Oct. Nashville Planning

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Anonymous, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Oct. Nashville Planning

    Thats right, it is time. October is upon us Nashanons. What ya wanna do?

    I can't do the last weekend of the month because I AM GOING TO DC TO THE JON STEWART RALLY!!!. Not that I am excited or anything.

    What works for everyone? Imma wear my cool new Xenu sunglasses!!!

  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    See Nashanons, I put it right here!
  3. juche Member

    Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    MuffinKat, Nixon and I just got Internet after two weeks of torture caused by Comcast, hurk.

    This weekend is out because of the Celebration of Cultures. Maybe the 16th?
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    Can't the 16th. How about the 9th or the 23rd?
  5. Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    I am definitely ready to go whenever we can set a day anytime on the weekends or a Friday is perfect.

    nice glasses btw lmao
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    We are always up for a between raid raid, or flash raid if you will. Generally can assemble at least a couple of anons on relatively short notice. Let me know, I am always up for it.

    Hell, I'm open this weekend if you want to do a protest.

    The glasses may replace my GF mask from now on, that is if I can fight Juche, Nixon and Muffin for them.

    They are laughing with me right?
  7. Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    Well this weekend is a no go haha sorry but that would be awesome and i can not find a good GF mask any where erg
  8. juche Member

    Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    I think the 23rd should be fine. Nixon works this Saturday.
  9. Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    23rd works for me XD
  10. juche Member

    Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    One o'clock sound good to everyone?
  11. Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    That would work for me as well haha
  12. ZeLyt Member

    Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    This all sounds good to me. 23rd works, and 1 is good for me.
  13. LaCroix Member

    Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    While I'm fairly new to this, I will make my best efforts to show up and say Hai!
  14. Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    Alright! I won't be the only new one haha
  15. LaCroix Member

    Re: Oct. Nashville Planning


    Does this mean you will buy both of our masks? :p
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    One works for me! I am excited to meet our new Nashanons! Welcome!

    To our newest anons:
    Last year the big inflatable Halloween store in the parking lot of Cool Springs Mall had GF masks. Haven't checked the new location of Performance Costumes yet, but they may have them.

    Most of us don't wear GF masks because we've either been face fagged or just think the damn things are too uncomfortable. I wear hats and glasses, some anons wear bandanas. I always have a supply of surgical masks if you need one.

    Please do not park at the WO Smith Music School. They've asked us not to and we are also not too sure we can trust them. Park on any of the side streets or behind the closed businesses across the street from the org.

    We rarely have cake since we moved to the new location because there is little foot traffic and no one ate it. Bring bottled water and snacks if you like.

    PM any of us if you have questions.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    Also, Juche....
    BRING THE TUNES PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And Festivus Anon. We miss him
  18. juche Member

    Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    We'll need to go to the other house to get Festivus. He's been holding down the fort in Brentwood as we've been living in Nashville proper, heh.

    The tunes shall be brought indeed.
  19. Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    haha well i have a gf now and i need a full face thing while near the church just brings back some scary thoughts if ya know what i mean haha

    also could someone pm the address to the scientology building or pm me and i will send you what i think is it haha

    Oh and do we need flyers or just signs??

    sorry for being super new lulz
  20. Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    We should have been downtown today Scientology was out handing flyers out to zombie walkers i have one and will scan and post here in a lil while
  21. Re: Oct. Nashville Planning


    This is me holding the flyer hmmmmm i thought it smelt funny LULZ

    (never made one of these fail posters so dont be to harh lol)
  22. Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    Oh! i don't mean to have several posts at once here but i just was looking through the flyers i was handed and i was given one about a songrwritting class i just know realized that it is at the scientology building on the 23rd and 1 TOTAL SCORE XD lulz
  23. juche Member

    Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    lol Scientology handing things out to zombies. There's something beautiful about that.

    And I didn't even know about the walk until this morning. It was like ten minutes from our house, but we were without outfits :(.
  24. Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    Hahahaha what makes it 1 millio zillion times better is what they tell you at OTIII the volcano hydrogen bomb thing the thing that they say isnt true they gave me a little tiny flyer that had a volcano on it with an explosion going on above it hahaha
    LULZ again haha

    i thought it was fake but its an actual Scientology paper it was stuffed inside the survey haha
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    Stopped by Performance Studios tonight. They have bunches of Guy Fawkes masks. I bought a new one cause mine is cracked and icky.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    Given that Halloween is just a few weeks away, figure several shops in the area malls will have Guy Fawkes masks for sell. Time to stock up.
  27. juche Member

    Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    So Nixon has to work, MuffinKat's out of town and Demos' family is in town all on the 23rd. How does a rush hour Friday protest sound to everyone?
  28. Anonymous Member

    Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    What time Friday? You know it is dicey for me on Fridays.
  29. RightOn Member

    Re: Oct. Nashville Planning

    the Sea Org outfit? want to see the Sea Org outfit!!!

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