Ohio area

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by Masked Mystery, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. Any Anons in Ohio?
  2. awasaki Member

    Columbus Ohio reporting in
  3. Ugh

    Two months too late.
  4. I have a chick in OHio who likes me.
  5. SkyAnon Member

    Anyone Home?
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  6. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Your best bet is to message some of the people in this thread and also post something you want to talk about, otherwise it turns into a tag team, not a relay race.
  7. Your home or mine?
  8. Got you here
  9. Basically, Ohio is now Columbus and Erlanger, KY, right?

    Cincinnati's Org used to be near Burnet Woods (I think it was later the Tau Kappa Epsilon house), then the org moved to West Fourth Street in downtown Cincinnati, now the Org is in the Florence/Erlanger area in KY. Sorry, I can't help you.

    (I wonder if the frat boys found some old WTH booklets lying around when they moved in....)

    Back in 2012 I moved to the Louisville area, where the only cult we have is basketball (yes, I did just say that. You got a problem? Bring it on.)

    (Okay, I take that back. There are a couple of fiery Protestant pastors in this area with, um, VERY devoted congregations, that could also be called cults. In the case of William Branham, being dead does not reduce the people's devotion to his cause. Some even say he will rise from the dead one day!)

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