[Oct 15, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Washington D.C., DC)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by MrAnonization, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. skeptic2girl Member

    re: amazon -- you can pay for the fast shipping
  2. anonsparrow Member

    What are ya storing it in the freezer or what?
  3. Unfortunately, I think I know what happened to it...

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  4. hunterkll Member

    I can, as per your message, provide my one LCD, but the 2nd one needs an HDMI -> DVI/VGA cable. I have a VGA port, and a DVI port. I can provide an external keyboard for usage, etc. My laptop's ... let's just say powerful enough to run 3 copies of whatever latest 3D game is out , one on each monitor. so we'll have no worry in that regard. (I may have a 2nd laptop by the time of the protests for sole petition usage as well. but that's up in the air, we shall see).

    Also, Agree with 3rdman. I've had a backpack stolen at a scieno protest before! (luckily, took my laptop with me, just lost some of my gravi manga and the laptop charger :( )

    Also, my monitor won't require too much of a 'glare shield' (it's a high end, good thing) - but, an umbrella or shield for both is still not a bad idea. i'll provide the one, persuant to figuring out getting it down there, as being discussed via alternate means. if there's any other requests... i have a -LOT- of gear. ... and it dosn't have to be LCDs... I have good high powered CRTs as well. shit, i'll bring a fuckin' NeXTcube for the lulz if need be. hahaha. ... (they're going on ebay for $1k each apparently now... i just got 6...
  5. Anonymous Member

    Personally, I think trying to get people to sign the petition on-site with someone else's computer is going to be like pulling teeth. I would be surprised if you could get significantly more than a half-dozen people to do it. If you really want to push the petition hard, I think you could spend an equal amount of time spreading the word elsewhere and it would be way WAY more time-efficient.

    Work smarter, not harder, right? A couple people investing 20 mins pooning friends, family, and/or media outlets is going to to do a lot more than scratching and scraping hard all day at the megaraid for a handful of sigs. Shit you could get 6 sigs in minutes just through sock accounts. And it leaves you the whole megaraid duration free to relax and mess around too.

    Just my 2 cents, ignore me if you wish and prove me wrong if you can.
  6. 3rdMan Member

    Well we can just use it to stream media such as "The Unfunny Truth About Scientology." But yeah in these days with everyone being paranoid about putting their personal information anywhere, not to mention the tediousness of setting up an account, going to the email to confirm the account, etc, that will put people off. Better to do the other suggestion by printing up cards with the URL to it.

    Hey Huntrkll, how about just the tablet and laptop? I am thinking we print up cards for the petition URL and display enturbulating media. We just need something to prop up the tablet. That will make transporting stuff less a hassle.
  7. anonsparrow Member

    I concur.

    At first I thought it was a great idea but then I was like I don't know. I remember when hunter had his backpack stolen too. I want to maximize my fun-time during the raid and not have to worry about someone walking off with high tech shiite.

    Handouts that prompt people to sign the petition from home seem the best bet. That and caeklove.
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  8. skeptic2girl Member

    forgive me if I'm derping, but were we talking about the graham berry-instigated white house petition or a different one?

    I'm also all about the caeklove. But we've found that in SF it's better to leave the COB off the guest list. Not only does he try to kick everyone's ass (unsuccessfully, but it's far from lulzy) but he pigs all the cupcaeks:

  9. 3rdMan Member


    I just got correspondence and thanks from the folks at the Carnegie Institute and we have an agreement.

    1) The stairs are off limits, period. If you need to sit, bring your own chairs. You can get cheap chairs at the CVS down the street or at Dupont Circle.
    2) They will be hosting a wedding event and the participants will be using the stairs in the afternoon. They plan on putting a barrier at the stairs to mark where the border is. So no problem. (although at least most of us will be dressed nicely for the occassion, lol)
    3) We will keep in contact with the building manager in case anything happens or needs to be addressed. They have a copy of our permit also, just for courtesy.
    4) Speakers must face away from the Carnegie Building.
    5) I want those cupcakes in the above post.

    That is all.
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  10. In true outsider style, I'll be showing up empty-handed and just eat the food, i.e. be mostly useless. Hoping there's a sign or something that I can borrow, but if not, that's fine too. I'm mostly gonna be standing around shooting the breeze with people. I don't expect I'll be able to be there for more than a couple of hours, so if I missed you, sorry in advance.

    Yes, the White House petition. Didn't know there was any other (that's worth talking about).

    Too bad, they're mine. I called it. 2ymukab.gif
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  11. hunterkll Member

    Tablet is only 7 inch.
  12. skeptic2girl Member

    lol -- I was actually thinking of arranging things in advance so I COULD bring some to the raid!! we'll see.

    Or maybe I'll bring ones from the place below. I was going to say I would if it was close by where I'm staying. But now I'm thinking that I'll just fucking walk there either way. Or I'll walk there either way whether or not I make cupcaeks.

    SOMEONE'S getting cupcaeks and it's me, you = everyone.

    Fuck the Washington Monument. Too Phallic. Go Cupcaeks!!
  13. 3rdMan Member

    We can use it for musics?
  14. hunterkll Member

    i guess? I'd like to bring more gear though, since this is our super-ultra-max protest. :p
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  15. Xenu Is Lord Member

  16. skeptic2girl Member

    **it bears repeating -- talk of renting stuff, printing out stuff... takes money
    lemme know and I'll peel a few, uh, *washingtons* off my wad ;)


    Traveler's Cheques!!
  17. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Well these print outs are meant to be 3 for each page.

