One way to piss the bank off

Discussion in 'Projects' started by AJH1925, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. AJH1925 Member

    Hi folks this is a fun way to piss off the banks.

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  2. At first, I thought this was fail. As I listened to him and saw what he was thinking, the more I realized this was win.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous (or the ex-es) got there first. It has been suggested here that the most effective is a brick that you want to get rid of in your yard. A brick is a strong enough message.
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  4. Anonymous Member

  5. Missfit Member

    "being immoral doesn't mean you're infertile." But I sure hope it did!
  6. LocalSP Member

    All this would do is make banks raise rates to cover the costs.
  7. bleaK91 Member

    sometimes bad things have to happen so something good can happen
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  8. Anonymous Member

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  9. Anonymous Member

    yes. that's my complaint. I see no lulz here.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Op, you made the basic mistake of assuming banks give a fuck, and that they will be hurt/upset by protest mail.

    It's a corporate machine, it won't get butthurt, or react in any way.

    Wise up.
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  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    What a great idea OP...

    ...Too bad Andy Rooney came up with the exact same idea years before OWS was around. (Youtube faggots won't put up a good copy of it and fagged up the original :( )
  13. Anonymous Member

    First, there's no reason why you won't hate the banks. Do you know how little people have to pay to keep their house from foreclosure? You will be surprised.

    The other reason to do that is therapeutic. Put your junk mail into the envelope is. For the nuts who think it will increase bank cost and pass it onto you - you work hard, you pay your mortgage and taxes. But you know what? You are paying for other's mortgages too. Good neighbours. Bank cost is nothing. My accounts are free forever anyway.
  14. Caprise Member

    God bless u!
  15. I don't think not enough people understand the good in this but, MY GOD SIR I THINK YOU'VE GOT THE RIGHT IDEA!
  16. Knut5912 Member

    The best idea - organized d*d*o*s attack. But not to the site of bank. For example: - is the site of one bad bank. But - - is better, because it can stoped all payments by netbank during some times. As a result - may be cain reaction of numerous claims of clients.
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  17. White Tara Global Moderator

    Um No. :( Legal Peaceful protest suggestions only here at wwp TYVM.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Actually, he's suggesting sending the junk mail back, preferably with a personal message. It's a nice little video if you care to watch it through.
  19. Anonymous Member

    I heard of this trick where you take a wad of banknotes and send it to a bank. Ask them to put the money in your account. They will often be able to look after it securely, lend it to other people, and pay you interest.

    Admittedly, it was a bank that told me this trick.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Have you actually even try to read what the familiar big US banks are doing in London?
    It's like, Dianetics work for me, my mission staff are friendly, I don't care what they do in Gold Base.
  21. Major Boyle Member

    The ideal thing would be to go to a scrap yard, pick up some 1/4" thick steel, then you cut out an envelope sized piece with a plasma cutter. The cost of scrap metal is pretty cheap and it'll way a ton. Also, cut out steel piece makes a dandy billboard for any message you might want to send. Bonus points if you are an artiste who can make a steel cutout shaped like a dong copter.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Stop thinking of banks as a person tards! Whatever you do will have zero effect, you are not dealing with a human who will take offence, get butthurt etc!

    Use your one brain cell and think about just how stupid this thread is!
  23. So stupid that you replied to it you fuckwit
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Any way to get yourself heard is advisable. Once you start you may not the next step. You may become a senator or chairman of the federal reserve.

    It works in a way. I got 1% interest rate. I got $20,000 interest free principle, for 40 years. That's from a leading bank. Thank you tax payers.
  25. the most simple answer, DON"T USE A BANK...yup, i said it, if you hate banks then why use them, get yourself a big assed safe and deal strictly in cash or trade...problem solved.
    why give yourself a headache, if your employer says you need a bank account to pay your wages into then open an account with a collective like the peoples bank, have your wages directed there, pull it out leaving just enough to cover account fee's and take it home and put it in the safe.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Better yet: Use a prepaid debt card. Most of the respectable ones do Direct Deposit. Granted, you do eat anywhere between $3 to $5 per monthly fees, but some will cut you a break if you deposit a fixed amount a month.
  27. QFT

    The best way to starve a bank is to not use it at all.
    Time to put those fuckers on a crash diet.
  28. Anonymous Member

    What a fucking great idea! Lets all stop using banks and starve them of...what? A few million a year? Meanwhile businesses and corporations continue to use them and feed them a few billion or trillion in that time frame.

