#Occupy Oakland, The Police & Scott Olsen

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by The Wrong Guy, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. xenubarb Member

    So now he's assaulting police officers? Have you no shame?
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  2. over9000OT Member

    Did I miss something? I thought dood was throwing bottles at the cops?
    If not, I stand corrected and will sit in the corner.
    If so, WTF are you on about?

    Actually, this is what happens when someone shoots their mouth off before they get all of the facts. I went back and cannot find any evidence that the Marine was doing anything illegal. So, I'm an assclown and should probably be ignored.
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  3. The Wrong Guy Member

  4. The Wrong Guy Member

    Reward Offered for the Identity of the Police Officer Who Shot Marine Vet Scott Olsen

    A generous friend is offering a $4,000 reward for the identify of the policeman who shot Scott Olsen.

    The officer can likely be seen in publicly available videos (see this and this). But his badge and face are not visible.

    Similarly, Anonymous is already leaking names and information of officers in the Oakland P.D., but it is still difficult for outsiders to identify the shooter.

    As such, the tip will likely have to come from someone within the Oakland Police Department or the other law enforcement agencies present at the protest.

  5. Anonymous Member

    Thank you for being passionate and also going with the facts. It takes a big person to think critically and retract any statement.

    If anyone can find any video of Scott Olsen being violent - or even anyone around him, I will take this back: there was no riot. the protesters were peaceful. the police caused the riot (in the vicinity of the navy guy and that marine), which caused his injury). the police were looking for trouble.
  6. DeathHamster Member

    There were reports from other protestors that some people were throwing rocks and bottles during the event. (Obviously not Scott and his friend, they were just standing there.) However, in the videos leading up to teargas being used and Scott Olsen being hit, I didn't see anyone doing that.

    • I missed it in the videos.
    • That kind of thing was edited out of the videos. (If so, a mistake. It's important to spotlight agitators too.)
    • The throwing happened well before teargas was used or somewhere else.
    • The confirming reports of the other protestors should be re-examined.
    If anyone does have video of people throwing stuff, they should upload it. (Let's see what kind of boots they were wearing.)
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  7. DeathHamster Member

    It's too soon to jump to that conclusion.

    It could have easily been some party boys who were there that night (only) for some action, drank some beers, threw their empties at the cops and then ran into the crowd of non-violent protestors to hide. Let's take a look with the Argus-eyes of all those cameras, the photo-analysis of the hive-mind, and see who these people were.
  8. Anonymous Member

    If this doesn't bother you...I think the Wizard has a heart for you. themed-halloween-bash

    If you're one of the nation's top "foreclosure mill" law firms—representing Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo in their attempts to foreclose on homes and evict homeowners—what better way to celebrate Halloween than by throwing a party where everyone comes as a dirty, homeless victim of your practice? 
    FYI...THIS ^ IS WHY.
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    code tags? really?
  10. Anonymous Member

    woah who deleted my posts and better yet, why?
  11. James Spader Member

    The police brutality for and against shitstorm is now in its own thread. Keep this one civil, you all can do so much better.
  12. James Spader Member

  13. The Wrong Guy Member

    Behind the Barricades at Occupy Oakland

    Mother Jones' James West pointed his camera at Occupy Oakland, a day after the most violent clashes of the movement.

    Additional photo and video credits: thomashawk (Flickr), O'Halloran, Thomas J., photographer.; Leffler, Warren K., photographer. For US News and World Report. (Library of Congress) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons, JacobRuff, via Wikimedia Commons, Keoki Seu (Flickr), kresling (YouTube).
  14. Anonymous Member

    Crap. My above post was for a Glenn Beck post that got moved

  15. James Spader Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    Published on Saturday, October 29, 2011 by

    Police Violence Against Veterans: A Long and Painful Legacy

    by Matthis Chiroux
    When I read the headlines earlier this week, I felt as though I were in a time warp. “Police Fracture Iraq Vet’s Skull Clearing Intersection of Protesters.” But the location was wrong: Oakland, Calif. I thought that happened in Hempstead, N.Y.

