Official photo of recount shows another anomaly

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by Cloak n Run, Jul 1, 2009.

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  2. 312z0cp.jpg I can't see the fold. Having a fold on every ballot should make the pile of ballots a little distorted. And is this confirmed directly from IRNA's site?

    Does anyone have information on how the ballots were constructed?

    It appears as though the ballots had a tear away stub on the left side like we have in my province. Two hand stamped seals appear to be cut in half by the stub also. It appears as the the vote was cast by handwriting a numeral in the smallest rectangle. The large rectangle may contain voting instructions. The middle sized rectangle may be the place for signature.

    The ballot itself looks like a securities certificate like a stock or bond. The upper stamp may indicate the voter has registered and the lower stamp may be by the voter who acknowledged receiving the ballot. A previously leaked memo from the Iranian Interior Ministry of uncertain authenticity may have made reference to these prepared ballot forgeries.

    Writing a numeral for voting is not exactly indicative of free elections, although it appears 100% more free than what the harmless Socialist Republic of Vietnam does (single party census), and 1000% more free than what frightening North Korea does (preprinted state vote).

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