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    Daesh, in its infinite delusion, imagines itself to be a liberating and heroic organization. They hate the term "daesh" because they see themselves as a kind of liberating social welfare system providing earthlings with the correct route to Jannah (heaven) by executing anyone who does not contribute to this event. Heaven will happen when the planet has become one great, perfectly sinless, Islamic caliphate. Then, life on Earth will be over and paradise will begin. Daesh is just speeding things up as a favour to us all. Like all fanatics, they are insane and believe what they are doing has been ordained by their sky fairy.

    Political dysfunction, torture and murder by mullah-run governments propagated against the Middle Eastern citizenry at first allowed ISIS some local support. Then ISIS began tyrannizing, torturing and murdering the citizenry just like the old boss. Starving, bomb scarred people watch daesh feast and daesh smoke at will as citizens are executed for smoking. The FSA (Free Syrian Army) circulated a photo of a terrorist they killed showing a cigarette they had stuck in its mouth. The daesh have a fatwa allowing them to sexually engage with captured women, animals and with each other because war. Meanwhile, they throw gay men off towers and stone "adulterers" in the streets.

    The Kurds refer to ISIS as "daeshbags". They gleefully circulated the ISIS goat sex encounters that were unintentionally filmed by US drones. And today the Kurds are dancing in the streets of Kobane. After four months of horror they have cleared the daeshbags out: 1,100+ dead daeshbags. Around 800 Kurds are sadly dead as well. Their crime is trying to establish a secular, inclusive nation that enshrines such evils as free speech, equality for: all religions, women, gays and atheists amongst other nefarious ideas. This does not please the Islamic states that encircle them. Daesh is now covertly and often openly operating in Turkey, all Gulf states, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan, West Bank, Gaza and most others. They are trained and funded by the Gulf oil states. Yet the West mourns the loss of the Saudi dictator most responsible for these terrorists and heads of states re-write history to describe him as a moderate humanitarian and rush off to console the family of a fucking madman who had 4 wives and 22 children and who has his "subjects" whipped 1000 times in public for daring to write a blog. Who has women stoned to death on the street. Who orders amputations and and publicly hangs people to death for "insulting" the 'prophet" Jonah and for being gay. Who does not allow women to drive cars or travel anywhere without a male relative chaperone. Who does not allow a Jew to step foot on any Islamic soil. Who proclaims that the public practice of any religion, other than Islam, is an insult to Islam, illegal and can have fatal consequences. And on and on. WE allow this shit to happen and support the misery of an entire region with our state sanctioned hypocrisy. There is an ever growing population in these countries who would love to experience our freedoms.

    There will never be freedom in the Middle East until political secularism replaces the power mad mullahs and their puppet fascist governments. The people who are writing, fighting and dying for their freedom need our support and lose out yet again when our leaders pander to and assist the fascists to ensure their citizens remain trapped and powerless.
    I apologize for the TL;DR.
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  2. BrainStorm Member

    The problem wont be solved by trying to fight "fanatics". Where do they get the weapons and training? Who supports them financially?
    That is the route of the problem... How many Al Qaedas do they have to invent for ppl to start looking at the puppeteers?
    It's frustrating to watch to be honest.
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  3. Who are the puppeteers?

    Oh, tell us, he who stinks of camel.
    Nazis/Muslim connection
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  4. BrainStorm Member

    You can find info by yourself, it's better in some cases.
    That way you don't have to spend energy insulting others for having a different opinion :)
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  5. Huh huh
    Why are you here?
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  7. 00anon00 Member

    Ah here you are again with your derails faggot ( in this case faggot is not an endearment)
  8. 00anon00 Member

    Thank you for the information and where are the unintentional goat pictures
  9. Anonymous Member

    Check your inbox...
  10. 00anon00 Member

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  11. What does that have to do with Charlie Hebdo?
  12. BrainStorm Member

    You really don't see the relation between what I wrote and Charlie Hebdo?
    Even if you believe the opposite, you know where's the relation lol

    Funny thing, I was just seeing this video about a book called "Willful blindness":
    (Skip to 14:55)

    One could argue that it also relates to the Charlie Hebdo atacks, no?
    There is your context.
  13. No. No connection whatsoever.

