Occupy Google Arrests Today

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Andy Downs, Jun 25, 2014.

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    I visited a few of those Bay Area occupy camps when they were at their peak. I am not a fan. The one in SF, particularly, occupied a municipal park by the ferry building and turned it into a shithole of trash and excrement and stank that no one could use. You couldn't walk through the camp without getting mercilessly regged for money. I don't disagree with the Mountain View popo not wanting the campus of google to become that kind of shithole again. This campus in Mountain View is it's own office park-- it is not in the city, it is not close to public property. This is NOT public property they were "occupying."

    The bay area police and authorities were actually pretty tolerant of Occupy (except for Oakland, but, well, Oakland police are all kind of fucked up and tolerant of nothing), allowing them to set up their camps and engage in their marches and free speech, until it just got ridiculous, and it became apparent that their continued occupation would, in essence, destroy public property and a couple of hundred people were keeping the PUBLIC at large from being able to use it.
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    Don't be evil. We have subcontractors for that.
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