#OccupyLSX London Stock Exchange - Saturday 15th October 2011

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    Met police using surveillance system to monitor mobile phones
    Civil liberties group raises concerns over Met police purchase of technology to track public handsets over a targeted area

    Britain's largest police force is operating covert surveillance technology that can masquerade as a mobile phone network, transmitting a signal that allows authorities to shut off phones remotely, intercept communications and gather data about thousands of users in a targeted area.

    The surveillance system has been procured by the Metropolitan police from Leeds-based company Datong plc, which counts the US Secret Service, the Ministry of Defence and regimes in the Middle East among its customers. Strictly classified under government protocol as "Listed X", it can emit a signal over an area of up to an estimated 10 sq km, forcing hundreds of mobile phones per minute to release their unique IMSI and IMEI identity codes, which can be used to track a person's movements in real time.

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    Occupy London: A Street level view: 'How clear are we all on what concencus actually is?'

    As St Paul's reopens its doors, and the cathedral joins with the City of London Corporation to take legal action to evict the Occupy London protest, the activists come to terms with a manifesto being leaked to the press.
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    Occupy protesters at St Paul's Cathedral face first legal step to eviction | UK news |

    The first step in what is likely to be a lengthy legal battle to remove a protest camp from outside St Paul's cathedral in London will begin on Monday afternoon when officials formally hand activists a letter requesting that they pack up their tents and other belongings.

    A Corporation of London spokesman said the letter, which was still being drafted, would most likely ask that the Occupy the London Stock Exchange protesters move within 24 or 48 hours. Activists have been camping outside St Paul's Cathedral for a fortnight to protest the perceived excesses of the banking and global finance system.

    Legal officials from the corporation, which owns some of the land around St Paul's, said they would distribute several copies of the letter in the camp.

    If the activists do not comply, which appears almost inevitable, then the corporation's lawyers will most likely start court proceedings on Wednesday under the Highways Act, seeking an eviction. This process could take several months, lawyers have warned.

    The letter will point out that there is no objection to a 24-hour protest at the site, on the western edge of the cathedral, but that the presence of more than 200 tents plus assorted marquees providing food, information and other facilities meant the thoroughfare was blocked.

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    Occupy London responds to resignation of the Dean of St Paul’s | Occupy the London Stock Exchange

    The Occupy London occupations, at London Stock Exchange (by St Paul’s Churchyard) and at Finsbury Square, are about social justice, real democracy and challenging the unsustainable financial system that punishes the many and privileges the few.

    The management of St Paul’s Cathedral is obviously deeply divided over the position they have taken in response to our cause – but our cause has never been directed at the staff of the Cathedral. Nor have we ever called for ‘scalps’ as reported in the media.

    We ask that St Paul’s Institute publish its report into renumeration in the financial sector and call on those of all faiths and none to be part of a call for change. Together, we are the 99 percent.

    We reiterate the need for open and transparent dialogue involving all parties, including the Cathedral, the Corporation of London and others, through our relevant liaison groups. This is a historic opportunity to make a real difference and a real change for all in our society, in the UK and beyond.


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    Dean of St Paul's Cathedral resigns with 'great sadness'

    Registrar Nicholas Cottam reads a statement from the Rt Rev Graeme Knowles following his resignation over the row about anti-capitalist protesters which he says made his position "untenable".
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    Hi Anon,

    Please feel free to direct me in a difference direction if I am posting in the wrong section, I must confess I haven't posted here since the original SciFag protests.

    My thoughts were...with regards to the tents outside St Pauls Cathedral, do we not think it would be good to ensure the tents were removed before remembrance Sunday?
    By all means move back afterwards, but I feel we would lose a lot of public sympathy (of which we have currently a significant amount) if we were to be moved by force under the guise of "Clearing St Pauls for the parade".

    Just a thought, and it may have been said already, but couldn't spot it.
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    I'm pitching a tent right now.
  9. James Spader Member

    OP, I'm moving this to the FoI forum with other Occupy threads.
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    OccupyLSX OccupyLSX
    We are expecting to be served papers by the Corp of London (and maybe Islington Council) in the next 48 hours.
    47 minutes ago

    OccupyLSX OccupyLSX
    Just to be absolutely clear, this does NOT mean the end of the occupation is imminent. It just means that the legal process will begin.
    46 minutes ago

    OccupyLSX OccupyLSX
    All sides have acknowledged that this process will last into 2012. We're all very relaxed about this.
    45 minutes ago

    OccupyLSX OccupyLSX
    Any "24/48 hours to move" mention is just a precursor to legal action. It does NOT mean we have to move this week. We won't be.
    43 minutes ago

    McCartneySimon Simon McCartney, RT by OccupyLSX
    @OccupyLSX you have the full support of the trade union movement we fight the Tory government in work you fighting them on the streets.
    24 minutes ago

    OccupyLSX OccupyLSX
    @AndyWilkin St Paul (at least the Cathedral's St Paul) was a tentmaker. We'd like to think he'd have been sympathetic. @BBCNews
    13 minutes ago
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Win after win after win...
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    Occupy London: legal action dropped

    St Paul's cathedral, home to hundreds of anti-capitalist protesters, have unanimously decided to suspend its planned legal action against the Occupy London protest camp. The City of London have paused to consider its decision to proceed with an eviction in wake of this announcement.
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    OccupyLSX OccupyLSX
    Just posted - our statement on today's march. SOCPA authorisation *had* been granted. Judicial review on Monday.
    50 seconds ago

    Occupy London Statement on Today’s March

    Posted on November 5, 2011 by occupylsx

    As we write this, several hundred protesters are being kettled by police in the vicinity of Parliament Square. We have received reports of arrests, which observers from GBC Legal are investigating.

