Oh, what is Jeff Stone up to now?!

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by Anonymous, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Jeff Stone is trying make a name for himself by proposing Southern California become its own state.

    Usually, this kind of call comes form northern California folks who don't want to be associated with L.A.

    Funny thing is, he only wants Riverside, San Diego, San Bernardino, Orange, Imperial, Kings, Kern, Fresno, Tulare, Inyo, Madera, Mariposa and Mono counties.

    Here is a map of what he is talking about:

    He seems to have forgotten all about Ventura, Santa Barbara. San Luis Obispo and Los Angeles counties. The coastal counties. The ones least likely to vote in a dolt like Stone as the new governor of the new state.

    Orange and San Diego are known for being fairly Republican, although the demographics of Orange county will probably change on the future.

    This obviously won't go anywhere...and he is probably trying to get his name recognition raised in Tea Party circles.

    And Northern California won't a county like Mono and its water go anywhere.
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  2. Ann O'Nymous Member

  3. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Good God he is such a fuck.

    I think slugs could learn a thing or two from him *shudder*, that is if they could turn their eyes downward...
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  4. subgenius Member

    He's on the cans and/or dipping into the stock at his pharmacy.
    Just kidding, he's just an attention whore.
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  5. Anonymous Member


    Hes Just doing what his Great Great Grandpappy would want
    Major Jefferson Beauregard "Hang-em" Stone of the 2nd Mississippi Partisan Guerrillas
    and Grand Dragon
    "keep em down on the plantation" boss
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  6. RightOn Member

    "Stone State" would not end well
    Althought I supposse the cult has their panties in a bunch dreaming of the potential lulz they can pull if this was to ever happen.
    Is the cult bamboozled into supporting Stone for this idea financially?
    I hope so. How does it feel COS to give money for something that will never happen?
    "Stone's Super Power State" - do not want
  7. AmNotaMouse Member

    The continued ass-clowning of Jeff $tone...

    comments from the local paper:

    "How long are the citizens of Riverside County going to put up with these self centered antics of Jeff Stone? This is embarrassing to his constituents, to say the least. Jeff $tone, who was just fined $16,000 for improper reporting of campaign contributions, Jeff $tone, who reportedly diverted over $300,000 dollars of campaign contributions to his sister to be his "campaign adviser" (LOL!!!) Jeff $tone, who teamed up with a local developer to flip commercial real estate with inside information and turn a huge profit in just one day, Jeff $tone, who with his personal attorney, crafted ORD 884, a direct attack on the 1st amendment and a direct favor to the church of physcho-science. Jeff $tone will never stop being an un-ethical, self-serving clown, and a complete embarrassment to Riverside County. He must be recalled. This snake talker does not deserve to lead our county. WAKE UP CITIZENS AND FOLLOW THE MONEY.
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  8. Can we hurt the Cunts Case ?

    Poons to Tony Ortega perhaps ?
  9. subgenius Member

    he can't even come up with something original
  10. Anonymous Member

    I personally think you hit on something here. His narcisstic Grand Delusion might be packed with real details of past history. Wonder if there's also a history of mental imbalances. It would totally fit looking at some of his bizarre statements as part of the grand plan. I wish the reporter had asked Stone exactly what he meant about those pesky Mexicans at the border. Politicians can be wacky and fun to watch at times, but also cause widespread misery. Normal, sane people make changes or hide away when the spotlights hit their insanity or crimes. Narcissist and psychopaths feed on attention like a drug and commit more atrocities or try to in broad daylight. Which explains Stone's latest antics.

    Gil Duran, Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown's press secretary, scoffed at "this outbreak of secessionist fever in Riverside County. All I have to say about that, is: a secessionist movement? What is this? 1860?"

    Read more:

    Stone suggested that the new state operate with a part-time legislature, with lawmakers receiving a $600-a-month stipend. He said the new state would "actually" enforce the state's international border with Mexico.
    "That will save us a fortune," he said.

    Read more:
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Is the state of California about to go “South”?

    Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone apparently thinks so, after proposing that the county lead a campaign for as many as 13 Southern California counties to secede from the state.

    Stone said in a statement late Thursday that Riverside, Imperial, San Diego, Orange, San Bernardino, Kings, Kern, Fresno, Tulare, Inyo, Madera, Mariposa and Mono counties should form the new state of South California.
  12. Herro Member

    Lol what a silly bitch.
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  13. RightOn Member

    already in another thread
  14. xenubarb Member

    What about Los Angeles county? Is Scientology going to declare LA a monarchy?
  15. adhocrat Member

    A theocracy, silly
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  16. Diablo Member

    Stone is a useless fucktard controlled by the he is stuck in an electronic incident and will die alone and in pain...hopefully!
  17. Diablo Member

    (in beavis voice):

    FIRE FIRE, yeah yeah, that's it...
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  18. :::facepalm:::
    I wonder if her forgot how good seciding went for the south.
  19. Herro Member

    Lol u mad.
  20. Smurf Member

    The silly bitch misses the media moonlight... I guess Jeffrey thinks spouting moonbattery is going to make him famous.
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  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Smurf Member

    Stone's the Grand Marshall of a July 4 parade this weekend..

