Occupy Tunbridge Wells (South East UK)

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Blink, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Clearly they need us to raise some money so they can try glamping.

    glamping.jpg [IMG] glamp3.jpg
  2. Anonymous Member

    While we're on the topic:

  3. Anonymous Member

    Its an eyesore - That picture was taken first thing on Thursday morning , now the site just looks like Pikeville....!!!!!! Jog On...!!!!
  4. Anonymous Member

  5. Anonymous Member

    So post some pics... we only have the one above, which looks like a lovely church fete.
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  6. Anonymous Member on

  7. Anonymous Member

    OK, poon time.

    The funny thing is, whether or not Blink had any intention of having scientology very high on his list of protest targets, the local angry guy posting in this thread has motivated me to write some correspondence to the local government. Bwahaha, good on ya local angry guy. Ya pulled it in.
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  8. Blink Member

    Didn't get names or anything, but the woman keeps coming back so we may end up getting hers one way or another.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, could we please have her name and badge number. It's not the role of the police to be discouraging political dissent, in the absence of any crime.

    Although I don't particularly support Occupy, I do support your right to peaceful protest.
  10. Blink Member

    The trouble is, she's a PCSO. I don't know if that makes much of a difference. She turned up to tell us that we'd been told to move on. Apparently some of our members had a chat with the vicar about it all, and as far as I know, he's OK with us being there for now.
  11. Blink Member

    We got a fire dish, a new, smaller banner (because some drunk people tore up the larger one) and a couple of seats. 'Pikeville'? Outlandish statements like that push you closer to us ignoring your opinion. We're open to hear residential responses if you're not going to be daft. Otherwise, 'Jog on...!!!!'
  12. Anonymous Member

    She still shouldn't be fucking with you, if you're not committing a crime.

    The main difference is that PCSOs are barely trained at all, compared to actual police officers.

    So she's probably totally unclear on your right to peacefully protest.
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  13. James Spader Member

    Awesome thread.
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  14. Blink Member

    No raffle, but plenty of tea and cake :D
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  15. Blink Member

    Hope you aren't being sarcastic :p
  16. Blink Member

    I know plenty about PCSOs :) There seems a lot of internal confusion at the moment regarding us being told to move on, but as of this afternoon, we're still there.
  17. James Spader Member

    Nope, folks spend a lot of time on this forum with their elbows in each others' ribs, it's nice to see some of the hard heads soften up a little and be helpful.
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  18. Pique Member

    Me too, awesome thread.
  19. telomere Member

    I don't trust those tents.
    They look suspiciously like the ones we've seen in Melbourne...
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  20. Anonymous Member

    try this version instead:
    When will you ever learn that a pathetic cult like yours on a high street will do no good what so ever in the great scheme of things here in the UK or worldwide.... Its Law abiding citizens like me that end up paying while you avoid tax every week anyhow, so what gives you the right to coerce people in this country ???? & its only because of loop holes in our pathetic civil laws in this country that your able to do so & spend stolen money on land , you are all simply a bunch of liars and hypocrites...!!!!! Your cheap and rather disgusting cult is an eyesore on my community and yes if you haven't already guessed, I am a local resident & not best pleased of your presence @ tunbridge wells..... Grow up & Go home..... Ps - Hope we have an extremely cold winter in 2011/2012...!!!!!

    (this is an anti scientology website - try to at least consider the topic while you're here )
  21. Blink Member

    He could just leave. I started this thread to inform, not to read nonsensical rage streams. If you have a problem with us being set up, just come and talk to us at the camp- please try to be sensible and peaceful. We are a non-violent group and we're going to stay that way, so provoking us won't make a difference.
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  22. Xenu-uk Member

    Scientologists you say? ... Where? Aren't they the brainchild of some science fiction writer of questionable talent?
    Kind of a cult movement that believe Aliens are hiding behind the sun, lying in wait for the right time to take the chosen few away?
  23. xenubarb Member

    It seems pretty pathetic to me that you are a fucking git who has no reading comprehension skillz. Read the OP. Where is Scientology even mentioned as an issue?
    Jeez. Noobs.
  24. xenubarb Member

    Who in this thread said ANYTHING about Scientology except you? Learn to fucking read, you asshat.
  25. Blink Member

    Update: For the next 36 hours, nobody is going to be at camp and the tents will be down, due to the funeral in St. John's Church.
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  26. xenubarb Member

    I like that buckytent. I could live in something like that.
  27. peacetrain Member

    I don't really want to argue with someone who doesn't appear to be able to read themselves, and possibly may need the description themselves of 'asshat' but Anonymous's post, eight down from the beginning of this forum, states,
    "Lovely - well done.

    Can you tell everyone there about this:

    and get them to sign it, tweet it.

    Anonymous, Saturday at 8:56 AM Report
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    Ada Fucking Lovelace likes this."
    Do you honestly think I have a major interest in Scientology? The reason I commented was that it appeared to be completely out of place on the forum and there are more significant things to discuss, like the occupation, of course. Nice to know you agree with me, xenubarb - or is that a misspelling of rhubarb?
  28. Blink Member

    Guys, come on, this is an info thread. Not a place for you to argue about such petty matters.
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  29. new guy Member

    Kill yourself.
    Welcome to Anonymous.
    You lot made the right call about the funeral.
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  30. Blink Member

    I know to expect some, just trying to keep it to a minimum :L
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  31. Blink Member

    Plans are still in the works as to when we're returning. We're planning to be back up way in time for Christmas, and maybe even as soon as the end of this week.
  32. xenubarb Member

    My friend told me that, when he goes camping they bring a bunch of solar garden lights along. That's a pretty cool idea.
  33. Blink Member

    That could be very helpful, we'll discuss it :)
  34. Blink Member

    The camp should be back up soon, definitely in time for Christmas!
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Yay - go tunbridge wells!
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  36. Glenn Beck Member

    What a beautiful village! Good luck with your endeavors in obtaining all the government entitlements you need for a secure life in England. For the greater good, right?

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  37. Blink Member

    I don't have a clue what you're trying to imply, sorry.
  38. telomere Member

    I think Glenn is trying to warn us about "violence inherent in the system"

  39. Blink Member

    Violence is nothing to worry about, we're entirely peaceful :D
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  40. Glenn Beck Member

    Yes, I see that. Thank goodness so much effort is made to keep it that way, for now. *tic-toc*

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