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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    Sergeant Shamar Thomas on Occupy Wall Street: "It's not a war zone"

    A video featuring Sgt. Shamar Thomas has gone viral on YouTube. In the video, Sgt. Thomas confronts members of the NYPD about how the cops have been treating protesters. He tells the police that if they want to fight, they should go to Iraq and Afghanistan. Sgt. Shamar Thomas, Iraq war veteran, tells us why he felt he had to speak out and tells us what he thinks about the the troops coming home.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    If these two people started to lead I would follow them anywhere. Srsly.
  3. lulzgasm Member

    Homeland Security is doing shit they shouldn't
    (I know, nothing new).
  4. SHE'S HOT - just sayin.
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  5. lulzgasm Member

    And this isn't the first time she's been picked on by the DHS. They don't like her very much. ;)
  6. adhocrat Member

    libertarians have been saying this a long time...we have been heading for fascism since the 1930s. FDR used internal fascism to fight external fascism.
    I love it. Welcome Naomi.
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  7. The Wrong Guy Member

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  8. The Wrong Guy Member

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  9. adhocrat Member

    I'm halfway through the interview. Fascinating. She came awake.
  10. lulzgasm Member

    She's been awake for a few years now. Ever read her book End of America: A Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot?
  11. lulzgasm Member

    Speaking of DHS....



    I have a feeling that the 'New American Revolution' will turn out to be one of the strangest on record. :)

  12. adhocrat Member

    Nope, but I've got a library card and I know how to use it...
    and I noticed the interview is almost 2 years old.
    Plus she sure is easy to look at.
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  13. I went back through logs and this is the only evidence I see of "Anonymous" talking about hacking infrastructure...

    As you can see from the logs on October 7th of 2011, this "Mr E." (Mystery?) talks of FEDERAL prosecutors cracking down on pot dispensaries in California, then this Mexican (is he actually mexican or is it a ruse?) replies for OWS and ANONYMOUS in the same sentence! He then says "tweet it" which we all know at the moment is the "de facto" form of communication with the press from ANONYMOUS (since you know, 5 people with 20k followers constitutes "THE VOICE" of Anonymous). They then both claim to be at that moment, leaving to HACK governments systems including the Nuclear Defense Grid and SCADA systems. I'm not sure what "<.<" means, could be terminal commands? Might also be some special IRC command to establish an encrypted link between the two??? I just can't tell if those anons are serious - I figure the DHS is thinking better to error on the side of caution and say that it was a serious threat right???? What if they do speak in some capacity for OWS and "Anonymous" ??? DANGEROUS TIMES. :O

    But seriously, I don't think anybody inside of "Anonymous" would publicly be speaking about high level government hacking - especially not publicly in a chat like #whyweprotest - the bastion of pony people and lolcat makers. High level Core Veteran Officers within the Hacking arm of Anonymous know that LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS, and that these 2 are likely just trollin' , right?

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  14. Anonymous Member

    I'm preeeeeetty sure "brb hacking the national defense grid/SCADA" was a joke. I write shit like that and I can barely hack wood but I'm hilarious.
  15. WMAnon Member

    You get all the jokes.
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  16. The Wrong Guy Member

    Occupy Europe: Thousands march in Germany & Spain

    Thousands staged demonstrations against the power of banks and for greater democracy in German cities on Saturday, while several thousand Spanish teachers and parents marched in the capital Madrid to protest against austerity measures. In Berlin the second edition of the so-called 'Occupy Berlin' protest against the financial system drew several hundred demonstrators to a march which ended at the Reichstag building, Germany's parliament, on Saturday afternoon. Protesters chanted slogans against banks as they walked past Berlin landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate. After the massive turnout at anti-bank protests last weekend, Berlin police were out in force this Saturday but no serious incidents were reported. A similar demonstration was held in Frankfurt, where several thousand people protested against the power of the banks and for greater democracy. The demonstration was organised by 'Occupy Frankfurt' and the international pro-democracy, anti-globalisation movement 'attac'. The participants marched from the centre of Frankfurt to the European Central Bank building, and a rally was held in front of the Deutsche Bank building. Meanwhile in Spain, several thousand teachers marched in Madrid under banners reading: "Our hopes for the future were never so gloomy" and "For sale", referring to cuts in public education that they say will lead to fewer teachers being employed. Teachers went on strike in Madrid on Thursday, the sixth day of stoppages since classes began last month. The protests have been triggered by local authority orders requiring teachers to teach an extra two hours of class per week, a measure that will lead to fewer teachers being hired this year. Education is run at the regional level in Spain and the order was instigated by local governments controlled by the centre-right Popular Party.
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  17. The Wrong Guy Member

    Wall Street Tsunami: OWS grows in force

    There's been another round of protester arrests in New York. Anti-corporate demonstrators complain police are taking too heavy an approach to their continuing peaceful rallies. RT's Lucy Kafanov is at the heart of protests that inspired a global movement.
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  18. 11th Doctor Member

    I don't blame the cops for this.
  19. The Wrong Guy Member

    LucyKafanov Lucy Kafanov
    It is not a revolution - not even close. But it is a lesson in the power of numbers, persistence and unity forged by economic gloom. #OWS
    2 hours ago

    LucyKafanov Lucy Kafanov
    The 16th annual march against police brutality has begun. Protesters leaving union square now flanked by #nypd. #ows
    3 minutes ago
  20. The Wrong Guy Member

  21. Anonymous Member

    ^ Heavy sigh.

