Open letter to Tom Cruise

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by AnyOldName, Aug 26, 2013.

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    While I could give a shite about the Celebrity Crap, I am sickened by the latest revelations of Anette Johansen in Women's Day (Australia). Tom Cruise's attitude towards women is unacceptable and since there are too many young women & girls out there still enamored with celebrities (tho, he's probably way too old for them to care about), I have written an "Open Letter to Tom Cruise". Forgive the cross-post to Tony Ortega's site - I just HAVE to say this!

    An open letter to Tom Cruise:

    Dear Tom,

    Women are not inanimate objects. You do not pick a wife the way you choose a car by selecting a color, interior appointments and mechanical specs then customizing to suit your latest whim. Nor are women slabs of clay to be molded and manipulated by you. You can’t clay demo a real woman into a wife.

    Your need to control other people, especially your wives, demonstrates your lack of self-esteem. The more controlling you become, the further your self-esteem falls. All the bravado in the world will not cover up your very obvious insecurities. Why do you think the world laughs at the leaked videos, your interview with Matt Lauer or the couch jumping on Oprah? It is because we see a fake, a clown, a pitiful man trying to be something he is not.

    Real men attract real women like a magnet because real women find greatness (“big beingness”) irresistible. For the most part, you are easy on the eyes but the great women will pass you over for a less physically attractive, but a bigger being. You see, being “pretty” isn’t enough.

    Why do these women need to be tricked into auditioning for you? How sad is that? Go ahead and pick wife #4 the same way you chose your last three wives because that worked out really well for you.

    Just think about this, do you want your daughters treated this way? Are they just slabs of meat to be chosen out of the butcher’s case? Tricked into auditioning for a husband? Then, clay demo’d into what HE wants? Leaving them with nothing of themselves.

    If you truly want happiness and to be the “big being” you want to be, you need to stop looking at a future spouse as though they are nothing more than a movie prop.

    Best of luck to you!
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Nice sentiment, pity about the glaring inaccurate phrases like "the same way you chose your last three wives"
  3. Kilia Member

    So...what's inaccurate about it?
  4. interesting.
  5. Sorry Tom you are not easy on the eyes at all.
    Man up and tell the world you really prefer doing David , he's more your style.

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