[Oct 15, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Washington D.C., DC)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by MrAnonization, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. MrAnonization Member

  2. MrAnonization Member

    19 People Woo!! I got a new fedora :D i will have it for the raid! This is becoming so good. I can't believe my planning is working :') You guys all rock im glad i became a part of the DCfags... Its just such a great time :D. I will be there a smidge early if i can. Its getting closer everyday i so excited :3
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  3. MrAnonization Member

    Not only that but i has the MEGA phone, and yes empasization is needed
    I will be suited up, and ready to roll.
  4. MrAnonization Member

    You may not need to though if 3rdman does it in sept. So wait till post sept.
  5. MrAnonization Member

    Okay i post WAY to much... Im excited. Anyways lets make sure permit is all fine and all.
  6. 3rdMan Member

    I'm gonna call up an already-face/name-fagged Anon (Hubbardtelescope) to get the permit for us.
  7. MrAnonization Member

    K awesome :)
  8. MrAnonization Member

    Hey guys i wanted to just post up something i was wondering:
    How many video recording people we has?
    My reasoning is i wanna catch them on anything they do i wanna have every inch covered camera's at the ready as often as possible.
  9. MrAnonization Member

    So im thinking of switching to a ski-mask under my mask. Thoughts?
  10. Infraction Member

    I'll be bringing my camcorder and enough batteries so I can record non-stop. Also, I'd wait to decide on the ski-mask until you find out how hot it will be.
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  11. MrAnonization Member

    Good points. Decided on a thin nylon instead. So i can use it in any weather thanks for the thoughts. So now i just need gloves and ill be showing 0% skin lol.
  12. 3rdMan Member

    For winter. Good idea. For summer weather, sweat mask. ;P
  13. MrAnonization Member

    Anyone know where to get some cheap all black gloves?
  14. MrAnonization Member

    Hey guys another thing to add to our planning this is called:
    The Game Plan For Oct.
    1. In case of Scilons making frivolous police calls we will pick our spokesman who will talk to the police if it comes to happen that the police need to talk to us
    2. I plan on bringing some kind of speech to it so that i can reads it
    3. At least have 6 of us demonstrating at one time so that we will have something happening through the entire time.
    4. Bring money in case of emergency.
    5. Bring back up mask(s) Ill have a few if needed
    6. WATER, and non dehydrating snacks.
    7. Go wherever you need to go during with in groups of 2 minimum to make sure to not be name-fagged, or hurt
    8. NO VIOLENCE WHAT SO EVER, If you do something violent to anyone: Scilons, or citizens. I will kindly ask you to leave. Our protest is non-violent this makes it show that we have better logic then the ones who would commit to violence.
    9. Be cool bro

    That's it on this note...
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  15. Cheap winter "stretchy-fabric" gloves for like $3? Not exactly in season right now, but I'm sure you could eBay some, or maybe they'll have them in drugstores and stuff by October.

    Or check out the Halloween or costume suppliers.
  16. MrAnonization Member

    For Anyone Who Has NOT Seen the Leaflet For the 16th
    Well here it is courtesy of 3rdman :)
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  17. Anonymous Member

    I shall bring Grand Prix roses (aka Scarlet Carsons) to hand out to the $cilons!
  18. 3rdMan Member

    For those who want to show up in Halloween costume, feel free to. Zombie prom ftw!
  19. anonsparrow Member

    Confirmed for brawl! And I got my home-coming digs in the mail thanks to a very generous anon!

    Like a glove...
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Just saying that Dupont Circle has so much more car and foot traffic than the morgue address.

    Also, Volunteer Ministers are fond of erection, uh, erecting their big ole yellow tent over at Dupont Circle on weekends. Dueling demonstrations might be fruitful. Althought the VMs usually look morose as hell. Even yellow clothing doesn't make 'em look cheerful.
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  21. To add to 3rdMan's list, I'll bring a case of water. Much needed for all that dancing.
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  22. 3rdMan Member

    To all DCfags, if you can show for the September 17th raid, it would help a lot so I can distribute the notices around Dupont faster.
  23. Anonymous Member

    You know what they say about a well-hatted, well-dressed anon.
  24. MaidOfWin Member

    If you think it's worth it I could maybe do an after-work tape-flyers-to-things raid sometime next week, combine with a flashraid or something

    I'm itchin' for a goshdarn raidddd
  25. MrAnonization Member

    Picture Change Complete!
  26. skeptic2girl Member

    countdown to DC cult megaraep starts - several hours before - NOW!!

    :) :) :)
  27. hunterkll Member

    Are permits confirmed and finalized?
  28. MaidOfWin Member

    Not quite, working on it
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  29. skeptic2girl Member

    ^thanks! :)

    and thank you, DC fags, for organizing this. I see that there is a lot of work, thought, and details that need to be addressed and I'm so glad you guys know the drill.

    DC fags = doin' in right :)
  30. skeptic2girl Member

    ^sounds extremely hot. :( I wear a half-mask under my gf mask to make it easier to drink water without getting face-fagged or talk to passersby who really want to talk but get creeped out by the mask...
  31. MrAnonization Member

    Little late on this neh XD, I bought a nylon mask its thin, and it works in ANY weather plus the weather for Oct is going to be cold
  32. Anonymous Member

    went to youtube to watch this -- cult has paid link to vid pimping VM program, lol
  33. Weda Member

    October 15 is good since it is the third weekend. I have a mask; halloween wig.
  34. 3rdMan Member

    Major ka-fucking update!

    Okay we have confirmed use of space, legally, for this event.

    First involves how much space we got. Of course for protesting purposes, we have the sidewalk in front of the Idle Morgue. As for space across the street for the main event, I'll let this picture show you.
    THE STAIRS ARE OFF LIMITS. The Carnegie Institute has an event going on and the stairs are not public property. Where I marked on this photo shows what space will be reasonable to hold the main event. With protesting across the street.

    We are still working on getting the permit but should get it very very soon. We had some difficulty with police being confused to the expected numbers, which is why we didn't get one.

    I have the pavilion tent. It is about 10 by 10 feet and primarily meant to house tables, electronics, supplies and keep backpacks safe. As a bonus, I will have 3-holed bricks we can use to hoist up a flag or two to mark our presence.
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  35. anonsparrow Member

    You, 3rdMan.

    Are the mother-fucking man.
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  36. skeptic2girl Member


    also, what's the, uh, weather like in D.C. in mid-October? Bikinis or parkas? ;)
  37. anonsparrow Member

    It's definitely bikinis. I swear.
  38. skeptic2girl Member

    I will if you will, sparrow...
  39. Anonymous Member

  40. anonsparrow Member

    You must be confusing me with AnonOrange. :)
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