Discussion in 'Planning' started by Anon#27, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. Anon#27 Member

    On May 2nd 2015, there will be a protest against marijuana prohibition located at Steele Indian School Park next to the VA Hospital on Indian School road.

    The War on Drugs has gone on long enough and now we are starting to rise up against this medical tyranny. Anonymous has been too linient on the drug policy in America. We have the #1 largest prison population per capita and that is due to the ridiculous war on some medical herb that has proven to be safer than alcohol. It's time to end the Prison Industrial-Complex! This protest is all due to the folks at Safer Arizona so be sure to visit for more info.

    Bring signs, megaphones, bright green clothing, and (of course) bring your masks.
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  2. 00anon00 Member

  3. A.O.T.F Member

    He has a point.

    Just reminded me of what Barrett was talking about, RE, the chick in the back of the prison van.
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  4. Hugh Bris Member

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  5. Anon#27 Member

    I'm not sure what you're referring to. Army? Is a planned peaceful protest an army?? Please explain to me how else to alert like-minded others of a rally in your area.
  6. Anon#27 Member

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  7. 00anon00 Member

    U new here. NYPA Google is your friend.
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  8. 00anon00 Member

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  9. nightfire Member

    SO, you are rising up against something that isn't a problem... How cute!
    Your skills at rhetoric SUCK!
    also, NYPA!!!
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  10. Anon#27 Member

    Excuse me for thinking that this was a site where moral people could discuss and change the imperfections in our country. Apparently it's just a place where you make fun of people for attempting to organize change.
  11. Anon#27 Member

    I suppose that would make sense if this was a personal issue. And I know what the acronym is. Anonymous has already come out against the war on drugs and the prison industrial-complex. And no, I'm not new. I've been around Anon since the Hal turner days
  12. Hugh Bris Member

    So you want people going to jail for having a plant?

    As far as NYPA, then don't attend the protest.

    That was simple.
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  13. nightfire Member

    Well people go to jail for having opiate poppy plants... so I don't see a problem with them going to jail for other restricted plants.
    Awwww you clearly don't understand how this place works.
    See this is where ideas come to mostly die because delicate special snowflakes can't take constructive criticism. I was hoping by saying your rhetoric was weak you would at least try to fix it... but you fail. Your rhetoric skills are sad, you failed to think about the other side of the argument, the one that would point out that many drugs that are restricted to medical use only are from plants that can be cultivated by an average person.
    Clearly you've never been taught how to rhetoric, Imma school you k?

    1. You first must know your topic
    2. Pick your audience that you are writing to
    3. come up with your Main argument and secondary claims all with evidence and reasoning
    4. Consider the opposing view and fairly represent it
    5. Carefully construct your argument avoiding errors in word choice and style that will be off putting to your intended audience.

    You missed half these steps. You failed to convince people here to think like you, and we were your intended audience. FAIL!
  14. Hugh Bris Member

    By your logic, I could be put in jail for having a rose bush in my yard, if the legislature so ordered.
  15. nightfire Member

    really? I was unaware that you can make an intoxicant from a rose bush. Logic fail, straw man fail, reading comprehension fail, rhetoric fail. Are you ready to strengthen your argument yet or are you just going to keep failing at this?
  16. Hugh Bris Member

    Dude, there's no sense talking to you about this. You want to put people in jail for having a plant, for getting high. That's wanting to control the uncontrollable.

    It's idiocy, pure and simple. You haven't learned the lessons from Prohibition so you want to do it again.

    Well, we know what happens with Prohibition, be it pot or alcohol. We get crime, we get government intrusion, we get injustice we get civil unrest.

    So fuck off and take your idiocies elsewhere.
  17. Anon#27 Member

    Are you done talking to make yourself feel good?
    Because clearly, you're the only one who thinks you're right. I've done my research, so don't assume I haven't. I've looked at both sides of the argument, so don't assume I haven't. As I'm typing this, I'm currently taking classes on debate, journalism, western govt, and philosophy.

    If you'd actually use your brain and look back on history, you'd realize that marijuana is illegal due to private interest groups controlled by WRH and other newspaper companies.
    Do yourself a favor and Google "The War on Drugs and the Prison Industrial-Complex."

    And simply because it's against the law, doesn't mean it's an "intoxicant." If you did the most minimal amount of research, you'd realize it's less dangerous than alcohol and it's generated more tax revenue than Colorado can handle.
    MLK once said "One has a moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws." So when you assume something's bad just because it's against the law, remind yourself what country you're in.
  18. You are dishonest.

    Nightfire is right.

    Time to file this thread in the Dome.

    Which finger is this???
  19. nightfire Member

    Still no strengthening of your argument... I'm not surprised. Again you failed to reading comprehension.
    The poppy plant is also banned in the USA, yet it too can grow here... and people go to jail for growing it, please explain the difference? Strengthen your argument before you get to people who will rip you apart worse than I have.

    You keep attacking me and not the argument itself, which shows a lack in argument strength. Yelling louder only makes you look stupid, which makes your ethos appeal weaker.
  20. nightfire Member

    I will assume that all you said about yourself is true. I will then mock you lack of attention in said classes because you are breaking basic rules of crafting a good rhetorical argument, and you clearly don't understand the meaning of words like "intoxicant". Does that help? Are you clear about what that word means now and why it applies in this situation?

