Old news, a new perspective. The Subway Incident Revealed for what is was: An OSA Operation

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by LRonAnon, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Mitsu Too Member

    You know I find that "ZOMG don't bring the kids" gut reaction of some people fails to appreciate that the real world can be a cruel and awful place but we do no justice to our children by trying to shield them from the bad in the world. We need to guide and teach them that good people stand up to the bad. I'm not advocating we just throw our kids into situations wiley nellie and let the chips fall as they may. Kids in themselves can do amazing things at very young ages and even can be examples for us adults.
    There are children out there who stand up for justice when the adults in their world who should be protecting them fail to do so. I'd rather my kids be aware of the fact cults do exists so that they don't fall prey to them.
    This little guy is a hero in my books and he did more in his short time on this planet than many do in their lifetime....
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Only fools don't, some fools discriminate for inappropriate reasons.
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  3. Kilia Member

    You don't read very well, so STFU!
  4. Anonymous Member

    Thank you, seriously, thanks for responding. This is a bit long but hope you read it.

    There's a few things here that I'd like discuss, respond to and draw some distinctions upon. I agree with a lot of what you said - there is hypocrisy demonstrated all the time in our efforts and it should be pointed out, and yes, Chanology isn't innocent of its share of bigotry and nastiness. Without getting into examples (why bother?), the one thing I would say is "we" self-police that pretty well (see you in this thread), nor do our worst examples of bigotry and nastiness act under orders from above, they're just assholes. This is more of an example of how bad scientology is, rather than how bad scientologists are.

    In this particular situation, the distinction I would draw is this, in the midst of a highly orchestrated (as effectively documented in OP's videos) project to create conflict with protesters, the handlers in charge (including chubby hispanic lady nearby) chose to continue on plan even once children were involved. North could have let the kids in with the masks, but didn't. Mom and dad could have give the cash to Roan or someone else umasked to escort the girls. No. They chose to continue the op with kids in the middle.

    In the anon examples of filming involving children, there's sparrow and AGP. The recent transcript of the case shows, that at the request of staff at the DC Org, he skipped protesting on Easter Sunday since kids would be there. Does that make chanology innocent. No. Example two: AGP and his fucktarded actions at the Delphi school that including posting the faces of the kids before it came down when the legal shit storm hit him (again) - i.e., how bad chanology can be, not how bad chanologists are.

    Can we be hypocrites, of course. Bigots, some. I don't see that here.

    You are of course right that this is all part of the deal once you sign up for this ride. But this was early. You don't see young kids at protests these days. Lessons are learned the hard way in this game.

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  5. Yes.
    That was one of the responsibilities I committed to when I became a parent. And to model appropriate ways of affecting positive change.
    I think the LRonAnon family did a fine job.
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  6. LRonAnon Member

    Our family isn't AO, AGP or Chanology. I don't see any benefit in trying to explain our family.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Some of us are glad to see you.
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  8. Nancy Beazley Member

    This is a tough choice to make -- whether to involve elementary school children in civil rights protests.

    In the very early sixties I remember seeing young children, boys and girls, in civil rights marches in the Deep South. Now THAT was a tough choice to make, eh? Were those kids traumatized? You bet your ass they were. Did those kids and their families benefit from those marches? You bet your ass they did. And so did all of us, no matter what color we are.

    Frankly, the Anon marches are nothing compared to those 1960s civil rights marches. And, as some of your parents have told you many times, "We did it without wearing masks."

    The point I'm making has nothing to do with masks vs. no masks. It has to do with standing up to intimidation. As I said earlier it's a tough choice to make. Nonetheless, I'm coming down on the side of taking the kids to the protest. How else will they learn the difference between rights and wrongs?
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  9. the anti Member

    yeah but from what i remeber the little girls liked us. and i remember seeing video of bunker picking one of them up and giving her a hug. it was adorable.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    hai Herro:sock
  11. Anonymous Member

    discrimination=/= prejudice
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Hey, as the Anon that mentioned being uneasy about the kids being upset, sorry I guess I was out of line. It was a great video. I hope it hurts the cult hard.
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  13. Lorelei Member

    I don't think it is our place to second-guess LRonAnon's parenting choices, as he did nothing wrong or illegal, and the children have not been harmed in any way. It was unpleasant that they had to deal with Crazy Noelle when all they wanted was a Pepsi a sammich, but, hey, the world is full of unpleasant people and you do not always get the opportunity to deal with them with your parents, a bunch of like-minded protesters, and a cop nearby to intervene.

