[Oct 15, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Washington D.C., DC)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by MrAnonization, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Lmao, I still have about 10lbs of white chalk. Ok fags, it's on. Count me in, I'll be there.

    MoW, if you and purple want to make a thrift store run, hit me up.
  2. 3rdMan Member

    Can u contact Schumin to get the permit while your at it?
  3. Sure, I'll give him a call this weekend.
  4. Okay, permits should be set. :3
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  5. 3rdMan Member

    Oh goodies.
  6. Mark Cabian Member

    GO! You glorious people! <3
  7. Exponential Member

    a few femanons from sf attending so far. got Bad Brains banned in dc at the ready
  8. 3rdMan Member

    Okay things I suggest we need:

    1) A table or two.
    2) Schumin needs to call the police again to make sure we can set tables and sound equipment with no fuss.
    3) I'd ask Schumin to also call the institute across from the org to make sure they are square with us having this event on that day.
    4) Sound system (troll canon is okay but more speakers would be nice too.
    5) Informing the surrounding stores and residents of this event to warn them of the use of amplified sound.
    6) Cooler(s) to contain snack foods and drinks
    7) If we can borrow additional space near the stairs, a pavilion tent. I can set it up with 3-holed bricks that would allow us to hoist flags up too!
    8) Anons (make sure you dress for this occassion!)
    9) A cardboard printout of David Miscavige (normal size, aka 3 feet tall). A cardboard missing person poster of Shelly Miscavige. (both to be crowned near the end, lol).
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  9. MaidOfWin Member

    Does Burger King still give out cardboard ones?
  10. apoptrolltion Member

    Some do, you just have to ask them at the counter for one.
  11. MaidOfWin Member

  12. pewpew Member

    Which sf femanons are going?
  13. Anonytarded Member

    I'll see what I can do about getting off work to be there.
  14. MrAnonization Member

    Okay guys looks like we will have a nice amount of people we need to secure that permit soon.
    I still need to know if someone can bring a speaker, and a mic?
    Megaphone would still work, but mic + Speaker would be nice.
  15. MaidOfWin Member

    I believe we have those things or can get them super easy, I wouldn't worry about it - speakers definitely, mic less definitely but I'm still pretty sure
  16. MrAnonization Member

    Okay cool, wow the number of people saying they are coming im really happy it looks like this will be a good one :)
  17. MaidOfWin Member

    Now is the time to plan snacks

    who likes chocolate chip banana muffins I am ace at those
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  18. 3rdMan Member

  19. Anonymous Member

    sf femanons (active) are about 2 in number.
  20. MrAnonization Member

    Anyone going to bring cake? ;3? Lol. I'll see what i can do luckily i have some snack fundage
  21. MrAnonization Member

    I wanna add to what 3rdMan suggested about the bringing stuff. This isn't really more to bring but more of when we should make sure we have the stuff. We wanna have everything ready at least 2 weeks prior.
  22. 3rdMan Member

    Okay I have heard nothing from Schumin about a permit. So I am going to contact some of our already-dox'd Anons for permit getting.
  23. skeptic2girl Member

    can't bring "big" stuff, but will try to bring some signs that are fold-uppable. can also purchase some caek -- maybe something substantial and savory -- and drinkables, of course
    can bring some extra gf masks, 2
    *what's the d.c. anon dress code? sounds fun and fancy! pleaze elaborate!!
  24. Anonymous Member

    Any chance of some floor space at an Anon's residence for out of town Anons?
  25. MrAnonization Member

    Normally its just whatever you wanna wear, but this is a special event like a mach home-coming so dress up clothes: Suit, Button up, Polo, Khakis, etc... This is only for this one though usually its just "Atleast wear clothing" rule normally
  26. MrAnonization Member

    Hey guys lets try to rope atleast 10 more people into this so we can show how much this is to us
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  27. skeptic2girl Member

    I love to wear dressy-dress up clothes to raids! After all, it's Saturday night, right? And moog always wears a suit!

    I wasn't sure if it was a costume thing, is all.
  28. MrAnonization Member

    Yeah no problem

    Oh just random thing to you guys. I just had stuff done to my thumb, and-- I CANT FEEL ANYTHING RIGHT NOW! Its so weird Q~Q
  29. skeptic2girl Member

    yes, that IS random! lol
    heal up by oct. 15, kay?
  30. MrAnonization Member

    Will do... I should totally post pics :3
  31. hjkllkjh Member

    If you're keeping Oct15 as a date, please be aware that there will other important stuff be happening on that day, stuff you will also like. It will be an attempt to an internationalization of what May 15 was for Spain. On that date in Spain we took the street behind the big banner "We are not merchandise in the hands of politicians and bankers". Among the protesters I saw a few GuyFawkes masks that day. And no flags, no unions, no political parties.

    Since then, regular citizens have been marching, demonstrating, and having horizontal assemblies in the squares of neighbourhoods and towns, all over the nation. Politicians do not really understand us, they can't manage to coopt us or scare us off, and we are starting to influence things. And we will keep going, as we have discovered our power. Without a leader we can't be character-assasinated, and being intensely nonviolent it's quite hard to demonize us (although they try!). Polls say we have 70% popular support, while politicians are seen as the 3rd main problem of the country.

    No-one expected this to be possible in Spain, so it could well be possible elsewhere. Organization is going on in several European countries, and also in the US. So again, please keep this in mind and try to support this in whatever action you will be taking on the same date :)
  32. MaidOfWin Member

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  34. Infraction Member

    I'll be there. Also, if you need someone to name drop for a permit I'd be willing.
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  35. skeptic2girl Member

    as I shop around for a '80's prom dress, I'm forced to conclude that everyone in the the 1980's had an itty-bitty waist! (this was a post-corset era, no?:)
  36. 3rdMan Member

    Thanks for the awesome ad Strong Strength.

    Okay September Raid, I am going to print up leaflets advertising our raid. The plan is to go from business to business and knock on the doors of nearby residence to notify them there will be an event. I will also be seeing if I can schedule an appointment to talk to the guys at the institute across the street to find out if they would mind people on their stairs. Lets hope they're generous.
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  37. skeptic2girl Member

    Does the D.C. org not "let" you guys protest in front? (that sounds familiar)
  38. 3rdMan Member

    We need more room for this raid, I think. The more anons, the more space I wanna see if we can get.
  39. Dude... someone here is so anonymous, they managed to RSVP without even so much as a username. Skills. 2ymukab.gif
  40. MrAnonization Member

    That would help. Its the institute across the org we need permit for the sidewalk in front of it.

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