    "The two mayors will ride in one vehicle and the two vice mayors in another as San Jacinto and Hemet advance their idea of a Valley Congress and take that unity to the streets for a joint parade Monday. The parade starts at 9 a.m., much earlier than San Jacinto's usual 6 p.m. start time. Officials with both cities have planned the event, funded in part with a $10,000 contribution by 3rd District RiversideCounty Supervisor Jeff Stone, who will serve as grand marshal."
  23. Saw the headlines in another site. Even before I read the story, the first thought in my brain was Jeff Stone. He is such a fail motherfucker.
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  24. Diablo Member

    yes, that you are alive!
  25. Anonymous Member

    Between Stone and Palin, scientology possibly has an image problem coming up. Do they really want to be associated with the tea party and other secessionist groups?

    Throw in the NOI, zomg.

    They are sucking the dicks of absolutely every political whore passing by, no matter how awful, in a desperate bid to get bums on seats.

    For assisting to prolong the fame of Stone, Palin, Farrakhan, et al they are quite deserving of the harsh judgement history will provide in the shadow of their demise.
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  26. 00anon00 Member

    holy fuck
  27. Anonymous Member

    no surprise. once a man whore, always a man whore.
  28. SqueakySadie Member

    The MotherFucker Stone was on KFI today and he sounded almost sane and now has a fan base, which drove me nuts. One bit of intell.....his Riverside County email address goes straight to his cell phone.....gogogogogo with the emails.

    He was on the John & Ken show, with a substitute host Tim Conway Jr., who has NO idea that Stone is in the pocket of Scientology and he even made a statement that he wants to break away from the State of California because the "Liberals are being paid by the 'special interests'"....I wanted to scream. Anons.....please.....PLEASE.....don't let this asshole get far. Please make sure that every news outlet has the information about who pays Stone's bills.
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  29. Smurf Member

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  30. Anonymous Member

    Who does pay Stone's bills? I personally feel he is a dumb fuck that has no idea as to what is going on around him. Do you have evidence that suggests otherwise?
  31. Anonymous Member

    His career speaks for itself. He has alot of supporters.
  32. SqueakySadie Member

    Please people....this guy is getting media attention out here. Someone please (someone with media contacts would be best) send Bunker's video about the changing story of Stone to all media outlets. I fear that Stone's approach is his lame attempt to appeal to the tax adverse in California.

    This story brought me out of the shadows. I am scared by the attention Stone is getting now. He's not going away anytime soon.
  33. SqueakySadie Member

    Read the post about how Nancy Cartwright, among other Scientologists, gave donations to his last campaign. It in on another post....he got in trouble for not posting those donations within legal regulations.
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  34. Smurf Member

    He's a dumbass looking for a story. Guess he saw all the news how Sarah Palin can be a celebrity-seeking ho and make lots of money doing it and he's jealous. Once all this nonsense blows over in the media, he'll be back at his small office in Riverside planning his next big adventure.
  35. I second this motion,
    Even though I have known Sarah P since she graduated college (she wasn't even close to being famous or known by anyone 20+ years ago), there is no doubt in my mind, she has gone Scieno. I mean, she hangs out with Greta Vansusterphuck and John Cole. Whats even more bizarre, and funny (as in strange) is idiot Stone thinking he is going to lead a secessionist movement. You are all wrong about the Teaparty though. Whats really happening, just like with anonymous, it has been penetrated by the Scieno(s.) When has hollywood ever been on the side of the repubicans in congress and senate. They never have been. The dems get all of their most important money from ballyouintheazzwood. Even vansusterphuck on fox is a joke. Ole johnnyboy Coal brane was hooked up with Meade Emoryboard head, as they all arranged the Scieno(s) to recieve their 501 c 3 status. The only thing good right now is that meade emory dropped dead approx 1.5 years ago. Mr. permanent trustee, getting a big fat check each month, yet not a scieno. The government took over the scieno(s) in recievership. Most people don't know this. Yes there are dox, just googie ole meade. I'll give you something new out today. I guess ole Jahonny travesty has to face his beard, his kid , the new one, is autistic. Who would believe his holey beard actually was able to do anything else giving birth at her age with Mr. faggot. Guess the genetics has been mashed up. Just remember cchr and seiu are all scieno operations and always have been. They just do not know what to do since they lost their leverage with Nancy nanny nazi Peabrane Pelosi. Just remember that nearly all dems in the congress were and/or are scieno. Look at the country, they want all middle class destroyed and signed onto scienocrap. Look at calypso louie up your butt frakenfarracannotstien. They are trying to be all things to all people. Heck even George devilman soros, a long time scieno is racking his head on this one!!! When things aren't working...time to switch sides and throw some more shheeeettt against the wall. The one thing beautiful about the anony(s), is we are always switching up the game plan keeping the scienosucks off balance. ooopppps I forgot, they're always off balance. To bad they can't go fall off a cliff somewhere!!!
  36. woah! wall o' text!

    periods, comas and the enter key are your friends.
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  37. Ann O'Nymous Member

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  38. Anonymous Member

  39. SqueakySadie Member

    It's bigger than you think, Smurf. He's gaining some political ground with this story albeit most of the media outlets are saying that he's a nut. I can only hope that some Anons will poon some of the California media outlets about how his recent past with taking Scilon money for his failed Senate bid, and his anti protest ordinance.

    Yes, he's hitting on the Palin-nutters but he's also hitting at a time where conservatives are tired of budget and tax problems.

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