#OpCharlieHebdo - Anonymous and Charlie Hebdo (en Anglais)

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by Disambiguation, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. Look at the derail threads and see which posts were moved, and compare them with the ones that remained here. ridiculous.
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    Well said!
  3. Who are the puppeteers and who do you propose is funding those extremists?

    Freedom of speech is under attack by adherents of Islam who are utilising violence and fear of violence to stifle and censor anything they perceive to be an insult, even if it is something as minor as a cartoon drawing. Museums all over the world have all different types of potentially controversial works of art.

    If their prophet /god was so powerful, they wouldn't need to worry about a cartoon drawing.
  4. Critical thinking is healthy.
  5. moxie Member

    I don't feel censored here. I was attempting to be humourous and evidently failed.
    I have no dog in the religion race / debate.
    If anyone hopes to understand what is propelling Daesh, this article has the best analysis I have read.
    That is all.
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  6. I think that you made reference to a very insightful article.
    thank you.

    I do think that there is heavy handed censorship here.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Interesting statement in this paragraph from the Atlantic Essay:

    The Islamic State, also known as the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), follows a distinctive variety of Islam whose beliefs about the path to the Day of Judgment matter to its strategy, and can help the West know its enemy and predict its behavior. Its rise to power is less like the triumph of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt (a group whose leaders the Islamic State considers apostates) than like the realization of a dystopian alternate reality in which David Koresh or Jim Jones survived to wield absolute power over not just a few hundred people, but some 8 million.

    Bolded emphasis my own. TMB leaders are regarded as apostates! This raised my eyebrows!
  8. moxie Member

    Disclaimer: The following is entirely personal speculation :)
    I believe that statement is referring to the Brotherhood in Egypt. Maybe not. The sentence is fuzzy. The Muslim Brotherhood/Daesh combo appears to be functioning well in some ways and places and MB certainly is involved with Daesh in financial matters. I suspect that this financial funneling might be behind the world-wide stoppages of "rebuilding" Gaza funds. Daesh has been filmed participating in marches in Gaza and neither the West nor Egypt wants to see Gaza becoming a staging ground for Daesh. The reason Egypt is blowing up all those Palestinian houses is because of those recently discovered tunnels leading from under the houses and into Egypt.

    In Egypt, Sisi loudly declared war on both groups and then gave a speech in his parliament about the need to reform Islam. Talk about apostasy! His ideas met with a stunned silence from the mullahs. I watched it. Reformation of Islam is absolute heresy and he knows this. He will not be forgiven for that speech.
    MB did not establish the Islamic regime they desired in Egypt. They failed miserably in Egypt. Now, to spit in Sisis's face, Daesh is executing Egyptian Copts with Sisi quite seriously offering to exchange himself for the hostages! This makes no sense to me unless MB is involved.

    The MB was founded in 1920's Egypt and now the Egyptian MB that is not rotting in Egyptian prisons or has been executed mainly has fled to Daesh territory, Gaza, Jordan and Qatar. Most Egyptian MB members have quietly defected to the Caliph. Those that have not are deemed apostates to the Caliphate.

    It is probable that the constitution of the MB is considered heresy by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, although many of the aims of both groups are the same. The order of desired outcomes are different as are the finalized visions of the Islamic caliphate. MB is obsessed with eradicating the Jews and Israel. Daesh might even allow Jews and Christians to live temporarily with the properly Koran mandated torture and humiliation intact. Daesh seems much more concerned about first murdering improperly worshiping fellow Muslims and any post invasion remaining aboriginal people such as the Kurds and and "devil worshippers" like the Ezidi who survived the original waves of Pan-Arabism. Although the Copts and Jews are also aboriginal, they are book people and can be disposed of later as instructed by the book. The Coptic executions were a personal message to Sisi and I see this act as MB influenced. MB, in the past, hasn't demonstrated the Daesh anti-other-Muslim blood lust, either. They have been simple thugs who murder anyone who gets in the way of their power (as Sisi has) or speaks out about their atrocities. Daesh gives not one shit what anyone thinks of their actions and is quietly well financed, believes themselves to be morally superior/justified and thus do not recognize any need to gain world approval, support and credibility. MB depends on the kindness of the West and hospitality of certain Arab nations.

    You might have noted that the recent European Jew-killings were done after the Prophet was avenged and Palestine wasn't really mentioned except biographically as that related to the murderers. This is not a coincidence. MB has learned how maintain a relatively positive public face for the West, keep their heads on their necks, bring on paradise and kill Jews too.
    Anyhoo, once the blood cleansing is complete and all are behaving according to the written instructions, those few thousand left (Daesh) will be in paradise. MB believes this too. They just had their priorities confused.
    IKR? They are all insane.

    BTW, the Palestinian /Jordanian government in exile are good sources for Daesh movements and MB info (as are Kurdish sources). The exiles are banned in Jordan and are scattered in Canada and and London among other places. I don't know of any in the US and, as the US backed up King Hussein back when the seculars had a chance, they are probably considered terrorists there along with the Kurds.
    Sorry to drone on. I find this bizarre and ghastly subject so horribly fascinating and this was one of the most lucid and realistic takes I have read.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    I appreciate your speculative but close reading of that statement and paragraph.
    Agreed. I'm finding it to be an extraordinary report.
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  10. moxie Member

    I think this is the beginning of an entirely new dialogue. Well, not really new but previously suppressed.
    Shooting Danes, who are among the nicest and most harmless people on Earth is the last straw for some.
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    bump to get spam from wwp frontpage
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    What is confusing you?
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    Who is Kovan Direj? Twitter kids?
    You probably can't get me up to speed at this point.
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    Anyone knows what happened to this website? It used to publish a lot of videos from ISIS, but it seems down since yesterday, I think
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    A shrine in memory of the 17 people killed in attacks by three Islamist gunmen in Paris last month has been vandalised, it emerged on Sunday.
    It is the fourth time the makeshift memorial, consisting of flowers, notes and photographs, has been damaged in just two weeks, said Sabrina Deliry, head of a group called “17 Never Again”, which created the shrine in Place de la République in central Paris.
    “We’re sickened and disgusted,” Ms Deliry said after finding the flowers and messages of peace kicked, torn and scattered.
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