[Oct 6, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (NY,NY)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by SHEshe526, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. SHEshe526 Member

    Hi All…
    Due to our busy schedule (i.e. school, work and life) I am sure many haven’t heard about what is going concerning President Obama and Donald Trump, but please let me explain.
    What’s going on?
    Donald Trump has requested to see President Obama’s birth certificate because he didn’t believe President Obama wasn’t an official citizen of United States and this has been going on for weeks.
    Everyone knows in order to get into a Presidential seat there are requirement you must meet, like being a citizen of U.S.A and so forth.
    Trump has been pushing this issue for weeks now and you can hear about it on the radio, television, newspapers etc. So President Obama has his lawyers go to Hawaii to get his birth certificate. However Trump doesn’t want the birth certificate that you and I have at home, but he want the long version which the hospitals only have.
    President Obama receives the document and shows it to prove that he is a citizen of United States, regardless of the fact that he’s been in office for 2 years.
    But wait...
    That’s not enough because Trump begins to brag “I knew he was a citizen, but look I got the President to show me his birth certificate, but now I want to see his academic records, how come he went to Harvard and his classmates doesn’t remember him” now Trump wants to see academic records are you serious, plus the list of demands are continuing to pile up. Trump has 50% of the Republican Party behind him, he represents the Wealthy Class that is always getting taxed( you know their angry and tired of it) He hasn’t made it public that he is running for President but come on who does he think he’s fooling. We have to remember he is a very influential and everyone knows him.
    Let’s not forget
    Obama is the 44th President of United States and NOT once have any of the 43 others Presidents been pressed about their birth place or how they did in school.
    Former President Bush could barely read his notes or speak but he went to Yale and Harvard University was born in Texas, not once did anyone ask for his academic records nor second guessed if he was a white Mexican because Mexico is right next to Texas, and lets not forget the mess he put us in and left for President Obama.
    Prejudice + Power= Racism
    Trump is a high-ranking individual since he has followers and money, based on his uproar about President Obama, reveals his thoughts of the qualification of a black man which says a lot. How come this man is seating in the highest level seniority, how did he get into Harvard from Columbia unless it was a lie?
    The highest Level of respect in this country is President, chief- and- command which happens to be a Black man, now you have a wealthy white man with influence demanding that the President Proves himself worthy for a position he is already seating in. This reveals that no matter the level of successful you’ll have there’s always a white man trying to bring you down.
    Imagine if Trump became our next President what life would be like for the Working Class, the Middle Class citizen.
    So why aren’t the Same People that Voted for President Obama not Having His Back, we’re the ones who stick together in order for him to become President, Let’s come together in Keeping him there and fight ( Protesting against Trump) on his behave
    721 5th Ave
    NY, NY 10023
    Starting May 9th – 9am- until we make our point I guess
  2. Damn man. I would join, But I have school May 9th. I could go May 8th. If we could. Maybe I can make an excuse to get my ass over there man. Hey guys. One question. Is there an age limit?
  3. SHEshe526 Member

    we're going to do it for a week, taking turns protesting, because I also have class. No age limit just as long they understand what we're protesting for.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, stand at that guy's building really hard with a mask on! That'll teach 'im!
  5. the/ny/ops Member

    Hello, I see this is a new york protest. I have a proposal to make a large scale new york city protest. Would you be interested in details'
  6. Anonymous Member


    please do tell.
  7. the/ny/ops Member

    Well first, I need a confirmed amount of people who are in the ny area, people who may be able to travel to the NYC area. Before I release any details, I must know how many potential members are willing to help our (ny operations) cause by coming out to protest.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Depends on what you want to protest. NYC has a very well established cell of ~20-30. You can look at the stuff we do at

    We do scientology, sometimes westboro, a black supremacist group, and sometimes truthers and other crazies. We don't do any FOI stuff unless you think it's EXCEPTIONALLY lulzy. Feel free to join up at the forums if you wanna do things with us.
  9. Scud. Member

    What he said.
  10. Safehaven Member

    You must put more pressure on politicians, otherwise there is the risk that you will be overlooked among bigger headlines that the governments will make up sooner or later. Nothing is going to happen if the politicians arent affected.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Eat my ass
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