Oklahoma Doctors need help with Ibogaine research. Narconon Arrowhead

Discussion in 'Narconon' started by patriot75, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Thank you again for not being part of the irresponsible and deceitful iboga community!!!
  2. Anonymous Member

    Srs: The material ITT has helped motivate me to open a medical ibogaine clinic (I had the idea before TT). Since I don't live in any of the countries proscribing it, it's all good.
  3. Anonymous Member

    It's a great natural way to help others while helping yourself at the same time, naturally as it has for thousands of years!!!
  4. grebe Member

    You always crack me up, Mr. Exclamation Points.
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  5. Random guy Member


    "naturally for thousands of years" ... again ...
  6. grebe Member

    Hey any time bro.
  7. Anonymous Member

    this thread is about Ibogriffis
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  8. No I don't do any rehabilitation stuff anymore ibogaine nn nothing. I'm done, I have a different job now. Nor do, I do provide iboggaine. Sorry guy, can't set me up, when I'm not doing that.
  9. Anonymous Member

    YES YOU ARE!!! Many of your websites and your Facebook sites are still
    advertising and promoting Narconon as of earlier today. You must be a
    bloody nightmare for your Lawyer; not knowing when and if your lying
    at any given time.
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  10. Looks like "I'm not a Ho " Beau Griffis picked a bad week to stop promoting bogus detox and drug rehab programs like the Narconon program he's made thousands of dollars in comissions from over the years scamming addicts..........
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  11. Its been medically tested since the 80s and has a 97 percent success rate on decade long heroin users that bang their fix....and because of gov. robots and pharm. companies would lose money from all the addicts that are making them fucking rich and getting richer, and loving this profitable epidemic they started.....Do you really think they wud ever let a miracle like ibogaine ruin there $$$$....they wud poison they own families before they allowed the factual good press about the miracle that is ibogaine be announced...Much less allow it to be legal......there going to continue talking that bullshit slander saying its dangerous and theres no proof it even helps....FUCK THEM!!!!!! ASK SOMEONE WHOS LIFE WAS SAVED BECAUSE THEY WERE LUCKY ENOUGH TO HAVE GONE THROUGH IBOGAINE TREATMENT!!!!!!! FUCK THEY CORPORATE VAMPIRES AND THE MINDLESS FUCKS THAT BELIEVE THEIR EVERY WORD
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  12. Anonymous Member

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  13. Take a look at i believe its the iboga house website for the clinic in costa rica...
  14. But i guess that my biggest form of info is my own goddamn self....14 years banging H all day every day.... went there. havent touch the shit once since...that was 5 years ago....also if you got to have dox then just get sum fucking NUTS and have an experience and itll answer any question you have instead of being a pussy and just posting bout shit you think you know about cause you read shit on the internet. NUT UP OR SHUT UP!
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  15. Anonymous Member

    I hate to derail an already derailed thread, but seeing as this crap is illegal, Why has no one notified the dea about this turd? More then enough circumstantial evidence here for them to launch an investigation. This is the new america, and circumstantial evidence is more then enough now.
  16. Anonymous Member

    I take NATREXLON
  17. Anonymous Member

    Dox = Peer Reviewed documents that can lay claim to scientific certainty about a given situation, like drug treatment efficacy, scientific certainty that water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit (at sea level), that sort of thing.

    You raving about your recovery from opiate addiction is not dox. It's Internet bullshit.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Since when does being an addict qualify anyone for anything?

    "also if you got to have dox then just get sum fucking NUTS"

    dox are simply evidence of truth. If i was to ask you 14 years ago if heroine was good for you, what would you have said? Yet if i was to look at the dox on heroine from the same time frame, it would have said something different.

    I will tell you about shit i know: addicts and former addicts ARE fucktards. They have done substances that have addled their brains. They think that because they went through a self imposed hard time in their life that they are now qualified to tell the world how great that they are.

    "shit you think you know about cause you read shit on the internet. NUT UP OR SHUT UP"

    "Take a look at i believe its the iboga house website for the clinic in costa rica..."

    Costa rica? really? And from the internet too? WOW WHAT WONDERFUL FUCKING SOURCES! ARE YOU SURE YOUR STILL CLEAN?

    with such a large addiction problem world wide, i find it hard to believe that big pharama would try to suppress this rather than make money off of it. Now let me give you some experience i have had from my time doing research: experiments that epically fail early on do not get published. We cut our losses and move on. This is after we order thai food and laughing at how stupid we were for even trying such an experiment. What most likely happened, is someone somewhere has done research on it, and the results were too bad to even publish. IT probably never made it very far in the trials It was probably discovered to be too dangerous, to continue. That happens.

    However, if bushmen want to use it to exercise bush daemons, then so what. They live like that, they aren't hurting anyone, and they are happy. But leave the science to people that do science. Not to junkies, not to former junkies, and not to people that live in the wilds and dont use electricity.
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  19. I listened to a talk where an expert mentioned that ibogaine seemed very interesting as a potential treatment for addiction. Unfortunately it's a neurotoxin.

    So we have to wait for the chemists to modify the molecule to see if there might be a version that doesn't kill neurons.

    I can try to find a video of that part of the talk. It was from the APA earlier this year.
  20. Anonymous Member

    NO U!
  21. anon walker Moderator

    DOX OR GTFO. Your "testimonials" don't even count. Your reference, a website by a clinic promoting Ibogaine, is like researching Ford vehicles by relying on a car salesman who is trying to sell you one.

    Dox, fool. We demands 'em.
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  22. Thank you for your eloquent testimonials. Ibogaine has been by Shaman naturally for thousands of years as a spiritual detox. Trust me it's a miracle when combined with all natural alcohol!!!
  23. Anonymous Member

    Used by shaman for thousands of years to detox from what, exactly?
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  24. Anonymous Member

    I believe that this thread has been infiltrated by scilon trolls. time to notify the DEA.
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  25. It will detox you from anything you wish, it's a miracle cure!!! The psychiatrists/Smersh are trying to stop it but Shaman are naturally invincible!!!
  26. Anonymous Member

    That is the most retarded thing I have heard today.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    You clearly need to listed to more Hubbard lectures.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    I wonder if it will detox someone off of scientology.
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  29. The Internet Member

    I like how they make the "iboga" product look steam punk. Very convincing.
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  30. I agree with whoever said ibogaine is not real science. The self-righteous ibogaine fiends will never hear a negative word about this drug.

    I tried ibogaine in 2011 and got brain-damage. I can't even describe how bad it is, that's how bad it is.
  31. 434

    Natural Ibogaine has been used by Shaman for thousands of years to cause brain damage.

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