Oh, what is Jeff Stone up to now?!

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by Anonymous, Jul 1, 2011.

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    Third Prize: Propoganda book on Anonymous (not from cult though, uh huh)
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    Fourth Prize: Hauled off to cult prison never to been seen again. i.e. Stacy Moxon, Heber Jentsch, Shelly Miscaviage, Wally Hanks...(just kidding, I wish wally hanks was in prison!)
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    Never surrender
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    • Cult cocksucker and chief believer of anything cult presents as "evidence"
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    Jeff Stone is lethal
    Update: Argument About Jeff Stone Leads to Shooting
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    I wish it read:
    Update: Argument About Cult Leads to Shooting Jeff Stone
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    Hey now.
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    When Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone proposed breaking up California into two states, the reaction ranged from, “that’s crazy” to “count me in,” noted a key organizer of the break-up movement, officially called “California Rebellion.”
    (Contributed image)
    Darrell Connerton of Temecula, a friend of Stone’s who is a general contractor and a political consultant, says Stone’s movement to split the state is far from over; in fact, it’s moving ahead and gaining supporters.
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    Can somebody send a Yom Kipur card to Jeff Stone, saying "got anything to atone for on this sacred day for the Jews?" Yom Kipur is this week, September 25th.
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    No it isn't.

    Yom Kippur is, though.
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    HA? What isn't? It is Yom Kippur on the 25th, I'm absolutely confident of that. Jeff Stone is a Jew, as he announced in one the counsel meetings, saying that as a Jew he knew what religious persecution was and that's why he was taking the side of Scientology [pfff].
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    Read my post. Read previous post. Question answered.

    Also, I know when Yom Kippur is, thanks. I also know not to try to look like a smartass by referencing it if I can't spell it.
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  15. The name of this site is "why we protest" I am protesting against the politics by running for President of the USA. My name is Donald Brian Lehoux and if you google it my website will come up with my birth certificate on it as well as my mission plan including opening up Area 51.
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    ^^^ Ohhhhhh-keeeeee-doh-keeee!^^^

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    I won't vote for someone who conceals vital information on their birth certificate:
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    Missed this. What a tool.
  21. Jeff Stone SCOHB
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  25. If anyone has any new information on Mr. Stone we would love to have it. His influence and strong arming of 3 members of the Hemet City Council is causing major issues in our city. He is trying to force the city to take Cal Fire and rid Hemet of our wonderful 105-year-old local fire department. A department that is coming in under budget and provides EXCELLENT service!
  26. He is more obvious than most con artists but he was still reelected.
  27. DeathHamster Member

    Need more info on how county vs city political infighting works in that area and this "Riverside County Board of Supervisors". (Does the county collect the property tax and dole it out to the city?) I though Bob Buster had Stone's number?

    Not your private army, but for Jeff Stone, I'll think about making an exception.
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  28. Have you seen the video "Jeff Stone's Changing Story"? This is hardly new, but it shows how easy it is to catch the moron in a lie, publicly. Jeff Stone also took in quite a bit of Scientology money with his last election, and that's been published somewhere on this site too.

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  29. To answer your question about how Stone is running our city ... he backed 3 city council members, Shellie Milne, Mayor Robert Youssef and Larry Smith. All 3 have higher political aspirations. It is a I scratch your back, you scratch my back situation.

    A lot of information (if you are really curious) is on this FB page.

    Not sure how much detail you want, but it is getting ugly here. Bottom line is Jeff Stone is trying to take replace Hemet Fire with Cal-Fire. Cal Fire just raised rates in 20 of the 27 cities in contracts for in Riverside county.

    The city council and Stone have been caught in multiple lies. We actually had two residents catch Mr. Petty, Mr. Stone and our interm City Manager Mr. Bradley in a meeting last week at Stone's Hemet office. They had denied working together and in fact, Mr. Petty ran out the back door and took off. Luckily one of the members of the public got pictures.

    Members of our community met with Mr. Stone's assistant. Ron Roberts last month. They were told Stone would hold a "Town Hall Meeting" to discuss the awful situation in Hemet. In a follow up call to Mr.Roberts yesterday he told the lady that Stone wouldn't schedule a town hall meeting right now, he's "waiting for things to cool down there". That isn't going to happen!

    Stone is pushing Cal Fire down the throats of Hemet citizens so hard that he actually solicited videos from other city officials!

    The list of Stone corruption and involvement (as I'm sure you all know) could go on and on.

    Any help would be appreciated and I can assure you, we are fired up and ready to take this all the way. Attorneys have been hired, committees have been created. These corrupt politicians will NOT take out our city. We want them and the thugs that have moved in recently OUT!
  30. Please excuse my typos! :eek: Typing in a hurry and very upset about all this!
  31. anon walker Moderator

    A google search of Jeff Stone fraud Scientology gold base protests will bring you vast riches.
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  32. Yes, google and youtube searches have given us lots of information. This forum has provided us with a wealth of leads. I thank you all. If anything new comes up we would love to be made aware of it.

    Also, if we have any protests in our City I will make you aware of them!
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    Suggestion - get those pics published in PE! And get the attorneys to do a press release about your efforts.

    Also there's this info pack - not new, but just in case you haven't seen it...
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  34. anon walker Moderator

    Please do...I've protested outside Gold Base many times. We are why Stone tried to suppress our right to picket with a new law
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  35. Stone who says he wants to secede from California wants to replace a city (Hemet) fire department with a state (California) fire department. I repeat, he is such a phony con artist!
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  37. Thank you,
    I did register. I will check out all the links.
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  38. The PE is aware of all that is going on. Craig Shultz and Bob Pratte have been okay, not great, about reporting some things. Bob Pratte actually mocked the first protest (prior to it happening). Someone called him out on it and his tuned changed and he did an adequate job of reporting on the 300 people who lined Florida Ave.
  39. He's beyond unbelievable! Con artist is about the nicest compliment one could give him.
  40. A protest sign suggestion:

    "Hemet Must Secede From Jeff Stones's Corrupt District!"

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