Oh, what is Jeff Stone up to now?!

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by Anonymous, Jul 1, 2011.

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    Sadly, a lot of the links have bit-rotted or the KESQ station turned chicken-shit, but you might find secondary copies by searching.
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  2. Love it!
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    The funny thing about his secession plan, he crafted it to avoid the damn libruls and wound up with the crappy part of California with no access to the Pacific Ocean. That's just damn stupid. They'd have to ship everything from librul land and we might spit in their food, poke holes in their condoms, and sell them blank ammo.
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  4. Very much in violation of County Ordinance 806. Its as if you are entering "Stone Country" when you make the turn towards COS. They even leave his sign up.

    Are the abandoned homes on both sides of Gilman Springs owned by COS?

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  6. I photographed those homes on Sublette Rd. East / West yesterday. Interesting how a county Rd. Can show "Private St. No Trespassing". ;) The are in direct violation of Riv County Ordinance 880

    I wanted to go to the County Supervisors meeting tomorrow but I can't make. I'll have to get to the next one.
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    By the way, when Scientology bought Gilman Hot Springs, it was at least an 18 hole course. They chopped it down to nine. Then they closed the course to the public in July 2007, and just use it for PR events. I bet that they've done dick with the trailer park land that they kicked those people off of for "expansion".
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  8. Thought you might appreciate one of the signs from today's Hemet Protest.
    "Jeff Stone Leave Us Alone". :D Not sure who was holding it, but it was my favorite of the day!

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  9. This is a good article though parts read as if the author might have been drunk when they wrote it :eek:

    Scientology and Politics; State Senate Candidate Jeff Stone
    The Founding Fathers thought the separation of church and state important enough to write into the constitution.Theocracies tend to impose draconian law over their subjects; one only need look at Saudi Arabia and their cadres of "religious police" ever watchful for violations of Sharia law.

    Religious groups also tend to impose their will on secular society in the United States. A good example of this was seen when the Utah-based Mormon church spent millions of dollars to influence the outcome of Proposition 8 in California, which would have made same sex marriage illegal. Other secular issues religious groups try to influence are the right to die with dignity, and abortion.

    One should also look at how sects work to influence community leaders. Jim Jones, of thePeople's Temple tragedy, was on great terms with San Francisco's leaders. He was entrusted with a number of foster children, some of whom died in Guyana.

    Most Americans believe our elected officials should be held to a higher ethical standard, yet American history is tainted by a record of corrupt, greedy politicians who betray their constituents and fatten their own bank accounts. Ultimately, it is our responsibility to separate the honest, well-meaning candidates from the skunks.
    There are several Republican candidates running for State Senate for District 36, which encompasses portions of Riverside and San Diego Counties.
    State Senator Dennis Hollingsworth's term is up, leaving the seat open for a new senator. Three Republican candidates are confirmed; Ken Dickson, Joel Anderson, and Jeff Stone.

    Of the three, Ken Dickson appears to have no record of campaign or other shenanigans.
    Joel Anderson is embroiled in a controversy related to creative shuffling of campaign funds involving several Republican committees. Thousands of dollars were sent, and subsequently returned to his 2010 campaign fund.

    Anderson's shenanigans pale in comparison to those of Jeff Stone.
    Jeff Stone, Pharmacist

    "In November 1999, Temecula Mayor Jeff Stone, a pharmacist, agreed to a settlement with the State Board of Pharmacy over 20 accusations they had made alleging Stone had operated an unlicensed pharmacy, improperly labeled drugs and committed dishonesty, fraud, deceit and corruption. Under the settlement, Stone admitted to four of the charges, all of them minor, and reimbursed the pharmacy board and state attorney general's office a total of $10,000 for the cost of the investigation."

    In 2003, Stone and his pharmacy were sued by a woman who allegedly suffered nerve damage, permanent brain injury, pain and other medical problems after she received from Stone's compounding pharmacy in Murrieta, California.

    In 2004, Stone was elected to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors. His campaign prompted fellow pharmacist Mark Shabashov to issue this warning letter expressing concerns over Mr. Stone's failure to comply with DEA requirements regarding the distribution of dangerous narcotics. Mr. Shabashov warned Mr. Stone that what he was doing was illegal. Mr. Stone's response, "It's a gray area. I'll continue to do it until I get caught." Mr. Shabashov reported Stone to the DEA.