    You really don't believe, as a kid, that real people behave like shitheads for stupid reasons (if you haven't seen the behavior modeled before) until it actually happens. Like getting a little dirty while playing outside (which, contrary to logic, helps keep kids healthier by teaching their bodies to fight common germs), dealing with nasty people helps build up their (shithead) immunity.
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  14. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Not at all. You are comparing two very different situations:
    - German authorities, after a thorough analysis of scientology documents, and taking into accounts Snow White and its local equivalent, decided that scientology is a threat to the country security. Infiltration was a real threat, IMHO.
    - A lady decides to block the access of a premise to a given group of people, for no reason and without legitimacy to do so.

    What is your point ?
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  15. Ironhead Member

    what was it that made the cult single this one family out? or was it pretty much anyone there who attended?
  16. Lorelei Member

    Possibly because they were temporarily separated from the "herd" (IIRC) while going on Hoagie Quest.
  17. Herro Member

    I never said anything about the Germans. Although their discrimination and suppression of an unpopular group should be a source of shame for a nation calling itself a democracy. But that's beside the point. To say that a scientologist is a threat of infiltration by virtue of being a scientologist is absolutely ridiculous and completely unfounded. For the mean time, go back, correct your misunderstanding about my comparison, and then get back to me if you feel like it. I'm sure your aspie ass just can't help it, so I look forward to your reply.
  18. Anonymous Member

    You would have a point if anons supported the actions AGP at the Delphi school.
    The fact that he is not allowed to post here, that he gets crap whenever his socks/few remaining friends he hasn't alienated yet/trolls looking to rile up WWP, posts his videos here of him filming kids should tell the reader that anons are not into filming children without their permission and that of their parents and do not support those who do. Kids walking with a big group of people is one thing, but focusing on them (unless you see them being abused like an RPF situation) is something anons actually avoid.

    I was at the Sci vs Spy protest. Those girls were safe, taken care of, and in no danger. No one there that I spoke to had ANY issue with the girls participating. Their presence underscored the peaceful nature of the protest. There are protests where that would not be the case. I would not take a kid to a G8 Summit protest, or A World Bank protest, for example. Protesting scientology is never like that. In fact, the only time I have seen or heard of aggression in the protests in has involved AO or AGP....funny that.
    At Sci vs. Spy after the bus ride was cancelled, AO was visibly agitated and wanted to confront the police. He was trying to get everyone else equally unhinged and had to be calmed down by Empress to prevent him from being a tard. At least on that day.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Scientologist is not a threat by virtue of being a scientologist, but rather by being a member in a criminal organization that has already been convicted of infiltrating another government.
    American Jews for example cannot serve in most of the CIA posts, by virtue of being Jews and supposedly having "dual loaylty" one to the US and one to Israel. And don't get me started on American Muslims trying to get a job with US government. So it's not an exclussively German thing.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Discrimination is the cognitive and sensory capacity or ability to see fine distinctions and perceive differences between objects, subjects, concepts and patterns, or possess exceptional development of the senses. Used in this way to identify exceptional discernment since the 17th century, the term began to be used as an expression of derogatory racial prejudice in the 1830s from Thomas D. Rice's performances as "Jim Crow".

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  21. Anonymous Member

    It can and still is used for both the former and latter definitions quoted above. Hope this enlightens some of the youngsters who think it only means derogatory prejudice.
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  22. Smurf Member

    Noelle went from permanent status to part-time/on-call around the same time of the Subway incident. No confirmation whether the incident had anything to do with the status change.

    Noelle North Norris
    Title: Adjunct Faculty
    Office: Performing/Communication Arts - C121
    Phone: (626) 585-7216 (Dept.)
    Email: Not Available
    Office Hours: By appointment only
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  23. adhocrat Member

    Damn, I had never thought about it. It's distressing to hear my government does this.

    All Jews are Zionists, all Muslims are Terrorist.
    sounds like bureaucratic logic.
    Sounds like BS
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  24. Smurf Member

    Because the lead person at Subway OK's Noelle's actions (it was the manager's day off). And, it was perfectly legal if the supervisor OK'd it.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    You get bonus points to join if you are Mormon though. Supposedly clean cut, patriotic, learned foreign languages for their missions, etc...
  26. Smurf Member

  27. adhocrat Member

    Which is totally ironic considering their history in their early days.
    And I'd heard that the Mormons enter the FBI, the Ivy League grads do CIA.
  28. Smurf Member

  29. Anonymous Member

    I want to post some links that show them moving heavily towards the CIA...but the links all talk about MKUltra and other tinfoil shit.