    This afternoon, OccupyLSX convened a rally outside St Paul’s Cathedral. Those speaking included Caroline Lucas MP, Bruce Kent and Josie Long. Once the speakers had concluded, a call was made for those attending to march to Trafalgar Square, the end point of the 2011 Jarrow March, to show solidarity with those there. In the event, this turned out not to be possible.

    Our march was escorted by police, who led those assembled not in the direction of Trafalgar Square, but towards Whitehall. Given that police were onsite at St Paul’s on Saturday morning to warn us that any attempt to march in the direction of Whitehall (which was not our intention in any case) would be blocked, this is rather puzzling.

    We understand that police are containing protesters under the terms of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 (SOCPA). Section 132 of the Act states that any demonstrations in the vicinity of Parliament require authorisation, which must be applied for a minimum of seven days before the planned action.

    OccupyLSX have learned tonight that authorisation for a demonstration in Parliament Square was applied for and granted well before that 7-day time limit. We understand that veteran activist Chris Coverdale is in possession of two separate authorisations for protest, in the names of Democracy Village and Make Wars History. These two documents – and only one would be required – explicitly state that permission for a demonstration of “no more than 15,000 people” has been granted by police, under the terms of the Act. What is happening in Parliament Square is not, therefore, an “unlawful protest” under the terms of SOCPA.

    This afternoon, Chris Coverdale attempted to join the demonstration at Whitehall, with his authorisations (which he has in writing) in hand. He was prevented from joining the others assembled, even though police had the opportunity to see both of his authorisation documents at first hand. Occupy London understand that Mr Coverdale will be applying for a judicial review of police action on Monday.

    In the meantime, we advise anyone arrested today to ensure that police are made aware that they are taking part in an authorised demonstration under SOCPA rules.

    Should you witness an arrest or want support, the GBC Legal hotline is 07946 541 511. In the event of arrest, we recommend you do not rely on the duty solicitor but call one of the following:

    Bindmans: 020 7833 4433
    HJA: 07659 111 192
    ITN: 020 8522 7707
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    #OccupyLSX #OccupyLFS Occupant Banned from City of London & SW1

    On Thursday 3rd November, one of our occupants, Seth Theodore-Butcher was arrested for peacefully protesting on the bank of the Thames (owned by Southwark Council). The charge was for "obstructing the highway with a non-motor vehicle." When he was arrested and cuffed, he asked two passers-by if he was obstructing them. Needless to say they agreed that he was not. He was then taken to Peckham Police Station and held in a cell for twelve hours. Bail was granted on the basis that he would not be allowed to enter the City of London between now and his court date, which will be Tuesday 8th November at Tower Bridge Magistrates' Court (Tooley Road) at 9.45 am. Crazy, right?

    Seth both works in the City of London and lives very near the boundaries, in Bethnal Green, so he went to speak with the Magistrates' Court the day after these events (Friday 4th) to try to have the bail conditions revoked. This was apparently impossible since the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) required 48 hours' notice of the case, even though he went there the next day as soon as he possibly could. They did, however, change the conditions of the bail such that he would be allowed to enter Bishop's Gate Road, his place of work; allowed to use the Underground even if it involves travelling through the City of London; and he would be allowed to enter St. Paul's accompanied by a police officer, to collect his belongings. He has asked several police officers to help him in this way, and has been told on each count that they were too busy.

    The events on the bank of the Thames were filmed by a freelance photographer, who we are calling to come forward to reveal this evidence, as it will help Seth in his trial. Even his solicitor has informed him that this is a breach of human rights.

    Here is his account.
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    I posted some potential venue suggestions for 'guerilla' (fast-moving, short-duration) occupations on the pad, but I don't think anyone is reading it any more. So here they are for posterity and for comment:

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    Police send warning letters to activists ahead of student protests | World news |

    Police have sent dozens of letters to anti-cuts activists as young as 17 warning them of the consequences of attending a student demonstration planned in central London on Wednesday.

    The letters, which activists say have had a severe chilling effect on protest, have been sent to anyone arrested with previous public disorder offences even if they were later cleared or charges were dropped.

    At a briefing Met officials said that letters would only be sent to those who had been convicted of offences but a spokesperson from the Met later admitted this was incorrect and confirmed that anyone who had been arrested in the last year in relation to an "austerity related" protest had been sent the warning.