    Despite this warning letter, Mr. Stone was elected.
    Lori Stone

    Last year, it was revealed that his sister, Lori Stone, benefited from a county car, paid for by public money. She was also paid thousands of dollars for "volunteer work," from Mr. Stone's campaign chest. In the past three years, his beautician sister received $330,000 from money donated to Stone's political ambitions.

    His sister is a full time "volunteer" in Jeff Stone's office. She received $180,000 and the use of a county car and gas card last year for this work. Stone claims that this has somehow saved the taxpayers money. Apparently Mr. Stone is unfamiliar with the definition of "volunteer." County policy forbids him to hire her, resulting in her being referred to as a volunteer.

    Although county regulations do not specifically prohibit this, it is still questionable use of county property and campaign donations.

    Mr. Stone is not above offering a bribe to get his own way. In 2009, he offered $2000.00 "up front" to the Board of Directors of the Golf Knolls trailer park. In exchange for this payment, he sought permission to violate rental restrictions on properties at that facility.

    This "friendly agreement" offer demonstrates that Mr. Stone is used to crossing palms with silver to grease the wheels when it benefits him.
    Next: Jeff Stone, Scientology and Ordinance 884
  10. Many of us who are investigating Stone's connection with our city council have had very odd email hackings. I've been told that Stone has use of the Scientology investigators. Does anyone know if this happens often. If we should be worried. Is it just coincidence?
  11. Anonymous Member

    Could be coincidence. A virus shared via email to a contact list full of friends and political allies could certain make it appear that you had been targeted. Was it a virus or a hack?

  12. It was a hack. My email was in no way connected to the other people who were hacked. I don't use that account to communicate with them. Some of the people that were hacked I don't even know, we just have mutual friends. Also, we had our credit card used fraudulently the night before. What was odd was the items were shipped to our home address. That credit card was also not attached to the email that was hacked. Totally separate. Makes me wonder.

    I've had the account for 10 years and it has never been hacked before. I use it for forums and just recently to send inquiries regarding Stone.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Hemet_resident, I've found that there typically aren't any coincidences when dealing with the Cult of Scientology if you are a threat to them directly. I'm not so sure if you and the hack you mention are somehow a direct threat to Scientology, however it may be well within reason that Jeff Stone would be referred to the same hired PIs.

    But please know that most of the real dirty tricks played by Scientology against critics (or to those that similarly threaten it) are typically done by actual Scientologists that are Sea Org members (i.e. they are lifetime slaves) that do not believe that any man-made law applies to them. They are allowed, by Hubbard's edict, to disobey any law and they've done their own hacking over the years (just ask poppins about that one). These people are deluded cult members that work for the "Office of Special Affairs" (OSA) which is the intelligence arm of the cult. OSA also hires and manages the PIs, so it is not out of reach that OSA advised on this type of hacking.

    Some advice - buy yourself a handheld video camera and carry it with you anywhere. Any time you think you are being followed or any time you see something strange, make sure to document it. Some of the tactics employed by this cult include psychological ops that are harmless on the surface (think someone re-arranging parts of your backyard but not stealing anything) but meant to harass and threaten. If Stone is behind this, he may have layers between himself and the actual hiring of the PIs or hackers, but it's best to build up an arsenal of video evidence.

    Keep after him and keep making noise. Just be careful, and you may want to make sure that all of your private information is harder to access (i.e. have 25 digit passwords, etc).
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  14. Anonymous Member

    ^^Sage advice^^
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  15. Would that include using your credit card to purchase a bunch of items and then have them sent to your own home? Just happened yesterday. We haven't received the items but we had three fraud charges on the card the same day as the emailing hacking. Email hacking was a different account than the email associated with the credit card. So it might be a coincidence.

    I will take your advice and make sure I keep my camera and video recorder with me. Thank you. I appreciate all the advice.
  16. If you are available next Friday and wish to head out to Hemet we would love to have you join us! There will be a protest to tell Stone and our corrupt city council "3" that we don't want Stone's County Fire or Police services. We have 3 council members who donated $10,000 to Stone. They are his puppets and vote to his bidding.

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  17. 886180_10200696745321633_1695243618_o-jpg.2249.jpg 549939_565227400168789_636721156_n-jpg.2250.jpg
  18. Anonymous Member

    No, the hacking and fraud against you that happened is more overt than the typical psychological ops that the Cult employs on critics (but they do a mix of overt and covert stuff, depending on who you are). But I do not doubt that Mr. Stone possibly hit up his Scientology connections for either advice, or to employ them for ops against you.

