#OccupyWallStreet: Struggle For Zuccotti Park

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by The Wrong Guy, Nov 14, 2011.

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    After an NYPD announcement mentioning a fire hazard and telling everyone to leave, over a hundred NYPD cops in riot gear are trying to clear out New York's Liberty Square.

    There's a live video feed at
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    Wouldn't it ordinarily be up to the Fire Marshal to declare a fire hazard?
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    Bloomberg served with temporary restraining order requiring reopening of Zuccotti Park to protesters at 7:50AM

    At 6:30 AM this morning, following a midnight police raid evicting protesters from Zuccotti Park, Justice Lucy Billings issued an order requiring the protesters to be readmitted to Zuccotti Park with their tents. ThinkProgress just spoke to one of the plantiff’s attorney’s, Gideon Orion Oliver, who confirmed that the order was served on Mayor Bloomberg and the other defendants via fax at 7:50AM. During his 8AM press conference, Mayor Bloomberg seemed to acknowledge he was familar with the temporary restraining order, but claimed that he had not been served and was keeping the park closed. As of this writing, Zuccotti Park remains closed to protesters in direct contradiction of Justice Billing’s order.
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    RAGreeneCNN RAGreeneCNN
    Relevant part of NY Supreme Court order re-opening #Zuccotti Park and allowing tents etc: it is further order… (cont)
    1 hour ago

    Relevant part of NY Supreme Court order re-opening #Zuccotti Park and allowing tents etc: it is further ordered that until this matter is heard on the date set forth above, respondents/defendants are prohibited from:

    a) evicting protesters from Zuccotti Park aka Liberty Park, exclusive of lawful arrests for criminal offenses,

    b) Enforcing the “rules” published after the occupation began or otherwise preventing protesters from re-entering the park with tents and other property previously utilized.

    Signed by Lucy Billings

    RAGreeneCNN RAGreeneCNN
    Fight over #Zuccotti Park moves to NY Supreme Court - hearing at 11:30 #ows
    17 minutes ago
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    Cool. Let's step back and watch what happens as Executive tries to take on Judicial.
    My bet's on Ms. Lucy ----------<--{@
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    AlecBaldwin Alec Baldwin
    New York City allowed a film production to block parts of the 59th St bridge to shoot a film.
    2 hours ago

    AlecBaldwin Alec Baldwin
    But OWS has been broomed out of Zucotti because Bloomberg said they are inhibiting "first responders".
    2 hours ago

    AlecBaldwin Alec Baldwin
    Bloomberg's NY is no place for the 1st amendment. Bloomberg serves Wall Street, now and forever. And Wall Street cannot handle free speech.
    2 hours ago

    AlecBaldwin Alec Baldwin
    1 - Bloomberg, who banned protest during the Republican Convention in 2004, has a chance to groom his legacy with the OWS issue.
    7 minutes ago

    AlecBaldwin Alec Baldwin
    2 - NYC bends over backwards to give costly tax breaks to corporations that threaten to leave NY. Whether those corporations create sufficient jobs or not.
    3 minutes ago

    AlecBaldwin Alec Baldwin
    3 - The city should invest in free speech. Spend actual money to protect it. NY should not end up like Oakland.
    2 minutes ago

    AlecBaldwin Alec Baldwin
    4 - PS where was Jerry Brown re Oakland?
    1 minute ago
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    Any reports on what the people who actually own Zucotti Park have to say to this judge's order that they can't enforce their park rules?
  14. Anonymous Member

    Here's what your precious 1% police state says:

    'WAAAH! The Judge told me what to do!'

    BULLSHIT. The contents of the park, people's belongings which they could not take with them, or were deprived if by 'lawful' arrest, were all thrown into garbage trucks.
    Why should confrontation necessarily be risky, Mr. Mayor?
    What is this 'destruction' you speak of so blithely?

    More spin and double-talk. He certainly does it better than Jean Quan.

    So speaketh the 1%! "Some" "might" "use violence".
    Important keywords to remember.