    Other biggest challenge:
  22. lulzgasm Member

  23. Zhent Member

    Reportedly 40 have been arrested in Sydney and the occupation shut down.

    This is quite disappointing, the response has been most heavy handed in Australia with all (?) the occupations shutdown/moved on.

    West has also accused Obama of being “a black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats,” and suggested that the president “has a certain fear of free black men,”

    Damn. Yeah, I'm pretty disappointed in Obama too. I've always been skeptical of Ron Paul(he is a republican after all) but I am curious to see what he could bring to the table.
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  25. adhocrat Member

    Ron Paul has been consistent over the 30 years that I've been following his career. He votes the same way he talks, which may be unique among today's national politicians. He is a registered Republican, but he is as close to a libertarian candidate as can be found in today's political climate.

    One thing he wants to do is end the Federal Reserve bank. Since the Fed is the source of modern warfare, I think he's onto something. Replace the dollar with free market money...oops, just lost you.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    The Netherlands reporting in

  27. Dragononymous Member

    Shush you, they don't even speak dutch anymore.
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  28. Zoom Member
    Of course they would deny it. Why would they want to give the truth and compromise their jobs?
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  29. 11th Doctor Member

    What happens after the protest succeeded?
  30. Dragononymous Member

    People watch the news at home to see if they are on their lcd tv on the news channel reporting the protest
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  31. The Wrong Guy Member

    Police break up Occupy Sydney protests

    Up to 50 people have been arrested as police moved in to Martin Place to end the Occupy Sydney protest.
  32. lulzgasm Member


    Well, you can always re-occupy.
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  33. lulzgasm Member

    Glib Beck gets caught red-handed pulling his usual BS and gets PWNed.
  34. The Wrong Guy Member

    Occupy Wall Street-style protest in Indonesia leads to closure of world's largest gold mine

    As the Occupy Wall Street movement spreads like dominoes, resentment toward corporate greed has led to the deaths of four Indonesians and the temporary closure of the American-owned Grasberg mine, one of the world’s largest gold and copper mines, in the remote region of West Papua.

    Workers at the giant mine, which is owned by the U.S.-based Freeport-McMoran, are on strike for the second month straight. Although the company says it has managed to hire outsourced workers to prevent any significant slowdown in production, that all changed on Monday when the mine halted production for security reasons. Markets, however, have yet to react to the closure.

    Workers at Freeport’s Grasberg mine — which accounts for more than 90 percent of the company’s gold output — receive a minimum of between $1.50 and $3 an hour, the lowest of any Freeport-McMoran operation worldwide.


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  35. The Wrong Guy Member

    Goldman Sachs Withdraws From Credit Union Fundraiser Occupy Wall Street Was Being Honored At

    Earlier this month, the Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit Union in New York City held a fundraiser to celebrate its 25th anniversary. It just so happened that this the credit union many of the protesters at Occupy Wall Street (OWS) were using to store funds — and the protest group became an honoree at the dinner. When Goldman Sachs found out that OWS would be at the dinner, it pulled out of the event, along with its $5,000 donation. Despite the threat from the mega-bank to pull its money if OWS would be honored, event organizers decided to go ahead anyway. “”Their money was welcome, but not at the price of giving up what we believe in,” said Pablo DeFilippi, associate director of member development at the National Federal of Community Development Credit Unions. “We lost their $5,000, but we have our principles.”

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  36. The Wrong Guy Member

  37. Anonymous Member

    Chicago update:!/OccupyChicago

    They have barricades, two prison buses, zip ties. Protestors are linking arms. "CPD making arrests by breaking the human chain, one by one"

    Per @OccupyChicago, arrests have just begun. CPD clearing out Grant Park for the 2nd Saturday in a row

    Mayor Chicago 312-744-5000
    Governor Pat Quinn 312-814-2121 217-782-0244 /
    Chi PD 312-744-4000 312-746-6000 - Respectfully Demand 1st Amendment Rights

    Phones are being answered.
  38. The Wrong Guy Member

    Cop morale low after string of NYPD scandals puts department under fire

    A ticket-fixing scandal has hung over the department like a black cloud for the past two years. But the negative press has intensified in recent months with the emergence of several new scandals.
    A spate of false drug busts - known as "flaking," cop talk for planting cocaine on innocent victims - led to the arrests of eight cops and a sweeping NYPD shakeup. Earlier this month, NYPD Officer Michael Daragjati was hit with federal civil rights charges for falsely arresting a black man on Staten Island because of his race.

    And a series of apparently strongarm police tactics in dealing with the Occupy Wall Street protesters - most notably, NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna's use of pepper spray on two women - has left the department with a very public black eye.

    "Everybody is really shaken," said a Bronx cop who has been on the force for 10 years. "A lot of guys are afraid to do their jobs, but that's what happens. One or two guys can tarnish the whole department."
    Pat Lynch, president of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, said, "Morale is as bad as I've ever seen it."
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  39. It's more than one or two buddy.
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