    I was reading about Scott Olsen’s cracked skull at the hands of the Oakland police, but all I could picture was my friend Nick Morgan’s head, fractured by the Hempstead police, bleeding out on the sidewalk in front of Hofstra University. Three years ago, almost to the day, they nearly killed my friend, a veteran of Iraq...when they fractured his skull...clearing an intersection of protesters.

    Police violence against peaceful demonstrators in the U.S. has a long and painful history. Police violence against veteran demonstrators is absolutely no exception.

    One need only search the words, “Bonus March,” for a bloody history lesson in how America treats its veterans demanding a fair shake from the 1%. In 1932, under the command of Gen. Douglas MacArthur, U.S. Infantry and Cavalry deployed in the streets of Washington D.C. to violently dismantle a large encampment of WWI veterans demanding benefits promised them for their service and sacrifice. The attack left more than fifty veterans injured and killed an infant who died several weeks later from tear gas-related injuries. While perhaps the largest example in history of state violence against veterans, it certainly is not the last.

    Now we are made furious by the injuries caused to Scott Olsen. Like the Bonus Marchers before him, he was a veteran occupying public space, demanding a promise be made good on: a fair shake from the country that sent him to combat. And like the Bonus Marchers before him, we’ve all relearned a valuable lesson. Being veterans protects nobody when the streets become a warzone.

    But that lesson is not new to us. Not those veterans who’ve been protesting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan for the last decade. As I referenced earlier, veterans were injured by police before when American streets became a warzone Oct. 15, 2008. Outside the last Presidential Debate in Hempstead, N.Y., between Obama and McCain, protesters, including veterans, came out in droves to demand the “People’s Agenda” be heard by the candidates. Within that, the veterans had a very specific demand.

    We were demanding two veterans in uniform be allowed into the debate to ask one question of each candidate. What happened when we approached police lines felt unreal at the time. The immediate of us were arrested, and then horses were used to disperse the rest. When protesters found themselves trapped between the advancing horses and a wall to their rear, they were trampled. Among them was Nick, a former Army sergeant, wearing his uniform, whose cheekbone was crushed by a horse on the sidewalk. Graphic Video of the incident still exists here:

    More shocking is that after his face was crushed, he was arrested. While unconscious, no-less, he was handcuffed and loaded on a bus to jail. Charges were later dismissed against all 15 demonstrators arrested that evening, but officers of the Nassau County Police Department have yet to be held accountable for their actions.

    Nick still has a lawsuit pending against the County, but police lawyers have refused to negotiate as police officials have issued denials of wrongdoing and contradictory police narratives of the events that took place that evening. All of this makes the case that if you’re protesting in America, you are not safe from the police, even if you are in a liberal city, even if you believe they are part of the 99%, even if you are a veteran in uniform protesting the very same war you were sent to fight in. The police are not your friends.

    We thought our uniforms made us safe. I wore an American flag bandanna around my wrist when we marched on the debate, and held another folded in my hands because I thought they were symbols the police would recognize and react peacefully to. I don’t wear my uniform anymore, and the flag no longer has any home on my body.

    As I write this, Scott Olsen still rests on a gurney in a hospital in Oakland, Calif. And while he is not handcuffed to the gurney as Nick was handcuffed to his, he is no less a veteran survivor of police brutality, and joins the swelling ranks of those who made it home in one piece only to be broken by the system and have their movements dispersed.

    But the movement may withstand the system this time. We were much smaller when Nick was attacked, and had nowhere near the publicity. For as shocking as the images of Nick being trampled were, the incident was blacked out by the Mainstream Media. The organizers, myself included, divided ourselves and fought over how we could have protested better, when we should have been rallying around Nick and demanding an end to police brutality. But we were driven into our separate corners, so many of us, and remain largely unreconciled to this day.

    That was the third veteran-led direct action at an electoral event that year, the first two being held at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. It was destined to be the last. Police violence functioned to fracture the organizing core.

    May the Occupy Wall Street movement never forget that the only people to blame for Scott Olsen’s injuries are the police and the 1%. No matter what circumstances come to light, no matter if he was committing civil disobedience at the time or if there could have existed some better way the situation could have been negotiated. The police and the 1% bear sole responsibility, and it is for this reason that we must grow and continue to confront them.