    Hizzoner has grown to big for his fucking britches. Now he supersedes the Creator.
    Word-clear INALIENABLE

  15. The Wrong Guy Member

    Lawyers for the protestors say the city didn’t bother to show up early this morning at a brief hearing held at the home of Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Lucy Billings.

    At 6:30 a.m., Billings signed an order temporarily ordering the city to reopen Zuccoti Park to protestors and their tents, but the city has closed the park until the court wrangling is resolved.

    “The city created this emergency by going into the park at one in the morning,” said Yetta Kurland, one of the protesters’ attorneys, said the city was told of their effort to seek judicial intervention hours before the judge signed her order.

    Lawyers with the National Lawyers Guild showed up at the judge’s Manhattan home with the hastily prepared temporary restraining order, but no one from the city law department was there, Kurland said.

    Shortly after Judge Billing’s order was released and announced via Twitter, Facebook and verbally at the park, the city briefly reopened and reclosed the park. City officials say the park will remain shut until the issue is resolved by the courts.

    A hearing is expected later today after court officials pick a new judge to handle the case.
  16. Anonymous Member

    After all that bluster, a no-show? How like the Mafia on the job.

    One of "our leaders" creates an artificial emergency to distract from his own inability or unwillingness to negotiate with his constituency.

    Time for a recall vote on this major asshole.
  17. The Wrong Guy Member

    Reporters Say Police Denied Access to Protest Site -

    11:42 a.m. | Updated

    As New York City police cleared the Occupy Wall Street campsite in Zuccotti Park early Tuesday morning, many journalists were blocked from observing and interviewing protesters. Some called it a “media blackout” and said in interviews that they believed that the police efforts were a deliberate attempt to tamp down coverage of the operation.

    The city blog Gothamist put it this way: “The NYPD Didn’t Want You To See Occupy Wall Street Get Evicted.”

    As a result, much of the early video of the police operation was from the vantage point of the protesters. Videos that were live-streamed on the Web and uploaded to YouTube were picked up by television networks and broadcast on Tuesday morning.

    At a news conference after the park was cleared Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg defended the police behavior, saying that the media was kept away “to prevent a situation from getting worse and to protect members of the press.”

    Some members of the media said they were shoved by the police. As the police approached the park they did not distinguish between protesters and members of the press, said Lindsey Christ, a reporter for NY1, a local cable news channel. “Those 20 minutes were some of the scariest of my life,” she said.

    Ms. Christ said that police officers took a New York Post reporter standing near her and “threw him in a choke-hold.”

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    Occupy Wall Street Zuccotti Park Standoff

    Hours after police officers descended on Zuccotti Park in a surprise sweep of the Occupy Wall Street headquarters, protesters were locked in a standoff Tuesday morning with police over a court order that would allow them to return with their tents.

    A hearing on the temporary restraining order, filed by a New York City judge, was scheduled for 11:30 a.m. ET.

    In the meantime, however, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg told reporters Tuesday that he had not received the order and that the park would remain closed "until we can clarify the situation," he said.

    Tuesday's court order, which was published on The New York Times website, said authorities were prohibited from "preventing protesters from re-entering the park with tents and other property previously utilized." But Bloomberg closed the park while lawyers reviewed the order.

    Overnight, hundreds of police officers, some in riot gear, made dozens of arrests in Zuccotti Park.

    Some protesters were chained to trees and each other but were nevertheless removed from the park, which was cleared in less than three hours in what appeared to be a highly coordinated action.
  19. Anonymous Member

    The people of New York own Zucotti Park.

    Liberty Park Plaza is its real name. And it is mandated to be open 24 hours a day.
  20. Anonymous Member

    I had read that it was privately owned; though, being from New York myself, I still can't get my head around how you can have a "private" park in the middle of Downtown.