    But be sure to take enough precautions, regardless. That would include the following (and I'm only using their past actions as a guide):

    1. Keep a video camera and still camera on you at all times. Take photos of anyone sitting outside your house for long periods of time and get the license plate. Call the police on them if they are loitering.

    2. Be sure to keep any pets indoors as much as possible. I haven't heard of them doing this in awhile, but they'be been known to fuck with pets of critics.

    3. Make sure that any online accounts (banking, credit card, etc) have passwords that are not easily hacked. Obviously you know this one by now.

    4. Be aware of your surroundings. This really goes without saying...and although there's no need to be paranoid, you should be aware of anything that seems out of place. Make note of it and try to get photos.

    Be as vocal as possible. It seems that Jeff Stone often puts his foot in his mouth and he can be easily caught lying just by asking persistent questions over time. Good luck, and I hope that you come back here and tell us what is going on (as much as you can).
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  19. Yes he does put his foot in his mouth often! We will continue to expose him, his corruption and his puppets as much as we can!

    We would love to see some anti-Stone signs at next Friday's protest!
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  20. anon walker Moderator

    I've been posting this for a long time. Here it is again.

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  22. Anonymous Member

    Mike Naggar appears to have been tricked by Scientology's anti-drug front. Paulien Lombard did her best to educate him:

    Scientology PR official Muriel Dufresne speaks at Temecula City Council, May 8, 2012

    Paulien Lombard denounces Scientology's Narconon drug rehab at Temecula City Council, May 22, 2012
  23. DeathHamster Member

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  24. Anonymous Member

    Those "lessons" were not allowed in Temecula Schools, in fact the school officials were shocked.
    He has not openly supported Scientology which is rare for a politician in Riverside County. I'm giving the guy a "wait and see" but he needs constant reminders. We can't let him step into Stone's funding profile.
  25. He wouldn't have run against Stone because Stone does such a good job?
  26. Anonymous Member

    Gold Base
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    Perhaps Mark Bunker can make good use of this.
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  28. Anonymous Member
    RIVERSIDE COUNTY: All five supervisors dine before meeting

    Robert Garcia
    I have no problem with our supervisors dining together, I think that is great. However I would have preferred that they drove to the meeting the morning of, so that they can experience the commuters' challenge when going to work. After all, they all participate in Riverside County Transportation Commission meetings and make decisions that affect us all. At least that's what I would have done to show that I truly represent the common folk.
  29. OTeleventy Member

    Frankly, despite their protestations to the contrary, I think this is a total violation of the Brown Act. I don't trust them for a minute.

    (Oh, and LOL that the weblink above is to "FAP," which in this case is the First Amendment Project. I am such a child sometimes.)
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  30. Anonymous Member

    It is a violation of the Brown act.
    "County Counsel Pamela Walls came along to ensure the supervisors didn’t discuss any public business," might be white-wash. All I know is while I was on a government board we couldn't have breakfast together, even with a lawyer there. Its a matter of public perception, however the Supervisors of Riverside don't give a damn about the public. It is amazing how imperial elected officials can become.
  31. Hi, I stumbled across this page today. I am wondering if someone can give me a rundown of it, as we seem to have a lot in common. I could offer some useful info too given my contacts
  32. Anonymous Member

    Well, it's a bit complicated, but as a 'public official' Jeff Stone has shown repeatedly his bias toward scientology and it's Gold Base in Hemet so we like to post other things about him to show how goofy he and his compatriots are. Hard to put it in a nutshell, the search mechanism on our site would probably yield a few threads of various topics.

    Certainly, if you have info about Stone and the situation in Riverside county/Hemet, feel free to say more. His threads haven't been active lately, but we are still keeping an eye on him and Hemet Gold Base.
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    He is a Lulzy Scientology pawn, they contribute $$ via several Scientology members to hide their support. Stone supports their agenda when Scientology directs him. He supported a limit on protesting at Gold Base including a distance limit that would keep protesters from access to the front of Gold Base. The language was directly from Scientology position papers. He denies this. It was proven.
    He is regularly scolded in front of the Supervisors meeting by Ex Scientologists
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  34. Has he died or something ?
  35. Anonymous Member

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