers’ Day independently from other sources. In fact, at first I thought to have an Edward Snowden Day that would be on his birthday, but then I realized that that would be too narrow.

    The date (July 30) I picked later as I explained.
  20. LegolasII Member

    There are two upcoming events relevant to this thread; spread the word about both of them:

    - International Day of Privacy: 01 February 2014

    Or search for #IDP14 on Twitter

    - The Day We Fight Back (Against Mass Surveillance): 11 February 2014


    Official Twitter account:

    What do you think: is it good to have two similar events like these two, of would it be better if they picked one single date and collaborated together?

    This has implications on whether “Privacy Day” should be on the same date as “Whistleblowers’ Day”. Is it better to focus all of your power on one single day of the year, or to spread awareness of these issues throughout the year?
  21. X_L33t Member

    Looks like fun. Rarely use Twitter myself, but I get back on and follow that for a change.
  22. GilRenard Member

    looks and sounds awesome.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Something's not right. This Op is against mass surveillance, but still you create Twitter/FB accounts. Yeeeaah... Deal with it.
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  24. tinfoilhatter Member

    I don't know, there may be an advantage to that. If we were to flood the web with a bunch of useless information for them to shift through, that would make the whole operation too expensive, and they would have to cut it.
    It costs money to monitor everything. Lots of it, and if they are not demonstrating a return on investment, then the program will be cut eventually.

    The problem is how to flood the internet with too much useless information...
  25. Anonymous Member

    Disagree. Facebook doesn't monitor data, it stores it. Which means if NSA or other agency want some information, doesn't go through all the data (for this is just impossible to read all the shit), but it uses search engines for certain names/data/keywords. Flooding Facebook with useless info won't affect it, because it's already full of such info and looks like it manages them somehow. It's all just about the storage of data, which for a company such as Facebook is not a real cost.
  26. tinfoilhatter Member

    Maybe this is why facebook isn't growing as fast as it used to?

    Until we find a way to penalize them monetarily the program will still continue. It will not stop until we find a way to make people lose money., So we either make it too expensive for them, or we stop using stuff.
  27. Anonymous Member

    The most amazing thing ever would be convincing many people (MANY) to stop using Facebook. Not even for good, but for some amount of time, like a month. THAT would cost Facebook. Too bad it's impossible :(

    Wonder what would happen if Facebook was down 4ever, because somebody for example hacked it. I bet there'd be suicides. People are just addicted to this piece of crap.
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  28. tinfoilhatter Member

    I don't know. After employers started demanding peoples facebook account information, so that they can see who their friends were, facebook lost a LOT of popularity. Now it seems to only be visited by the clinically retarded.

    Granted i use it to keep in touch with friends from the navy. but otherwise, i don't use it. its usually just stupid ass game invites or cracked articles.

    Yet this is what the NSA is monitoring.
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  29. tinfoilhatter Member

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  30. Anonymous Member

  31. Sadly i have hopeless friends and family that are addicted to the Facebook. 1395701052430.jpg
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Everyone does. It's a sign of our times, unfortunately.
  33. laughingsock Member

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  34. MORE DAMAGE MUST BE DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but i can help :)
  35. Captchad Member

    I'm new, so I know I'm supposed to be lurking, but this op83 is a really good, really important idea. But bitching about Facebook isn't progress.

    Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, they're scum. But they're useful scum. Unless anybody knows definitive ways we can spread the word across the worls that DOESN'T involve social media, surely it makes sense to use them to get the word out?
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  36. DeathHamster Member

    What is this "Facebook" that you speak of?


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  37. Anonymous Member

    Is it right to encourage clickbait though? If so, we aren't any better than the morons that use clickbait to mislead others and gain views/followers. We're here to present the truth exactly for what it is, and individuals who aren't alarmed at the current state of privacy violations by the NSA are likely brainwashed and would click away almost instantly when the content to which they are exposed is not the content advertised. Entertainment seems to be taking precedence over education, but I'm not confident that encouraging the same warped form of advertisement most corrupt media uses is the most effective way to lead the ignorant out of the proverbial cave.
  38. This year live in now 2023 world is under big Surveillance since 2020 . Now know who after at moment . We live big Brother world this times we live in NATO V Axis Pact Russia and China George Orwell was correct prediction .
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