    If you're right, then #OWS can apply for a restraining order against the police... legalfags?
  21. The Wrong Guy Member

    macfathom Nick Pinto
    Finally in the courtroom for Rhe #ows hearing. Whole lotta press.
    1 hour ago

    macfathom Nick Pinto
    NYC lawyer argues to judge that Zuccotti is not a conventional public space for 1st amendment protections like, say, a sidewalk. #ows
    1 hour ago

    macfathom Nick Pinto
    #OWS lawyer to court: "This was a deliberate response to one of the most profound speech-activities in this country since the 1960s."
    48 minutes ago

    macfathom Nick Pinto
    Brookfield lawyer to court: We're not limiting free speech, just tents. This is private property. #ows
    47 minutes ago

    macfathom Nick Pinto
    Judge asks Brookfield lawyer: is it your position that tents have no 1st amendment function here? A: Yes. #OWS
    46 minutes ago

    macfathom Nick Pinto
    Brookfield lawyer says: Moreover, we are not a state actor, so no 1st amendment obligations. #ows
    45 minutes ago

    macfathom Nick Pinto
    Al Levine for #ows: some privately owned public spaces have limitations, like Lincoln Ctr. Zuccotti never did.
    43 minutes ago

    macfathom Nick Pinto
    Judge: Are you saying use of generators and semi-permanent structures is protected as speech?
    37 minutes ago

    macfathom Nick Pinto
    Levine answers judge: power of this symbolic speech is that it is a 24-hour occupation. #OWS
    34 minutes ago

    macfathom Nick Pinto
    Levine: There's a 1st amendment interest, so state and Brookfield have to show action is least drastic option. #ows
    33 minutes ago

    macfathom Nick Pinto
    Judge: so does the absence of preexisting rules preclude new rules, even as owner may face liability? #OWS
    31 minutes ago

    macfathom Nick Pinto
    Levine: no, they can adopt rules, but they have to be least drastic rules possible. #ows
    30 minutes ago

    macfathom Nick Pinto
    #OWS lawyer: CB1 has spent hundreds of hours dealing with issues at the park, as has city. It all could have been done w/out huge raid.
    25 minutes ago

    macfathom Nick Pinto
    NYC lawyer cites photos of public safety issues. Also, says Brookfield's park rules are content-neutral. #ows
    23 minutes ago

    macfathom Nick Pinto
    NYC lawyer to judge: tents aren't the message; tents are to keep protesters from getting cold. #OWS
    23 minutes ago

    macfathom Nick Pinto
    #OWS Lawyer: 1st amendment isn't just freedom of speech; also assembly.
    19 minutes ago

    macfathom Nick Pinto
    City lawyer: restraining order served via fax at 4am so how could city get it? #OWS lawyer: well then why did you do the eviction at 1am?
    16 minutes ago

    macfathom Nick Pinto
    Judge: I'll consider. Hope to have decision by 3.
    14 minutes ago
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    A police officer appears to beat an Occupy Wall Street protester after the clear-out of Zuccotti Park. Photograph: John Minchillo/AP
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    And it looks like this particular officer has beaten people before (see ribbons).
    Can anyone nick the badge#?
  28. Anonymous Member

    The facial expression alone is unprofessional, and unbecoming a police officer.
  29. Anonymous Member

    As if NYC ever sleeps...:\
    This is the dumbass protecting the city's interests? A three-year-old girl could have reasoned that one out (no offense intended to #OWS counsel).
  30. James Spader Member

    Is now its own thread.
  31. Anonymous Member

    It's a public space. For the public, 24 hours.

    It may have been appropriated to offset building floor space legislation, and named after a corporate fatcat in 2006, but the law says it cannot be closed.
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    Welcome back to the 1960s.

    Time for Weather.
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    Enjoy bitches
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    UPDATE: Judge has ruled in favor of OWS returning to our park. Reclaim our home now!

    Bloomberg fail!
  38. salumi Member

    @TheWrongGuy, a million thanks for these updates.
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    There's no weather underground. I've been to Carlsbad Caverns.
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    No problem. Glad to help.
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