    Oh, lets not put our money in a bank because low lifes never break into houses. How about lets put our money in a hole in a ground and rest easy because nobody will notice it standing out like a sore thumb.

    This retarded idea is retarded as hell. Only way it'll work is if you have millions and billions in a bank. Good fucking luck convincing companies to follow what the piss ons are doing.

  29. Anonymous Member

    Don't underestimate yourself and your buying power. Walmart has to advertise " I'm a (some profession with a good image) ", to boost their image problem. Here the old 99 cent Asia chain became the premier health food store because even some of their imported soy source claims on the label "not from GMO soy beans". Imported Asian soda use real sugar. McDonald's sale dropping. In and out has an impossibly long line with luxury cars in it.

    There are credit unions, and banks that do not speculate in food and commodity (yet). Anyway, Chase is giving up on you peasants anyway. Branches look like big furniture stores and tellers dress like 1st class flight attendants.

    Some prepaid cards are issued by banks anyway, or owned by them. Some not.

    LA will be a GMO free city. Doesn't mean much but a strong symbol is a strong message.
  30. Hello, stupid sheep-person.

    That's right! The public at large should do exactly nothing about the rapist-bankers.

    Maybe Anonymous should all give up, since most Anons aren't political movers and shakers, and therefore nothing can be accomplished by mere members of the public engaging in grassroots change. We should all give up and wait to be reborn as millionaires.

    Enjoy your status quo, multiple rape-victim. Some of us aren't going to continue feeding bankers, but you go right ahead.
  31. Anonymous Member

    The best way to damage a bank, is to discourage customers. The easiest way to do this, is to post information on better banks, or for local credit unions.

    Don't be fooled. Bank of America is in serious trouble. Their retarded shenanigans chased away a lot of customers. When the everyday banking customer left, they took their savings with them. This left bank of america with out as many assets for loans, and that chased away the high paying customers that they liked. Now they are in trouble, they know it, so they are planning a campaign to win over more customers.

    the other banks are only slightly better off, but are launching huge campaigns to look good, to either keep existing customers, or to win over people angry at their current banks. Just look at those pretty chase commercials, and you will see what i am talking about.

    A simple, local guerrilla campaign to show how local banks/credit unions give better services, less fees, or have a better history would be more damaging then stupidly sending a brick in the mail, and it would help people as well.
  32. Anonymous Member

    If you send the bank a lot of bricks, they'll just use them to build more banks.
  33. Anonymous Member


    You must be a nigger in addition to being a faggot. Let me see if I can explain it to you since most niggers like you don't make it out of elementary school before they start selling crack rock or end up shot dead:

    This plan will not work. Nobody is going to do this. Period.

    Do I have to explain it even more or are you such a hippie nigger that your limited intelligence can't comprehend it?

    All this nigger talk you speak means shit because nobody cares. Nobody is going to be stupid enough to be carrying around big wads of cash because the risk is way worse than what banks have. Bitcoin is too new and not as formally recognized as a bank.Oh, and lets not forget OWS is dead and nobody gives a fuck about that cluster of niggers and faggots anymore.

    Basically, and because I feel sorry for a retarded nigger like you, you are attempting to put out a forest fire with your piss. The more you try, the more it burns till it consumes you.

    If you really want this to work, you need to get big donors like a corp or several mom and pop stores to pull the plug. Good luck though because chances are: They'll laugh you out of the building if you approach them with that nigger talk you just said.

    Wake up, faggot. Banks don't give a fuck about John Q. Public or niggers like you. As long as companies and corporations continue to feed them, your futile and small efforts will be in vain. That is the reality of it and no amount of nigger talk can change it.

    Your butthurt only makes my dick harder.

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