#Occupy Homelessness

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by User Name Change, Nov 4, 2011.

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    Occupy Wall Street brings homelessness into the open

    San Antonio
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  4. good thread AnOnOnymOus, thanks for links
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    Yeah, interesting.

    I'd be more supportive of #Occupy if it was more about genuine poverty and less about a middle-class sense of entitlement.
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    Unfortunately in the US, these two elements are on a collision course with the middle class on the downward slope.
  7. More slowly perhaps but also in Canada.
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    Portland OR
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    Santa Cruz

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    Fresno Valley

    The police pushing the homeless into the #Occupy camps is backfiring. I'll cross post under "Footbullets of the 1%"
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    5 arrested at homeless encampment, an Occupy San Diego outgrowth
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    Vancouver BC involving homelessness/5699360/story.html
    Occupy Vancouver plans Saturday rally involving homelessness
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    Their plan affordable housing/5699382/story.html

    Clear agenda
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    Xenobarb's discussion of #occupy with a section on homelessness
    Thank you, Xenubarb. Homelessness is an issue at all #occupies. IDK what to think about it.
    The local #occupy is essentially a village with a social contract. Most of the town's homeless live there. Somethings work well- the dispute resolution for the most part, but then the political occupiers are a committed bunch with clear ideas about the society they want. Disputes are resolved, including fist fights and thefts. Some medical care, food and clothing are available.. The homeless add boots on the ground- more tents in a tent city trying to meet critical mass. The homeless and protesters share day-to-day concerns and that is the basis of the connection.
    I disagree with a lot of their actions.I still think the homeless are a distraction and a drain on resources, but it is true that the homeless who are more or less rational do lots of camp work. The medical care is substandard and sometimes dangerous but the system for food, warm clothing and blankets works
    During protests I think the homeless are a liability- unstable, more likely to be violent than the politically motivated.
    So- meh.
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    it would definitely have an appeal to those who have fallen with no safe guards to help them to actually get back up...where they either became stagnate or have otherwise been unable to climb above the rank of pure slavery.... through working out of labor pools for 12 hours a day for 8 hours of less than half poverty level pay; thus, unable to get enough ahead to even get off the street if they wanted to.
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    not everyone has a safety net, (brothers sisters, uncles, family etc.) to fall back on when the shit hits the fan...and consequently become homeless.....In the past, those who remained so, was probably due to choice or some social problem(drugs drinking, emotional instability or what have you) ;however, after spending several weeks at multiple different occupy camps from east to west, I have discovered, two things of interest here.

    one : that there remains those who are homeless because of the above mentioned reasons.
    two : Today there are a huge amount of homeless, who just simply CANNOT get up,...who are NO different than any other who has a job, if only they had one. Plain and simple. NOT ALL homeless in today's society are there because they want to, have drug problems, drinking or emotional instabilities. This society today simply have eliminated ALL public facility use, and social climbing situations that use to be available to peoples who have fallen in the past.

    The children of the baby boomers are the largest segment of the population which has ever come through this system...and are reaching the age where many have little or no family or friends alive for them to go to when things fall apart in their later years...Work history and simple misdemeanor violations are so public and available nationwide, one cannot even escape a past mistake in order to start over in a society such as this.

    many things which were misdemeanor violations in the past are now felonies... A year or two gap in work history is enough to get your application tossed, and the borders were wide open during a time when business' fail and jobs were being outsourced.

    Homelessness is no longer a condition of those who are failures in society but is also now comprised of those who are victims of a society of failure.!!!!

    that is the simple truth of the situation in a nutshell
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    I'd be more supportive if they focused more on getting corruption out of government. Which has nothing at all to do with "middle-class entitlement."
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    I had to lol when the Occupy camps embraced the homeless.
    The next thing that happened was, the homeless embraced their stuff when they weren't looking.
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    I lol'd.
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    Entitled not to have their savings used to back risky bets on the ponies?
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    Entitled not to have their live savings used to back risky bets by the 1% on the ponies?
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    "Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my Pepper Spray beside the golden door!
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    Looking for any information on the assault of a homeless man by someone named Taylor C. Giresi. Giresi was arrested yeasterday after posting a YouTube video of the assault.
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    YT doesn't block videos for potty-mouth.
    They may mark them as unsuitable for younger audiences and require login.

    But what is it that people have "a right to know"?
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    It's not safe to camp out when teenagers are about?
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    This one was blocked for "hate speech."
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    The latest YouTube spin for blocking this video is, "This video has been removed as a violation of YouTube's policy on shocking and disgusting content."
  35. Very true I have been homeless for 5 years in san antonio. I joined occupy san antonio in the last of october. I have stayed homeless due to criminal history and low wages when I did get work. Its hard for me get work without a ID and with a criminal record. Even though I only have misdemeanors its still hard. Plus dealing with situations where you are faced with making money the illegal way just to get off the streets or get something to help you get thru the day. Its not like we all choose to live this way there just isn't much to help us get out of it. most people that end up homeless stay homeless for years. I wanted to try to make a difference so after I visited a friend at the occupy movement in san antonio regularlly I like what It was about and decided I wanted to support it. I didn't do much sign holding or yelling but I did what I was good at computers and I went there everyday until the police ran us out in december of 2011. Right now Im not homeless but I can't stay at this location for too much longer. you can only visit family for so long but I rarely get to stay too long. So when I do go back to san antonio I will be homeless again so just be glad some of you have a house or appartment and appreciate it because some of us don't even have a place to call home except for a tent in the wood or a abandoned building or just the woods or a field. I really hope this opens your eyes to what being homeless is really like. don't ever look down at a homeless person because you never know one day might become homeless yourself.
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    Yeah, it isn't like there are like I don't konw... 20? 30? listed homeless shelters supported by private charities and the government in Philly alone.

    It's all those evil 1% people (that support all of those shelters). Fuck the evil 1%. Hey, can someone hand me a Che t-shirt.
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    Silly idea. You might want to fix that. Stop living on the edge of society.
  38. yeah, right, stop trying to live your life let me tell you how it should go.
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    People with mental illness and children make up more than half of the homeless. You might not think that homelessness is one of the things the 1% should help. "Charitable donations" include helping art museums and the opera, those donations buy their names on the "donors" list on the museums wall.
    Should we leave it like that? The 1% should help, their $ was made from the 99%.
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    As soon as other people stop me from paying for it they can say that.
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