Oklahoma Doctors need help with Ibogaine research. Narconon Arrowhead

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by patriot75, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. sorry guy's me and computers lol anyway to this guy who is the cop and anyone else that is keeping ibogaine from getting to the people who need it most, i have just a few things to say to you. for starters opiates benzo's amphetamines all perscribed by a doctor.... right and these narcotics are classified as such but there are new scrips wrote everyday... why?... these medications are developed by who? ( are your pockets weighing you down yet you greedy bastards) not to mention they are a daily dose highly addictive and there are a few instances i know of that were opiate overdose due to to high perscription strength..... if no prescriptions were to be wrote for the government dope they would loose money everywhere from rehabs to courts (as if shit ain't hard enough with an addiction, but aahhh what the hell they'll tack on some fines and send you to the hab collect on insurance or jail and even further involve yourself to the lifestyle) ......YOU OPPOSING IBOGAINE AS A TRUE MIRICALE MEDICINE, ONE TO TREAT ALL..... SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!! IN WHAT PART OF YOUR LIFE DID YOU STOP DOING WHAT COMES NATURALLY... (HELPING YOUR FELLOWS AND LADY'S PICKING ONE ANOTHER UP WHEN WE FALL CARE COMPASSION LOVE ....... VALUE IN HUMAN LIFE!!!!!) AND AT WHAT POINT DID YOU START MANIPULATING DECIEVEING LYING AND WORST OF ALL BECOME SO GREEDY THAT YOU WOULD RATHER SEE A FELLOW OR LADY ON A SURE PATH OF DESTRUCTION THAN CURED HAPPY WITH LIFE AND NEW FOUND PROSPECTIVE? AND BY THE WAY "AT WHAT POINT DID YOU START MANIPULATING DECIEVEING LYING AND WORST OF ALL BECOME SO GREEDY" SOUNDS LIKE ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOR TO ME YOU ARE NO DIFFERENT THAN ME IN THAT RESPECT BUT I VALUE PEOPLE AND THERE WELL BEING....AS YOU CLEARLY DO NOT!!! YOUR THE REASON THIS WORLD IS THE WAY IT IS I AM DOING MY PART TO SPEAK OUT FOR WHAT I BELIEVE AND RAISE AWARENESS !!! CONSIDER THEM EXPOSED HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!!
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  2. tinfoilhatter Member

    Ok on a different subject, and a slight derail:

    The title of this thread is misleading. Narconon arrowhead, or any other narconon, does not do any type of research.

    Dox are here in the form of 990s

    If you were to look at the 990s for narconon and then compare them to the betty ford center, or any other legitimate rehab, you would see a disturbing difference.
    There are no MD doctors at narconon. There are no research expenses, and there is no mention of outside groups doing research in or with narconon.

    If you look at the betty ford center however, you will see some research expenses, as well as real doctors, and on there mission statement, they mention the fact that they TRAIN doctors at betty ford.

    The reason why i am going into detail about this, is because i find the title of this thread to be misleading, and dangerous. To insinuate that narconon arrowhead does research on ANYTHING addiction related, gives them too much credit, and continues the dangerous myth that they are a real rehab. Its also misleading Ibogaine "enthusiasts" by insinuating that its being taken seriously and researched, it isn't, at least not at a narconon. Furthermore if narconon IS associated with the "research", then chances are that its not legitimate, and is only there for the purposes of scamming people.

    As for Ibogaine itself, i seriously doubt that this substance does half of what people claim. If there was an "addiction cure all" they would make illegal drugs legal, and sale the cure all over the counter for huge profits, morality be damned.
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  3. You guys are mostly stupid here, trying to play smartasses.
    I can see you like to talk about things you don't have a clue about nor any kind of direct personal experience or knowledge.

    I can also notice it seems a lot of you are somewhat brainwashed but very interesting to see you blabber. Had a laugh :)
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  4. Random guy Member

    And you know this how?
  5. The Internet Member

    I heard ibogaine is a neurotoxin.
  6. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Sure is generalities in here all of a sudden.
  7. Anonymous Member

    I heard it cures baldness!
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  8. hypnotoad4u Member

    There have been 12 recorded deaths with Ibogaine, however, most of those were due to people taking it then taking heroin at the same time, or they took it unsupervised (stupid). I recently heard about this drug and asked my GP about it (he's 55ish) and he had never heard of it, but was highly intrigued when I told him about it. The side effects are nothing compared to other psychedelics and the hallucinogen is said to give the user more of an epiphany about their addiction. It also helps with withdrawal symptoms. It is without a doubt the greatest plant ever discovered but the pharmaceutical companies refuse to fund any research into it because a one-use drug isn't profitable. Not to mention they stand to lose trillions a year if people don't need daily methadone/benzo/codeine "substitutes. Yeah much more profitable to get someone hooked on a product to cure their addiction; what a fucking farce. When I think of all the people I have known that died to drink and drugs and all this time there was a fucking cure it sickens me. Well, I decided to email every politician in the country (not US btw) about this plant and I explicitly told them that if they don't do something about it I will send the email to every newspaper in the country and tell them about it, as well as name and shame the useless politicians who ignored me. So far I have had 4 replies and reference numbers, so I will report back when they do.
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  9. All Natural Ibogaine has been used by All Natural Shamen for thousands of years to cause All Natural Brain Damage. It worked great on me!!!
  10. hypnotoad4u Member