    The single page letter, which arrived through letter boxes on Tuesday, reads: "It is in the public and your own interest that you do not involve yourself in any type of criminal or antisocial behaviour. We have a responsibility to deliver a safe protest which protects residents, tourists, commuters, protesters and the wider community. Should you do so we will at the earliest opportunity arrest and place you before the court."

    Signed by Simon Pountain, the Met commander leading Wednesday's operations, the letter goes on to warn of detrimental effects of conviction on their chances of employment and says that if people find themselves near disorder they should move away at the earliest opportunity.


    Lawyer Rhona Friedman told the Guardian that two of her clients had received police letters and that she also feared police databases were being employed to stop innocent young demonstrators from taking to the street.

    "The letter is being sent to young people who have not been convicted of any criminal offence but whose names must appear on the police intelligence data base of those engaged in protest.

    "Whether deliberate or not the message is being received as being less about public protection and more about sending a chilling Big Brotheresque warning about the consequences of participation in public demonstrations."

    Organisers of the march, which will set off after midday on Wednesday and join Occupy London Stock Exchange protesters who are camped around St Paul's cathedral, have written to police warning them that children will be part of the demonstration after they learned of the authorisation of rubber bullets.

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    David Cameron: Occupy London St Paul's protest is not the Big Society

    The Prime Minister says he believes in the Occupy London movement's right to protest but it should be done on two feet and not lying down "often in a fairly comatose state".

    What is the Big Society? David Cameron outlines his idea

    The Prime Minister offers a brief theoretical analysis of his vision for Britain in a meeting with the House of Commons Liaison Committee.
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    OccupyTogether Occupy Together
    Thousands of students are marching against fees and cuts in London. Police sent out warning letters to activists...
    38 seconds ago

    Student Protesters March Along London Wall 9 November 2011

    Student protesters campaigning against the increase in tuition fees reached London Wall on the last part of their march across London.
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    London Rage: Video of police arresting students as thousands march

    Thousands of student demonstrators have marched on central London, venting their anger over education cuts and a tripling of tuition fees. Around 20 campaigners were arrested but there was no repeat of the violent scenes witnessed on the streets at a similar demo a year ago.
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    Wait until next year. With Italy now pillaged by Berlusconi and Greek & Portugese economies revealed to be the joke everyone knew they always were, this yearly student demo can only get worse.

    This year it was millionaire's sons on acid, next year it will be ex-millionaire's heroin addicted sons on crack!
  24. The Wrong Guy Member

    Thanks for providing an opportunity to share this "Compilation of Silvio Berlusconi's funniest blunders"

    As Italy's Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi developed a reputation for blunders after making a string of gaffes on the world and domestic stages.
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    Police clear Occupy Trafalgar Square protest camp

    Telegraph cameras were on the ground to witness police officers attempting to clear a new Occupy protest in Trafalgar Square, after they first warned demonstrators they faced arrest if they did not abandon the camp.
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    Police slammed over student protest

    British police were accused of using heavy-handed tactics at a large student demonstration in central London on Wednesday. Officers surrounded the march, kettled protestors and made 20 arrests on the day. They also sent letters out warning many people against attending the protest. Roshan Muhammed Salih reports from London.
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    AP The Associated Press
    Berlusconi left his residence, motorcade believed bound for Italy's presidential palace to hand in resignation: -CC
    1 minute ago
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    Veterans join Occupy protest as St Paul's canon shows support | UK news | The Observer

    When members of the Occupy camp join Remembrance Day services at St Paul's Cathedral, their ranks will be swelled by a group of military veterans with their own list of grievances against the establishment.

    At least 15 former service personnel have now pitched up outside the cathedral and at nearby Finsbury Square, many in protest over treatment of veterans or the conflicts that have burdened them with mental or physical scars.

    Their presence is an indication of the evolving support base of the anti-capitalist Occupy movement, which has been endorsed by a senior figure at St Paul's, just weeks after the protests led to the resignation of three of the cathedral's leading clerics.

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    St Paul's Occupy demonstrators served eviction notices

    City of London Corporation serves legal notice on protesters camped outside St Paul's Cathedral.
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    Occupy London: St Paul's Cathedral protesters defy eviction notice

    Protesters camped outside St Paul's Cathedral defy a 6pm deadline to move and promise to return 'again and again' if forced to leave the site.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Any better dox than that dude? Looks like Hollywood make-up to me. Was it the British cops did that?
  35. Anonymous Member

    I'm calling bullshit shenanigans until there's a better source than the one on that pic.

    Also: don't trust the link on that pic.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Don't click any attached links until this is verified by #OccupyLSX
  37. The Wrong Guy Member

  38. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for posting. You have been a total legend in keeping folks here informed. But I remain unconvinced about this picture.

    Cops in UK don't fire rubber bullets without getting in a whole lot of trouble. And that girl looks way too relaxed to be sporting that bullet hole.
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    Let's all wait and see what happens. Also - Twitter is pretty compromised now, many say it has become a tool of the corporate 1% and is not a friend of the Anons.
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