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Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by Anonymous, May 7, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Looking for protesters from or around Ohio. I'm trying to get as many people so we can schedule protests.
    Protesting for Anonymous!
  2. Anonymous Member

    Who's "we" and why do you need to "schedule protests"?
  3. Laurt Member

    Well you know what I mean, just do some regular peaceful protests to reminds America what it truly should stand for. "We", the protesters.
  4. rickybobby Member

    It helps if you give people a general IDEA of what you want to protest-- Scientology? Freedom of Speech? Censorship? Rape Culture? Bad Hair? The very definition of the word 'protest' includes OPPOSITION to something, thus people would be more interested if you give some clue as to what you are opposed.

    If you aren't protesting in opposition to anything in particular, but want to show solidarity or make a statement, it is generally termed a "demonstration" or "march."

    If it is just for the lulz, then it should involve caek and music and be called a PARTY. Those are good, too.
  5. Laurt Member

    Sorry... I'm new at this, I just been inspired and see how corrupted the Government is. I am protesting for Freedom of Speech. But it can be Censorship and Scientology, anything. I just wanted protesters in my contacts on my emails so when I schedule a protest against a certain category that relates to what Anonymous is against, I can contact them and give them the date on when we can rally and protest. I just really care about our rights and hate seeing corruptness.
  6. rickybobby Member

    And don't lose your enthusiasm! Making contacts is good. Try here:

    and here:

    You may want to PM any Ohio anons and express your interest.


    EDIT: Try here, too-- Cincy Chan-anons have been protesting south of the border in Florence, KY and are active there.
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  7. Laurt Member

    Thank you this will help me alot!
  8. rickybobby Member

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