    If veterans like Scott Olsen, Nick Morgan and the Bonus Marchers can’t be safe from violence at the hands of the system, why should any American feel safe? Grow the 99% and create a country where people don’t have their skulls cracked for occupying public space.

    Matthis Chiroux is a former Army sergeant, an Iraq War Resister and an Afghanistan veteran. In 2008, he refused deployment orders to Iraq in the U.S. Congress, calling the war illegal and immoral. Eventually, he obtained endorsement for his position from 13 Democratic House Members who penned a letter to then President George W. Bush expressing support for Iraq War Resisters. Matthis has organized extensively within the veterans peace movement since, organizing a variety of direct actions and campaigns in military communities around the country.
  17. Anonymous Member

    You know what's really interesting about all of this? The exploitation of Veterans.

    As a Veteran and an activist on a number of issues that range across the narrow political spectrum of American political thought, I know well the prevailing attitude toward Veterans prevalent in activism on the left side of the spectrum. It is generally not good and I'm really trying to be charitable about this. Literally the same people that will moan and cry about blood for oil, American imperialism and grand schemes concocted to explain fairly pedestrian state actions tend to have some fairly negative things to say about Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Sailors. Ask me how I know.

    Yet, the very same people recognize the propaganda value of a Veteran on their side and their enthusiasm is directly proportional to the extent of the Veteran's wounds and current state of poverty while being inversely proportional to their attained rank and acknowledged support of continued operations.

    Mr. Olsen appears to have been booted from the Marines for cocaine abuse and was wounded: class hero.
    I too was wounded and am 60% disabled, according to the VA. I was a Major when I got out. I know some of the Soldiers you can see at the end of the "Collateral murder" video disingenuously released by wikileak$ (why disingenuous? Have you ever wondered what the whole video shows?). I make more than $100,000 a year, believe that the debt I incurred getting my education is pretty fair and have absolutely no problem with the fact that people with more talent, ability, drive, determination and luck have done far better than I ever will in terms of monetary wealth.

    Now, I ask you honestly, would my blood spilled be worth more, or less, to #OWS if I were accidentally shot by the cops during a riot at an OWS event? Be honest with yourself. It's not okay to be a hypocrite but it's actually pretty natural.
  18. anonymous612 Member

    In my experience protesters (especially political protesters) think vets are really incredibly awesome if and only if they (publicly and loudly) agree with the protesters. Otherwise, of course, they're the Man.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Brutal murder? Way to invent shit. You argue like a scilon. Maybe you should join the clams, you're the perfect type.
  20. James Spader Member

    The rest of this exchange is now in the dome. GTFO of this thread now. Please.
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    Take it easy on the removing of everything you don't like now big boy
  22. James Spader Member

    I'm not removing. I'm re-organizing.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    We need a map! I'm very confused. :(
  24. The Wrong Guy Member

    Mayor Jean Quan's office shoots down fake website, calls general strike letter "bogus" |

    A website claiming to be the official site of Oakland Mayor Jean Quan appeared recently, mimicking the official Oakland website entirely, but adding a statement of support for "Occupy Oakland" demonstrations that did not come from Quan, according to officials in the mayor's office.

    The website at is almost an exact replica of the city's official website at, including previous statements the mayor has made on the Occupy Oakland protests.

    But the website has added a fabricated letter purportedly from Quan apologizing to protesters for the police response to protests Tuesday, where the Occupy Oakland encampments at Frank Ogawa Plaza were raided, resulting in dozens of arrests, and police used tear gas, rubber bullets and smoke grenades to keep protesters away from the plaza later that night.

    "I offer my sincere apology for ordering the violent repression of the Occupy Oakland encampment in front of city hall," the fake statement stated.

    The letter, which was also distributed at Occupy Oakland demonstrations, went on to say that Quan endorsed Occupy Oakland's calls for a general strike in Oakland on Nov. 2. The mayor's office released a statement Saturday clarifying that the letter was "bogus."


    As of right now, the fake site is up. Here are the first two paragraphs:

    As mayor of Oakland it is my great relief to make this announcement to the public. First of all, I offer my sincere apology for ordering the violent repression of the Occupy Oakland encampment in front of city hall in the morning of Tuesday, October 25, 2011. It reached the height of absurdity to use the rationale of public health and safety to justify this, and I have had a change of heart.