    There was a reason I put that word there.
  30. Ann O'Nymous Member

    A simple question: How many scientologists were involved in Operation Snow White ?
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  31. wolfyrik Member

    I find it hilarious that you consistantly try to play the middle of the ground, the reasonable observer, while insulting people who dare to disagree with you.

    While I do find the blanket ban on scientologists in sensitive governmental/ strategic positions, quite worrying it certainly is not completely unfounded. You seem to have a remarkable capacity for neglecting or avoiding certain pieces of information. As Ann O'Nymous rightly pointed out, scientologists were entirely and soley responsible for the largest infiltration of the American Government in history. Those orders came from the top down, as demonstrated by the fact that Hubbard's third wife was among those jailed. Scientology litigated the IRS into forming an entirely unique tax benefit. They perpetrated a false hoax bombing in order to silence a critic. They recently faked another bomb-threat against themselves. They've stalked and harrassed a journalist. They continue to keep detailed information on critics and peaceful protestors. OSA members present and former have bragged about lying to courts.

    The fact is that, under order, many scientologists are perfectly capable of breaking the law for whatever reason serves their "church". No, not all scientologists would, probably only a small fraction, but enough that your claim of "completely unfounded" is entirely wrong.

    Additionaly, it's not at all hypocritical that many people would be upset by the actions of scientologists in this video. If the people who were complaining, were the same people who advocated denying rights to scientologists, then it would be hypocritical. By your own statement, only a few people here behave in such a poor manner, as is the case in any community. If there is anyone in a group who claims that their group doesn't have a few dicks in it, it is probably them.

    And oh look, I managed to post without insulting you. Now you try it.
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  32. over9000OT Member

    Complete, total and unmitigated horseshit.
    Elliot Abrams
    Paul Wolfowitz
    Keith Ellison
    ...and I'd go on but you can probably google as well as I can. Except, ZOMG, the googles are a gubmint conspiracy!

    You may as well start talking about HAARP, Zionist conspiracies to ruin cafeteria food and how the President isn't really an American.
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  33. coskilla Member

    I wouldn't let a Jew in CIA either they will take all the money.

    No seriously CIA used to not let u work there if they knew u were a Fag Fag. They though if u were gay u were likely to share secrets than that of a straight person. How gay.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    I don't know if you've been following my posts here, but I'm Jewish and Israeli. I'm not exactly a right wing Sarah Palin supporter. So STFU on that point. As for the whole dual loyalty thing - I didn't make it up. It was even discussed on 60 minutes a while back, but I can't find it right now.
    You can have a look at this link though:
    In any case, I never said that the CIA had NO Jews whatsoever, but certain posts are not open to them due to the allegations of dual loyalty. I don't have the time to google more stuff for you, but it's out there.
  35. Anonymous Member

    Scientologists are responsible for the policies and objectives of their organization. If they disagree with those policies, they need to press for changes within the organization. Or they need to resign their membership.

    It's difficult for me to imagine how the Scientologists can reform their organization, however, given their teachings. If it really is true, for example, that psychiatrists are re-incarnating prison wardens preventing humanity from evolving spiritually, then it naturally follows that humans should round up the lot of them for electrocution or whatever pain-hypnosis-tech that will prevent their picking up another meat body.

    The point about justifiable discrimination verses bigotry has been covered before, more than once.
  36. It's an allegation. Not sure it's anything beyond the general CIA inclination to spy on its employees. I suspect having ties to any non-US country sets off flags.
  37. over9000OT Member

    I've been following your posts and your status as a Jew and an Israeli interests me not. The lack of factual content in your post was my concern.

    As far as dual loyalty, no, you didn't make that up. But, there's a pretty big delta between "no chosen peoples in the CIA" and "no ferners in the CIA". It really has nothing to do with the CIA... and everything to do with the process needed to get a security clearance. Good luck getting one if you have dual citizenship with any countries other than Great Britain, Canada and Australia. But, 60 Minutes is not exactly the final authority on the CIA's hiring practices nor is Salon.

    Still, I'll chalk it up to semantics.
  38. Anonymous Member

    hai ad hominem & coward.
  39. Herro Member

    You're right. It's wrong. That doesn't make what the Germans are doing correct.

    I still think it's completely unfounded but your point is well taken. Still, Snow White happened some time ago and the vast majority of Scientologists had no idea it was happening. It's simply not right to discriminate against them for that. It would be akin to assuming that all Catholics would be likely to cover up sexual abuses because top ranking Church officials did so. Good points though.
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  40. Herro Member

    5000, according to time magazine.

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