[Oct 31, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (melbourne, victoria,)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by thegingerbreadman, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Australia it seems is the only modern western country that seems happy to sit back and let our government make our decisions for us, we don't protest, we don't raise our voice we just shrug it off and say ahh well, its just politicians, well why don't we anti up and do something about it!?

    parliament house in Melbourne is a soft target, we need an organised meet to show gillard and her goons, that we (the young the old and anyone who is fed up with the backwards manner in which the country is operating) aren't going to take it laying down. Im open to suggestions as to a time and meeting place.

    this isn't my op, its yours, it belongs to anyone who wants to show that they actually want something better for a government that refuses to allow Australia to move forward, and step away from the archaic traditions and ideals of the past.

    the ginger bread man.

    catch me if you can...........
  2. xut Member

    I agree. We are too relaxed here and many things in this Government need to change. I respect the middle-east countries that are forcing change and freedom. I know that no one in AU seems to have the balls to do anything to better our once great country. And no, I am not talking about firing AK-47's.
  3. Marassast Member

    I want to go. fuck i hate that ranga cunt.

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