    The Occupy Oakland general assembly has called for a general strike on Wednesday, November 2, 2011, and I heartily endorse this call. The Occupy Oakland encampment was just the kind of experiment in mutual aid and direct democracy that is needed. And a general strike could bring this to a new level. In fact, I want to up the ante to show I'm on the right side of history again.
  25. DeathHamster Member

    ^^^ also of note:
    I dunno. If it was really "top priority", I'd start by asking people for raw copies of the videos.
  26. 00anon00 Member

    Nice troll
  27. Anonymous Member

    LOL serves her right. All is fair in love and war.
  28. The Wrong Guy Member

    AngelaWoodall Angela Woodall
    #oo says will occupy Quan's office if the city doesn't return seized first aid supplies by noon 10/31. Presser at the first aid tent 10 am 10/31.
    3 minutes ago
  29. naveman Member

  30. Anonymous Member

    Are there dox that show Oakland cops were trained by Israelis?
  31. Anonymous Member

  32. Anonymous Member

    Cops in the OO incident were not all OPD, there were officers from around the Bay Area participating. Just sayin.
  33. Glenn Beck Member

    Best post ITT.

    Thank you for your service and your sacrifice Major.
  34. The Wrong Guy Member

    Occupy Oakland, city brace for general strike - Inside Bay Area

    The Occupy Oakland camp was calm Monday morning as organizers and the city both gear up for Wednesday's planned general strike, the only question being the fate of some medical supplies recovered from the Occupy Oakland camp last Tuesday.

    Oakland Mayor Jean Quan's spokeswoman Sue Piper said that two bags of medical supplies that were identified and cataloged after the raid will be returned early today.

    She said the city had received a notice purporting to be from the Occupy Oakland medical team demanding it return 15 crates of medical supplies, or they would occupy the mayor's office. Piper said she did not know if the correspondence was valid or bogus, and it turns out, it was the latter.

    Early Monday a statement from Occupy Oakland medics said that was never their intention and they were not behind a press release circulated to the media Sunday.

    "Volunteers that have been organizing the first aid area at Oscar Grant/Frank Ogawa Plaza do not endorse the press release leaked on Sunday, October 30th. This was issued by someone not affiliated with our group and we cannot speak to the origin of this release. Medics do hold the City of Oakland responsible for seizing their supplies in the October 25th raid, but do not intend to occupy Mayor Jean Quan's office," the medics said in the press release.

    Piper said inspectors visited the camp over the weekend and found no problems. She said at this point the city officials and departmentheads are working on logistical plans for Wednesday's strike, which some have estimated could involve 10,000 people, including members of the SEIU, the city's largest labor union, as well as several other labor groups. The protesters plan to shut down the Port of Oakland.

    "The city is going to remain open for business but employees who want to participate can use their work furlough time, not sick leave, and they have to get approval from their supervisor," Piper said.

  35. Glenn Beck Member

  36. naveman Member

    we vets are treated a very small bit better than average 99% but my point was about civil law where the hell is it and why did it leave I mean all this crap for a few bankers the law was supposed to take care of this in 2008 but every body is running around covering each others asses like we are all dumb and dont know what they are doing there i had my say.
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  37. Glenn Beck Member

    With all due respect... 0.o

    Your service has value in society and in the job market. Get out of those liberal bastions that hate you for your service. I know people who give vets who served honorably as much credit as a college grad during hiring.

    As for laws related to the banking fiasco and #ows, its a long story that points back to legislation created and points back at the democrats since Jiminy Carter. The situation is has been developing for a long time. Some of us have been protesting it for some years now. #ows is late to the party and on the wrong target.

    I hope Scott recovers from his injuries but I'm not sure his injuries are from a 40mm launcher. He may have just hit the ground hard after a concussion event.
  38. DeathHamster Member

    And how does someone fracture the front of their skull when they fall over backwards?
  39. Anonymous Member

    Glenn Beck's a Single Bullet Theory man, didn'tcha know?
  40. Anonymous Member

    You can show he fell directly backward, with no rotating or rolling on the way down? And that the fracture was on the front of the skull rather than the side or one of the temples?

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