    My other favorite is the assumption that I am against it just because I am criticizing the lame arguments being offered here. Perhaps, and I know this is hard for you cute little fluffy special snowflakes to hear, maybe I'm trying to get to to create better arguments so that you won't be laughed at. Better arguments mean more people who are swayed to your side. But please go ahead with your crappy work...see how it does out in the real world when it can't pass muster here.
  21. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I love this place.
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  22. Anon#27 Member

    First I suggest you read your reply before you post it because your poor grammar and lack of proper and simple word phrasing needs major adjustments. I'm not sure why you pathetically choose to attack my attentiveness in my studies and then constantly choose to call me a snowflake. I can take criticism but as far as I've read, you have made no logical critique of the subject itself. The only argument you've made to the initial argument I posted was your ignorant comparison of opium to marijuana.
    As of my rhetoric, the framework of an argument on a dinky little website forum doesn't need to be as prestigious as a presidential debate. If you have any legitimate criticism, I would love to hear it because I have heard no such critique yet.
  23. nightfire Member

    Maybe because I am not against "the subject". Maybe, and again reading comprehension fail on your part, I am against half baked arguments. You came here to float and support an got criticism instead of weak sauce, group think accolades. I call you a snowflake because that is how you are acting, like you think you are important. Here ideas are important, here we rip ideas and proposals to shreds to have them rebuilt stronger and better, or have the snowflakes run away crying because "we were mean". If you can't take it, may I suggest another website forum for your activities. Anonymous is not your friend, Anonymous is not nice this is a service provided here by anons. If you dislike the value of the free service you get here, you are welcome you your money back and to GTFO.
  24. Darth Alor Member

    Although any drug destroys your health in some way, i feel for weed, we live in a country that puts it on a level next to heroin. Now im for legalization of weed, just restrict it like tobacco and alchohol and make sure it doesnt get into the hands of underage individuals. Prohihibition of anything never works, criminals will find ways to aquire and keep banned items such as drugs,guns, and other things.
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  25. Hugh Bris Member

    your argument seems to be "Someone decided to jail people who grow (opium) poppies, therefore it is OK to jail people who grow cannabis"

    Am I missing something? Is there more to your argument than that?
  26. Mod Edit
    WTF long strings of emails and dox.
    We don't allow fox/emails to stay posted here because we do not know who's emails they are. It could be the email of your 6 th grade teacher you are still mad at.
  27. nightfire Member

    Funny... you have yet to have a good rebuttal to it even in the limited way you seem to understand the argument.
    Growing plants for the purpose of making intoxicating substances that are on the USA's list of "controlled substances" is illegal no matter what that plant is, or which of the substances you are making be it opium or maijuana.
    Your argument that because it is derived from a plant it is silly to prosecute people is countered by this fine example of another plant that is also illegal to grow for similar reasons.
    Now if you would like to strengthen your argument by adding that weed is not chemically addictive like opium... that would be one thing. You have FAILED spectacularly to do even that.

    You want recreational use of the drug... I get it. Now pull your head out of your ass and craft a good argument why the law should change. One that I will rip apart again, so that you can create an even stronger argument, one that maybe, just maybe might be good enough to take to the rest of the world.

    My arguments against yours have been basic, I haven't even pulled research yet, let alone spent more than 30 seconds thinking of responses to your actual arguments (responding to your stupidity has taken the bulk of my time) Give me something of substance to rip apart and I will be willing to put forth some real effort to help you.

    I'm going to guess that you are too lazy (or too butthurt) to do that... GTFO and DIAF and remember anonymous is NYPA (but we don't mind telling you how stupid you are because it amuses us)
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  28. Hugh Bris Member

    You have yet to give an actual argument, except to argue from authority. You do want to put people in cages for using an intoxicant. That's pretty much what I expect from fundamentalist Christians and drug warriors.

    From your start date in Feb 2008, I imagine you came on board as a freedom of speech issue.
    So you are OK with comes out of my mouth, but you want to control what I put in my mouth.

    I'll give you a great argument in favor of legalization: the drug war has pretty much destroyed civil rights in this country, as evidenced by your desire to cage peaceful people who do nothing but use a substance you don't think they should use.

    So, unless you have an actual argument that isn't an argument from authority or tradition, you've got nothing.
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  29. nightfire Member

    Attacking me instead of constructing a better argument how cute... and how snowflakey.
    My argument is the one that you will be up against first. Plainly stated, "this is what the law is now, please explain why it should be changed?" This is always the first, most basic question asked whenever one wants to change the law... your counter argument was, "It's a plant so it's cool" my rebuttal was, "Opium also comes from a banned plant so plant =/= cool." Your further rebuttal was.... *crickets*

    You keep say "You" as if I was the one who made or supports the law as is... which honestly speaks again to your reading comprehension failure. My personal belief on this matter has not been stated, and will not be stated because it is not relevant (because I don't think I'm a special snowflake) what is relevant is the arguments themselves and coming up with good counters and rebuttals.

    You keep yelling that the drug war is bad... so prove it, construct an argument! If all drugs should be legalized (which is what it sounds like you are saying) please show your alternative to the current system, and why it would be better... again construct an argument with a clear Logos, Ethos, Pathos, and stylistic appeals targeted to your intended audience (you know English Comp 1 stuff).

    It's not my job (or interest) to make your arguments for you because I don't want to. I will do a critical rhetorical analysis for you (for free) because I enjoy that.

    But again you are too lazy to do the work so kindly please GTFO

    (also yes I've been here since Back then this place was way more mean to idiots like you, and I wouldn't be the only one telling you how stupid your arguments are. Also, freedom of speech? you really have no idea what anonymous or wwp is about or where it came from do you? This place would have eaten you alive back in the day!)

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