    It is about .10 a page

    5.00 will make 50 pages and that means 150 handouts. If you like please spend 5.00 :)
  18. skeptic2girl Member

  19. 3rdMan Member

    I'll bring my extra monitor then. Then we'll have two monitors to stream.
  20. MaidOfWin Member

    OK, things I am bringing so far:
    large table
    small circular table? It's wrought-iron and fancy-looking
    trollcannon & big folder o' posters as per usual

    Things we need that nobody's volunteered for yet:
    Burger King crowns
    Cardboard cutout of Davey M
    Missing person poster of Shelley M (can be halfassed at the last minute if need be)

    I'm thinking maybe we should have trollcannon for the first part of the raid - quieter, etc. - and then switch to generator later. This would both conserve generator and maybe be nicer to the wedding party on the stairs? What do you guys think?

    Can somebody handle the crowns? And does anyone know where I can get a hi-res shot of Davey without touching scilon sites? Somebody brought a hilarious "life-sized" cardboard cutout of him to a raid here, once, but I can't track down who it was. IF YOU ARE READING THIS MYSTERY PERSON, PM ME.
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  21. 3rdMan Member

    I thought Fuckwad was bringing speakers. I can get the burger king crowns. The cardboard cutout of DM is gonna be an expenditure but I can shell out for it. Missing persons of Shelly I can work on. Just gotta price it first.
  22. MaidOfWin Member

    He is bringing speakers, we just can't power them the whole time off of one of those little red generators (cf. gas discussion above) so I was thinking a nice way to fix that would be to work off the trollcannon for the first bit & then switch to generators/speakers

    You want to get a professional print job? Man, I was just going to print shit out on computer paper & glue it to some cardboard. Well, if you're willing to shell out... :)
  23. 3rdMan Member

    Only the best for the COB. :p
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  24. skeptic2girl Member

    re: stuff we're bringing

    1) CAEK (tentative but I'll bring some no matter what!)

    I make these cookies (all modesty aside, they're pretty damn good) and it's feasible for me to haul the ingredients in my suitcase!

    2) SIGNS

    moog has a bunch of poster-type signs that are lulzy and which easily fold up and fit in a backpack. I believe he's bringing those
  25. hunterkll Member

    If anyone can assist with bringing gear from Harford County, MD. or securing me $90 to rent a car to bring everything I need, please email me at (or PM, but i don't check that often, so that's perferrable)
  26. MaidOfWin Member

    I will give you some moneys at the raid if that helps
  27. 3rdMan Member

    PM me how much. I'll compensate for half.
  28. MrAnonization Member

    1 More Week Woo! I have re vamped my look i think it will be awesome with a capital Q. I'll be doing snack run on the 14th, or something to that nature. Anyone want Dominos? Cause I'm bringing pizza money for Dominos :) If we can get some extra cash we can get more then the minute amount of pizza i can afford XD.

    Things i be bringing:
    New Sign
    New Me
    The Mailbag (My new name for my bag-o-stuff)
    Megaphone (Not the best kinda cheap)
    Pizza Money (It will only be enough for a few pizzas and i get dibs on one of them[I love pizza]. So if extra cash can be dished out that's be great)
    Some Blank poster stuff.
    A Guitar (I'm going to TRY to play I'm really in experienced, and its out of tune so someone else might be better off playing it.)
    Other stuff that i can't remember off hand...

    (The guitar song will be Still alive by the way)
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  29. anonsparrow Member

    You're bringing a megaphone argh ye? Dem dere are dueling megaphone words.

    And I, sir, accept your challenge.

    Winner wins opponent's said megaphone. Then victory speech shall be spoken into winning megaphone while being amplified through losing megaphone.

    It'll be Qwesome!
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  30. MrAnonization Member

    *Takes off glove*

    It shall be a duel for the century my good sir!
  31. anonsparrow Member

    Oh now you're bringing a glove too?

    Now I may be an idiot, but there's one thing I am not sir, and that sir, is an idiot.

    *takes off shoe*

    (sorry I'm reeeeally bored.)
  32. MaidOfWin Member

    fucken dying of lulz over here, can't wait for this raid guys
  33. anonsparrow Member

    Me too! It's gonna be like the olden days of lulz.
  34. MaidOfWin Member

    I went ahead and reserved two generators of the type we've used before because the rental guy said the power delivery wouldn't be clean enough with their larger models and I don't want to break Crucifuckwad's speakers

    This is a huge fucking splurge but it's gonna be awesome :D :D :D
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  35. hunterkll Member

    Haha, well, as long as I can secure a proper vehicle, we should be all set... awww yeaaaa.....
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  36. MrAnonization Member

    Anyone sharing some money for pizza? Cause as i said the amount i can bring will be for about 3
  37. 3rdMan Member

    Sense Maid has splurged. I'll splurge for food. Pizza for homecoming but I'll bring snack trays too.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Maybe the missing persons should also have the petition stuff on them????
  39. 3rdMan Member

    The missing person's poster is supposed to represent DM's missing wife. No sense putting anything else on it except her photo. The petition cards will most likely be handed out by protesters or available on the table.

    As for anti-theft stuff for electronics.

    This works.
  40. hunterkll Member

    I will secure vehicle within the next day or two and confirm. may be 2-3 days, will quote costs and not expect "extreme" reimbursment... it's sticking my neck out there, so i'll supply more than can be supplied, but i'll bring cameras, computers, tripods, film, etc. beyond alread repeated donations, others are 'unexpected' .. but all is appreciated (i'm working on a McD salary here :-p) ...

    Wish equipment lists beyond what i've said, and i'll make sure to dig / acquire it!

    If anyone has an HDMI to DVI cable, that will help greatly.

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