[Oct 15, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Washington D.C., DC)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by MrAnonization, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. hunterkll Member

    also, total rental vehicle cost will be $118 *excluding gas and tolls*
  2. hunterkll Member

    Reservation confirmed ( full insurance, i'm paying for, is an extra $50 for the entire trip. I've already received $20, remember, contributions not required, but appreciated!)
  3. skeptic2girl Member

    ^***I'm going to use cupcaek tech for the raid -- as long as the airline allows me me bring my cupcaek hauler of WIN as a carry-on, I'll be able to make the same cupcaeks above and bring them to the raid -- and I also look forward to Maid of Win's nom nom muffcaeks!!

    Also, anyone up for super-holy-batman *church* services Oct. 16th am at the cult?? ;)
    Would they be able to mock up enough folding chairs to accomodate us or would we have to bring our own?
  4. skeptic2girl Member

    I bet you don't need the insurance, though. I don't think I've ever done that with a rental car. Maybe it was because I have coverage through my *regular* car insurance -- still, I was under the impression that rental car insurance is sort of like extended warranties at Radio shack: an extra thing they make it sound like you need but you really don't.
  5. 3rdMan Member

    ^^^Gonna make our cutout of DM.

    1) I'll be coloring the template appropriately
    2) Go to fedex and print out the colored template (i'm thinking 4 feet adding the standing and bubble)
    3) Print the head on my personal printer
    4) Get a 3'6" peace of cardboard and blue both template and head to it
    5) Cut board to match shape

    As for our missing person's poster...

    An Anon conveniently made one a while back.
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  6. So like, are you guys seriously set on doing the full duration from 1 to 9? Or is this gonna be some thing where people are like, "Aww yeah bro i'm'a be out there 'til night," and then people start getting tired or restless after a few hours?

    I'm just trying to figure out what time I can make it, and if it ends up being later in the day, I don't want to miss out on most of the fun if the thing's winding down by late afternoon or early evening. Not that I would want anyone to stay late to accommodate me - I'll try to fit into your plans as best as possible. I'm just trying to figure out what sort of timetable is realistic so I can plan accordingly.
  7. hunterkll Member

    My motorcycle insurance won't cover the rental car. And for. $250/year I can understand why..

    Also, those extended warranties have replaced my laptop already this year, a phone, some other gear too.... for those of us with rough usage patterns, they're more of an investment :)
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  8. hunterkll Member

    I p
    I plan to be there the full duration
  9. This is rather late, but I have a spare bed in my hotel. As nobody from SF has claimed it, I'm opening up the offer for others. While I have my unrealistic preferences for guests, this offer is for any Anon (that can be vouched for) that wouldn't otherwise be able to go. The room is reserved for Friday (the 14th) and Saturday (the 15th) nights.
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  10. skeptic2girl Member

    hunterkll... still doin' it right :)
  11. skeptic2girl Member


    But it's a valid question -- I think we've all been to raids where a ton of people promise to come and you're the first to show up and you're alone -- I don't think that will be an issue here, though!

    can't speak for moog, but I might go have a coffee break at some point or get a sandwich or whatever, but I don't plan on bailing early

    edit: still can't speak for moog, but I can say that he almost is always at the raids before me and often stays longer than I do or is ready to go longer -- and so, yeah. :)

    ALSO from what I know, the SF Anon contingent is 3 -- two of our tribe had to bow out :(
  12. hunterkll Member

    I may talk to you at the protest depending on how i feel after being there all day ;)
  13. 3rdMan Member

    I just put 180 dollars to print up a 4 foot by 3 foot Missing person's poster and Davie body, cardboard and hot glue. There be my contribution. :p
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  14. lostatsea Member

    Hot glue and Davie Miscavige. Now that's hawt. ;)
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  15. skeptic2girl Member

    you rawk, 3rd man -- pm me if you have a paypal acct. or I'll bring some cash to the raid
  16. skeptic2girl Member

    what dm and tc do in the privacy of their own villa is none of our business!
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  17. MaidOfWin Member

    I was kind of assuming that we'd get there at 1 to set up and things wouldn't really start going until a bit later

    And then breaking down everything would take a while too so I don't plan to be rocking out until 9 or anything, though I do plan to actually be there the whole time

    The point is just that it's good to pad the permit duration
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  18. hunterkll Member

    Thatttt'sss what she saidddddd. Pickin' up the car on thursday. gonna be a wicked good time. \o/
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  19. What time is the pizza getting there, cuz that's when I plan to arrive.

    No, but seriously, I'm not sure yet when I'll be able to be there - I know it definitely won't be for the full thing, and probably will just be for a couple hours or so. Hopefully I get to see most or all of you guys, though. I am excite.
  20. I have a midterm this weekend and will be working my rather considerable ass off to try and be here. D:
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  21. skeptic2girl Member

    I decided I will probably will rent a car -- when should I pick you up? ;)
  22. MOOG Member

  23. skeptic2girl Member


    saw the local temps... looks like it will be nice :)

    does it get pretty cool at night?

    is it light jacket weather?
  24. 3rdMan Member

    Bring cash for pizza. That is compensation enough.
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  25. adhocrat Member

    No way. You're the reason I started solo raiding...

    Believe me, I want to be there, but the Big Pharma checks never arrived. Woe is me.

    And if ya'll are gonna have music, you couldn't do better than Moog as DJ.

    Looking forward to the video(s).
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  26. 3rdMan Member

    I just got the prints guys. They came out very good. I'm gonna get some foam boards from an office store and cut them into shape for the event.
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  27. 3rdMan Member

    Our guest of honor has arrived. He gets to stay in my closet for the next three days before seeing the light of day.

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  28. Mark Cabian Member

    Are you Bayfags really going???
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  29. skeptic2girl Member

    me and moog and let there be love, but exponential and luna c can't :(
  30. skeptic2girl Member

    ^completely knocked out by joke-making capabilities of that statement. STUNNED.
  31. Mark Cabian Member

    I am very jelly. :(
  32. skeptic2girl Member

    you rawk, guy...
  33. skeptic2girl Member

    if you can concoct some sort of toddler outfit, we might be able to convince them to let you sit on my lap on the plane for free and not even have to buy a ticket!
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  34. Mark Cabian Member

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  35. lostatsea Member

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  36. Mark Cabian Member

    Don't even start!
  37. 3rdMan Member

    On that note, come up with quotes to put in that quote bubble.
  38. skeptic2girl Member

    In honor of getting it started:

    With every SP Declare, I'm just *that* much closer to getting to ride the Big Boy rides!

    Tommy Cruise says that soon I'll get a Big Boy bed!

    I don't care how much money you have. You can't buy tall. (Working on it.)

    Why are the OT courses so expensive? Those scientists I've got trying to shrink a camel smaller than the eye of a needle should be charged with extortion! (ripped off from SNL sketch with Jim Breuer)
  39. Stupid question, at least one person is bringing a camera, right? Cuz I won't have anything on me.

    Hubbard-Telly, I hope you can make it, cuz I want to meet you. If she can't, can someone else bring chalk? Apparently it has to be white chalk... (Did you guys ever find out anything more about that? I have a feeling the cop who declared the "chalk OK, but no colored chalk" rule got caught trying to make rules up on the scene, and was trying to keep from losing face, but don't get me started...)
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