    The problem is when trillions of dollars are at stake they don't want a fucking cure. Of the few tests that have been conducted on Ibogaine, namely 300 heroin addicts in the Caribbean, a majority stayed clean for years after (70%) and every single one of them stayed clean for a while after ONE use of Ibogaine. Then some moronic doctor says it could be the placebo effect, true it could, if the research done on morphine-addicted rats didn't work. But wait, it did fucking work, on every single one of them, again after one dose of Ibogaine, wow placebos work on rats now eh? Yeah right. Pharma companies only care about money, nothing else. They decide who gets a fucking grant, nobody else. They told the doctor several times that they wouldn't give him $5-10 million to do a controlled study on Iboga because it isn't a profitable venture. One use is not profitable, especially if it fucking works. I have researched Ibogaine and even if it's only 25% successful that's still better than anything else on the market. I will also add that Western medicine has NO cure for meth addiction, nothing has nor will ever work, except Ibo of course. And yet people are idiots and don't know what they're talking about eh; bullshit. Valium slows the heart rate and breathing, and even small doses can kill people, yet people try to focus on the deaths of Ibogaine because it too slows the heart rate. Yet, under controlled conditions where the patient has no access to other drugs, there have been ZERO deaths, ever....So don't talk shit you're the one that doesn't have a clue. When you have friends who have kids taken off them at birth you will see how this cure is needed. Nobody wants to have their children taken away but the drug overpowers everything else, and I KNOW they would welcome any kind of cure, whatever the risks may be.
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  11. Random guy Member

    Problem is we only have your word for it, which means nothing. Dox or GTFO. It is also illegal, which means that even should it work, you may end up in trouble with the law.
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  12. tinfoilhatter Member

    "pharmaceutical companies refuse to fund any research into it because a one-use drug isn't profitable."

    A one use drug isn't profitable? do not tell that to Pfizer, they made a KILLING off of viagra.
    Here is why your statement is stupid:

    ibigoine is a schedule 1 drug meaning it is VERY hard to do legitimate research on it.Companies are almost NEVER allowed to do research, and universities are usually only allowed to research side effects.
    Here is something to help you get an understanding on it. Basically, an American pharmaceutical is not going to be allowed to do this research.There are scores of articles about this. As the science community thinks that the lack of research around drugs is dangerous.

    So, even in the off chance that narconon was allowed to do research (bullshit), they would only be allowed to do research on the harmful side effects, and not for any sort of medicinal benefit.

    I seriously doubt that narconon was doing any research, let alone legal research. If there is ANY truth behind this threads title, then we need to call the DEA, because any research going on would be ILLEGAL.

    If you people want ibigoine research, real research, and not anecdotal evidence from shaman whose only contribution to the human race was pictures in nat geo, then you should write and petition your congressman. Otherwise, from the stuff that is out there from the 60's, ibiogoine is an addictive drug, that can also enhance athletic performance.
  13. hypnotoad4u Member

    I wasn't talking about Narconon...and it isn't illegal in the UK, also the US has permitted research into Ibogaine, so get your facts right
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  14. hypnotoad4u Member

    How about using Google, all the info is there. I have done my research, unlike you. It is illegal in the US, however, the government recently permitted research into it. It isn't illegal in many countries, including Canada, Netherlands, UK etc. Again, this info is readily available.
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  15. hypnotoad4u Member

    First of all, it grows naturally so the pharma companies can't patent it. No patent means they can't charge out the ass for it. Methadone needs to be taken daily, and it is addictive. Think about he money they stand to lose if something that only needs to be taken once replaces all other "cures" the pharmas sell. No idea why you're being so hostile about it tbh.
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  16. tinfoilhatter Member

    the primary reason why i am used to being hostile in this thread, is because there is always some ibogaine defender, who never supplies dox. It is beyond annoying, they make all these arguments, but when asked for ANY proof, they can provide nothing.

    as for the money to be lost from "cures", ALL the pharmaceuticals sell aspirin. Its one of the more profitable products. Then there is your lack of understanding on patent law. While you can not patent a plant (unless you modify it like monsanto) you can trademark products you derive from the plant, and patent processes to get chemicals from it. Here is a British product as an example

    Then there are trademarks. So you can't patent it because its "natural" then trademark its use. Trademark law is a beast that is absurdly complicated, and is rigged in the favor of corporations. For example, if i wanted to use a fungus for a meat substitute, I could not use the term "Myco-protein" BUT wait, the FDA FORCES me to give this type of description for my hypothetical fungus foodsource. So while i may have a "natural product" i STILL can not sell it, because of the power of trademarks, and unlike a patent, a trademark can be renewed. So it looks like this "quorn" crap is a pain in the ass for a potential competitors legal team.

    So no, by all accounts if this crap did half the shit people claimed, it would be over the counter like cough syrup, with a million and a half consumer trademarks around it.

    Furthermore, as for its alleged "success", until i see research, i will not believe it. After all narconon alumni claim to be cured of their drug addiction via vitamins and sweating.

    Show me a legitimate dox, otherwise i won't believe its anything other then woo.
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  17. David it doing it right. Hater's? Reflect.
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  18. tinfoilhatter Member

    Is this the best you got? Where are your "enlightened arguments"? where are your "clears"? Why does you cult have more SPs on record then parishioners?

    Keep posting this stupid stuff, it IS going to be used against you in a court of law, real soon.
  19. An appeal to Google isn't a citation. If you have done your research, how about an actual link?
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