online game protest ideas

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Hostile, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Hostile Member

    online game protest ideas

    we've always had the general idea of protesting in an online game (preferably a free mmorpg) but we've never discussed it at length (to my knowledge)

    so here's some games that we could prtest on

    habbo hotel
    pros -
    well, our original raid on habbo worked,
    it's got a fair amount of people on it.

    cons -
    a large amount of the players are young kids who don't even know about scientology and would hardly be a benefit to anonymous,
    the original raid wasn't accepted well (but that was for lulz)

    pros -
    a LOT of people online at any time, (easter would be great for it because they have events on holidays,
    it's a browser based game (so you don't have to download anything to your harddrive, it's stored in your temporary internet files,
    you can customize your character enough to be anon people (no masks though),
    there's a lot of high traffic areas, if we decide on this one, I'll post maps

    cons -
    only 2000 people per world (server) so we can't really get the message out to everyone, but it's enough,
    no shouting option.
    all new characters start off on an island that is isolated from the mainland and they have to play for about 30 or 40 minutes to get off of it. (more than enough time for runescape staff to find that something's up)

    now I'll be looking on lists of games that are free, preferably browser based and are easy to protest on

    Furcadia - eew, furries... everywhere... move along, don't even discuss this one

    second life - seems good, looks like a fairly large download, but over 100,000 people and is mainly based on community, looks like it can be customized for us too... look into this one

    anything to add, let me know, once the general concensus is a good and positive one I'll start an operation in activism.
    I'm leaning to second life. it's one of the most played noncombat rpgs with probably most of the users not fitting the 13 year old boys meme, and fitting the nonanon bill

    edit: okay, this isn't getting too much traffic here, can I post this in the planning thread? (or get it moved)
  2. ahnonnymaus Member

    Re: online game protest ideas

    This is a terrible idea.

    If you're going to protest, gtfo of your house and do it.

    Also nobody plays those games you listed except cyberfags.

  3. Hostile Member

    Re: online game protest ideas

    yeah, I understand your point. But I'm not suggesting that we do this on the 15th, I'm just thinking that it would be a relatively easy thing to organise and promote.

    it would at least inform people, and we want to have more control in the web than cos does, so why not strike first?
  4. P_P Member

    Re: online game protest ideas

    You don't "strike" at children playing a game. Want lulz? Go after a game played by adults. If you are that bored.
  5. Hostile Member

    Re: online game protest ideas

    that's exactly why I suggested second life as opposed to runescape

    yeah strike isn't the best word, but I don't know, all I'm saying is that I think that this has some potential.
  6. widecat Member

    Re: online game protest ideas

    Not a gamer, but agreed that Second Life would be a great place for a protest. Why? Because it gets a metric fuckton of press, so much that I've often wondered just how much they shell out for their PR budget.
  7. ThatNateGuy Member

    Re: online game protest ideas

    Agreed with all of the above.

    Also agreed with previous post that the fifteenth probably isn't a good time to do this. Focus all your efforts on the fifteenth on the real protests.
  8. Hostile Member

    Re: online game protest ideas

    I'm looking for either easter (weekend after the fifteenth) or april 1st (but we'll all want to do something else on that day to mess with the cos' heads) or earth day (april 22nd I think)

    so if we don't do easter, we'll have plenty of time to plan and prepare accounts
  9. VeniVidiVici Member

    Re: online game protest ideas

    Second Life *might* be a good option, though G4 mocked it recently, claiming that the average user is only on for 12 minutes. It might make tech/geek news, but our protests already have the attention of that market. The other downside is that SL requires a Credit Card last time I checked... so there is potential for getting namefagged. We need to raise awareness in the general public, outside our own demographic.
  10. Hostile Member

    Re: online game protest ideas

    I thought you could play the game for free... but buying stuff costed money.

    and 12 minutes... yeah not much potential there.
  11. Dux0r Member

    Re: online game protest ideas

    I like and dislike this idea. I dislike it because it's a niche market and wont be picked up by the general public. Most online games (including Habbo) have separated realms for countries. So again you're limited to a small impact.

    However, I like this idea because the people you're contacting are likely to be receptive and take interest, especially if it's done well. It'd also be easy to do, as you say, and people would have fun doing it.