    I do know that a few journalists quit working for RT because of hypocrisy.
  14. BrainStorm Member

    If you don't find a connection between basic info, then I am sorry but, I will not waste my time with you.
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  16. meep meep Member

    The derail started at the goat fucking.
  17. Oliver26 Member

    Is there a link to see ISIS kiking ass opération evolution?
    Is somebody knows something?
  18. Exclusive Interview with 'Charlie Hebdo' Cartoonist Luz

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    I think this has gone on too far and too long. It is obvious that we shoud not offend other peoples' religion, especially when doing so involves killing people who offend it. We should all respect everybody's elses religion -- or face the consequences. I think what is needed now to defuse the situation is for the publishers of the Charlie Hebdo magazine to be arrested and handed over to a Shariah court in a Muslim country to be tried, and possibly punished.
  21. Darth Alor Member

    Ok, so your saying free speech in the form of a cartoon meant to be laughed at and not taken seriously, should land these artists and cartoonists in jail or stoned in some desert country that has no ties to France therefore cannot extend or use its laws and power in France where free speech exists? NO that would be giving the terrorists what they want! So no... why the hell would you turn over law abiding victims of an extremist attack into some country that would jail them so they can experience more pain and suffering? Dafuq is wrong with you, seriously.
  22. BrainStorm Member

    Aspie don't answer that one, he is just a troll trying to get any reactions.
    I got him and a few others on ignore, just so i don't read BS by mistake lol =P

    And about the terrorists, who would you believe in:
    a) The popular news media that is owned by corporations?
    b) The sources of independent news media?

    At the end of the day, the choice is yours.
  23. RolandRB Member

    They are NOT terrorists. They are just deeply religious people, as we all should be (if we are not Godless athiests who need their throats slit)!

    Are you serious - "in jail or stoned"? They should be beheaded, according to Shariah law.
  24. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  26. BrainStorm Member

  27. Darth Alor Member


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  28. Darth Alor Member

    Nah i don't believe in the media, though they were extremists that attacked the magazine shop i think that is the right term.
  29. BrainStorm Member

  30. Anonymous Member

  31. Anonymous Member

    No we shouldn't respect everyone's religion. Especially when some are the cause for murder, rape, and genocide. And ESPECIALLY when those in power use their sky daddy to pass laws that affect all of us. Religion is divisive and it always will be. I have no respect for a dusty book that endorses child stoning, rape, genocide, and slavery. FOH! Troll or not, I just wanted to share my 2 cents.
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  32. Darth Alor Member

  33. Darth Alor Member

    Amen brother, :3
  34. BrainStorm Member

    I am not Christian or Muslim and I do not hate or condemn them.
    Just because some ppl are using it as an excuse to do shit, doesn't mean that all Christians or all Muslims are fanatics or extremists.
    I have friends from different religions, plus their books don't "endorses child stoning, rape, genocide, or slavery".

    Don't stereotype, don't follow their hate mentality...
    it's all a blind fold, so they can then use it against us. We are being played and treated like cattle.
  35. BrainStorm Member

    So in that logic, the US government should be considered a terrorist group. Because they are the ones financing ISIS (al qaeda).
    You have to choose to take off that blind fold, no one else will do it for you.
  36. Sekee Member

    This is sinister.
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  37. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Please be advised.
    Several people are trolling this board with religious hatred right now. Many are Scientologists derailing us from what we do and they cooled off for a bit but here it comes again.
    This discussion is about Charlie Hebdo assassinations. We Mods spend mucho time removing religious hatred off-topic posts which is one of the reasons for the trolling. Plz ignore trolls and they will find something else to do.
    Edited: I'm referring to posts you can't see because i moved them to the derail thread.
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  38. BrainStorm Member

    wow, that was trolling? ohoho
    that was really sad trolling xD
  39. moxie Member

    This is one of the best reports ever regarding Daesh "philosophy". I use that word to avoid being labeled a "religious bigot" and to avoid stating that I am a godless atheist. Whoops.
    Anyway, this fits well with my doomsday cult theory and I am grateful that a better writer than I has put it out so well. I think that it is necessary to understand the enemy before it can be defeated.
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  40. This forum is censored so much, that while you raise an interesting topic to discuss and analyze, i doubt very highly that it is possible to do so because of heavy censorship and bias by a certain moderator(s).
    How ironic that a "Charlie Hebdo" themed thread would negate freedom of speech.
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