    A final note is that if you did it on Second Life, or WoW (which isn't free but I'm sure a lot of Anons probably have or have had at one point) you have a VERY good chance of making various media outlets. "Internet Activists Stage Cyber-Protest". With an interesting picture, the media (especially geeky websites and magazines) simply wouldn't be able to keep their hands off of it. It'd reach a much larger outlet.

    I would suggest staying away from Habbo though, it's mainly seen as a place for 13 year old kids. Scio's would also put the picture next to the Svastika picture from the previous raid mentioned. Second Life would be the best option I feel.
  12. Hostile Member

    Re: online game protest ideas

    so does everyone think that this can move up to the activism forum?

    Second life, lots of anons... I'll download the game sometime soon and check out some locations and possible character sets (most likely people wearing suits and if possible, green)

    date... date... uh well easter is a bit early... how about april?
    april fool's or april 4 or 5?

    can anyone think of any wierd holidays/historical events that happened early april that would help our idea?
  13. widecat Member

    Re: online game protest ideas

    On scheduling, I have no idea - some places do slow down on holidays when folks spend time with families, though. Does anyone have any knowledge of when traffic is highest on these sites?

    G4 must have been burned/got pissed off at Second Life's PR staff. Betcha someone failed to deliver the expected freebies.
  14. pokanon Member

    Re: online game protest ideas

    i agree second life. never played it myself, but looks plausible. also if i took the time i could set up an anon private wow fun server... would take some time though.

    [EDIT: need last name chosen from list for secondlife... i choose mumfuzz. i didnt really look at all options though]
  15. Dux0r Member

    Re: online game protest ideas

    Check out these links: &

    "Raising Awareness

    The MacArthur Foundation uses events on the Second Life Grid to introduce the foundation to a new audience and to stimulate discussions about the real-world issues that it seeks to resolve.

    The American Cancer Society has raised real money with virtual walkathons on the Second Life Grid. Randal Moss, the society’s manager of innovation-based strategies stated, “We benefit by increasing brand awareness. We’ve opened an office in Second Life, and through that, we will provide health information, link back to our Web site and provide space for community-based support groups to meet.”
  16. Hostile Member

    Re: online game protest ideas

    great! that means that the staff won't get pissed at us for what we do. odds are we can organise it for first weekend in april

    ok I'll ask the mods to move this to general activism so we can get more traffic.

    my ideas are

    all characters, if possible will be green, wearing fedoras and suits

    we'll scout before we go, to determine some good hotspots (or if there is a Church of Sci then there)

    we should probably make some sort of team/friends list (now that I know the mods won't be angry with us)

    (should I email the staff to let them know?)
  17. xenubuster Member

    Re: online game protest ideas

    The CoS has a prescense on Second Life.

    I propose an old-school /b/lockade complete with desu.

    The Patriotic Nigras have been silent for too long!
  18. Hostile Member

    During our downtime, I took a bit of a day to download and look through second life.

    my findings,
    cos presence, but very limited (I counted only about 20-40 users, only about 4 were active
    anonymous presence (more people, over a hundred)

    anyway, due to the way the game is set up and run, thousands may be playing at one time, but only about 100 people can be in any given area at one time. and those places where there are lots of people are few and far between (the world covers the equivalent of a few thousand square Km)

    although possible, I don't think that an online protest would be making the best of our resources.
  19. pokanon Member

    Re: online game protest ideas

    hmmm if only there was another game like that with moar peeps in one place...
  20. dirk nimrod Member

    Re: online game protest ideas

    On Counter-Strike we had debates on presidential politics. I have a bunch of Anon sprays I could use to 'get the message across' and I could ask what people think about "Anon Vs. Scientology."
  21. Hectapus Member

    Re: online game protest ideas

    Maybe those who cannot make it to protests have a valid way to protest now.
    Perhaps if gamers split up, and formed groups within different games that they play, they could be effective as a group, and at the same time maximize each mediums benefits by being familiar with the game. It would be simple to have the organized groups continually switch servers, or worlds, or whatever it is the game is hosted from.
    WoW, Runescape, Second-Life, Habbo, Counter-Strike, any MMOG should work, including the popular ps2 and xbox network games.

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